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    Christmas 2018 Event

    GM Howl
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    The holidays are upon Midgard: Christmas is here in the Enchanted Village! Santa Claus is bringing holiday joy to boys and girls of all ages - and while he and his elves have been working away in Lutie all year long to prepare for this special time of year, a cold wind can be felt far in the distance...

    We hope that you'll enjoy this special time as much as ever in this year's return to familiar fun with new prizes, great twists, and enjoyable memories.


    This year, the fun starts once more with our special warp assistant in Prontera, who will take you right to the Enchanted Village. Once there, you'll be able to help Santa spread the magic of Christmas across the world by assisting with special tasks being part of sharing the magic of the season with friends.

    Embark on various games and earn wonderful Christmas Giftboxes by collecting Giftbox Pieces. You can also enjoy some of this year's seasonal highlights, such as letter writing, Antonia's Caroling, stocking hanging, and much more (with full details below!). We hope that you'll explore around the Enchanted Village this year and enjoy all that the season has to offer!

    This year in the enchanted village, mysterious events have been felt by all of its inhabitants - noticing that some have gone missing, or even are turning up frozen! Mandy and Sally - two of the villagers - have taken it upon themselves to enlist help in thawing out some of the frozen inhabitants. Perhaps if you were able to assist, it might be possible to learn more about the nature of the peculiar events of recent times...

    • Begin your adventure to the Enchanted Village by speaking with the Christmas NPC in Prontera.
      • Once in the Enchanted Village, embark on a series of games and holiday delights!
      • Start in on collecting Giftbox Pieces, or enjoy other aspects of seasonal fun.
      • You'll be able to enter the Enchanted Village anytime that the Christmas Event is active!


    This year, reports have come into Santa's Workshop that people have been mysteriously disappearing...even appearing frozen where they once stood!  Part of this year's work will include learning more about these strange events which directly threaten Santa's power to deliver his goods this season. You can help by gathering up special Red and Green Giftbox Pieces in order to construct your very own Christmas Giftbox!

    This year's Giftboxes will grant some new and wonderful items - and you can make your own through a variety of games and challenges. Moreover, all minigames this year may grant you Snowflake Coins in addition to the Giftbox Pieces, as well as special Marbles. These snowflakes can be used at the vending machine in the Enchanted Village to purchase special rental weapons as well as a lovely variety of new costumes and classic holiday pets. Marbles are used for the special minigame Santa's Marbles, which is explained in greater detail in the Christmas Events section below. Moreover, you'll need to use these special items to fill your stockings - but you'll be able to earn these through a number of methods - making it possible to collect wonderful items in a great combination of ways!

    Finally, you'll only be able to obtain certain kinds of Giftbox Pieces through specific games. These Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so you'll need to earn them all individually. Once you do however, you'll be able to give them to Santa, who will reward your hard work with some very special prizes this year. On top of that, you'll be able to earn and do lots more in the Enchanted Village, such as letter writing, caroling, and so much more!

    How to Participate in This Year's Event

    • Collect Red and Green Giftbox Pieces in order to trade them in and craft your own Christmas Giftboxes!
      • Earn Giftbox Pieces by participating in various minigames, farming and events throughout the Enchanted Village.
      • Each Christmas Giftbox will grant wonderful new items this year!
      • Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so be certain to earn them within a single account to maximize your Christmas Giftbox collection! Most items that come out of the box however, are not bound.
    • Minigames may also grant both Snowflake Coins and Marbles this year as well.
      • Snowflake Coins can be used at the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village.
      • You will be able to trade these in for special rental weapons, costumes, and pets!
      • Both Snowflake Coins and Marbles have different purposes:
        • Use Snowflake Coins at both the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village, as well as within the Stocking Hanging event in Santa's House. Snowflake coins can be earned both through minigames and also in special Christmas monster maps tied to this year's event.
        • Use Marbles to participate in the Santa's Marbles events, also located inside of Santa's House. Marbles come from minigames at a low percentage chance.
    • You can also earn great prizes this year through other fun methods, which are listed below in greater detail. These methods include:
      • Antonia's Caroling - where you can earn Snowflake Coins and other useful goodies.
      • Stocking Hanging - fill up your stockings this year in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village and earn something wonderful the very next day.
      • Santa's Marbles - spell out special holiday sayings with various Marble letters to earn some extraordinary prizes! Some minigames will drop Marbles with letters ranging from A-M, while others will grant letters N-Z. Spell out one of Santa's Christmas sayings with these Marbles to earn something really special!
    • Finally, this year's newest Christmas Instance Dungeon is part of this year's event! What is the mystery of the frozen people appearing in the Enchanted Village? Who is behind such an evil deed? With incredible new items obtainable from this new instance, it is one massive challenge you will not want to miss!


    Santa has a wonderful variety of games available for all of Midgard's boys and girls this year - including some classic delights and new twists in store! Four main events will provide you with an opportunity to earn Giftbox Pieces in order to construct your very own Christmas Giftbox. These events include the return of Blackjack / Guess the Number, Snowman Building, and the Christmas Time Trial! Each of these games will drop a combination of either Red or Green Giftbox Pieces. Collect both kinds of pieces to trade them in within the Enchanted Village for your very own Christmas Giftboxes this year!

    You'll also be able to earn prizes through other events as well. Stocking Hanging, located at Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, will allow you to receive something wonderful. Simply collect the required items for your stocking and wait a day - then check back in over the stockings by the fireplace to receive a special prize!

    We have also added back the farming maps on the east and west side of the Enchanted Village! One side for Vanilla, one side for Unrestricted. These mobs will drop useful items, great EXP, Snowflake Coins and sometimes even Giftbox Pieces. But most of all, they will drop a variety of new ingredients used to craft useful consumables.

    This year also features the return of Santa's Marbles. There will be a holiday-themed word that you can attempt to spell out by collecting Marbles across various minigames. Each Marble will have a letter printed on it. If you can spell out the holiday word of the day with Marbles in your inventory, you'll receive something incredible! You can participate in this minigame by talking to Santa Claus in the Enchanted Village as well.

    We hope that you'll give all of this year's events and minigames inside of the Enchanted Village a try - and that you'll earn some wonderful holiday presents along the way!

    Explore All that Christmas Has to Offer

    • Blackjack & Guess the Number returns to Christmas!
      • Play special party-based rounds of Blackjack (now more often than before!) rotating alongside a holiday-themed Guess the Number minigame. Strike it rich for your opportunity to win Red Giftbox Pieces!
    • Snowman Building gives you an opportunity to assemble your own special snowman.
      • The magical snowmen of the holiday season are starting to fall apart as the magic of Christmas dwindles - and they will need your help in putting them back together again!
      • Find the Snowman Builder in the Enchanted Village to learn more. You'll need five (5) people in total to start building.
      • Once you have your group together, head out and start rebuilding those snowmen! If you're successful with your efforts, you'll be rewarded with some Red Giftbox Pieces as well as a chance to get Marbles marked N to Z and perhaps even something else!
    • Xmas Time Trials inside of Antonio's Toy Factory returns to the Enchanted Village!
      • Back in the day, Antonio used to do research in his evil toy factory. However now the toy factory is open for all! Anyone can enter now to enjoy the challenge.
      • This is also a team minigame requiring three (3) participants: all 3 members can only stay inside for 10 minutes.
      • If you all are unable to get out after 10 minutes, the team must abandon the mission!
      • It may take some time to learn the best ways of completing this but don't give up!
      • Cooperate with your partners (through !map chat for instance), and complete all the tasks in the allotted time to find a way to retrieve some Green Giftbox Pieces as well as a chance to get Marbles marked A to M and perhaps even something else!
    • Minigames may reward you with additional Snowflake Coins and/or Marbles, as well!
    • Stocking Hanging is a special holiday tradition, where you are earn fantastic prizes!
      • Located in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, your very own stocking will be hanging over Santa's fireplace.
      • Simply fill your stocking with a number of requested items, along with five (5) Snowflake Coins and let the magic set in!
      • Check back in with your stocking one day later to see what's inside! Your items and coins will have transformed into something exquisite, including usable items, OPB and OBBs, hats, stat foods, and even a small chance to earn pet eggs or costumes!
      • Note: stocking hanging contains a master account daily limit, allowing you to only create 3 stockings per day.
    • Santa's Marbles is one of this year's most challenging, and rewarding, special minigames! It won't be as easy as last year but will definitely be worth the time!
      • Collect Marbles throughout this year's events - each Marble will be inscribed with a letter upon it.
      • A new holiday-themed word will be listed for you to try and complete with Marbles from your inventory.
      • If you can spell out the word of the day with your Marbles, you'll be able to trade them in for some truly incredible prizes!
      • Once a player gets a prize, the word will change to something new!
      • Note: Marbles are all account-bound and cannot be traded - so you'll have to play a lot of minigames this year to ensure that you have a wide range of available letters to spell out the word of the day!
      • Marbles may be obtained from any of the following minigames:
        • Snowman Building may reward you with Marbles from letters N through Z.
        • Time Trials may reward you with Marbles from letters A through M.
        • Hanging your Stockings may reward you with any kind of Marble.
        • Blackjack & Guess the Number will not furnish a chance to win any Marbles.
    • NEW Instance Dungeon provides some incredible challenges this year, combined with some unbelievable prizes. Learn more about why the people of the Enchanted Village have gone missing, frozen, or potentially worse! Enlist of the help of both Mandy and Sally to help thaw out some of the villagers, and prepare to take on this year's most exciting challenge yet!
      • Enter this year's Instance Dungeon by obtaining a Shining Diamond - obtainable throughout various methods in the course of the event.
      • To begin the quest for access to this year's dungeon, speak with Santa. He will be able to tell you more about the methods needed!


    In addition to all kinds of minigames and events throughout the Enchanted Village, this year's holiday treats include some additional features and festivities! Moving about towns and cities this year is the Caroling Antonia, who will move and sing holiday tunes - all while dropping items and even Snowflake Coins! However, be careful that her halls aren't too decked - or she'll deck you by exploding! Caroling Antonia has racked up quite the body count over the years, and she isn't about to break her killing streak any time soon. Moreover, there's a chance that even more mayhem will follow Antonia this year as an encore act, the MVP Krampus, will have a chance to spawn in the town which Antonia has just appeared! If you're following Antonia, be prepared for a real fight! Krampus may also drop some wonderful items, so this MVP hunt could be well worth your while!

    As you also explore this year's mysterious events, enjoy this year's Vanilla & Unrestricted monster maps - where you can gather new ingredients and items to craft a wide range of new consumable items and other useful goods. You may even learn a thing or two about the nature of this year's chilly, frozen wind and the mysterious disappearances around the Enchanted Village...

    As you explore the nature of the mysterious frozen villagers in the Enchanted Village, thawing them out may yield some helpful insights and even special services to make the rest of your event time better. They might be able to help with exchanging certain kinds of tickets, craft new consumable items, and even make old and new costumes - and much more! Be sure to help thaw these folks out to advance your own progress, but to also learn the truth of this series of strange happenings.

    You'll also be able to send friends, guildmates, and even secret admirers special Holiday Greeting Cards this year through Lizzie in the Enchanted Village. Simply write your own message to your recipient, finalize your message with a reasonable Zeny fee, and if approved you'll hear your special holiday message broadcast all across Midgard!

    Finally, don't forget about our feature for account-bound items this year: you'll now be able to claim account-bound items from this year's Christmas Event on any of your game accounts within your master account once you've "unlocked" the item! Once you've obtained a special Christmas account bound item, such as a costume for example, visit with the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie while using another one of your game accounts that is associated with your master account. You'll then be able to claim a "copy" of that account bound item on your different account - allowing you access to all of this year's items no matter which of your game accounts you're using to participate! We hope that you'll enjoy these special holiday features as you spread laughter and seasonal cheer!

    Plus Special Features and Games

    • Enjoy Caroling Antonia this year as part of Santa's holiday fun!
      • She'll be exploring throughout various towns and cities in Midgard - be on the lookout for a global announcement when she is around next!
      • As she sings and moves around town, she'll drop items - and even Snowflake Coins! - around her. Follow her to try and collect these special and festive drops.
      • However, be careful not to stay too close for long, as Caroling Antonia may blow up at any time and knock you out!
      • Once Antonia has blown up, there is a chance that the MVP Krampus will follow in her stead! Krampus may invade the same town/city, and defeating him may reward you with some excellent loot!
    • Lizzie is also back to send out special Christmas Cards to your friends, guildmates, and even secret admirers!
      • Simply speak with Lizzie in the Enchanted Village, fill out the To: and From: sections of your announcement, along with a few lines of text that you'd like her to send.
      • Christmas Cards this year cost 50000 Zeny to send, and must be approved by a Gamemaster before they can be sent. Once approved, speak with Lizzie again to confirm the card (when you're ready, of course!) and she will read it aloud as a special global broadcast to all of Midgard!
        • Because these are global announcements, please ensure that your messages are appropriate and conform to TalonRO's rules before writing them, otherwise they may be declined by a Gamemaster.
    • Finally, account bound items from this year's Christmas Event can also be claimed on any of your other game accounts which are associated with your master account!
      • To claim a Christmas account bound item on one of your other game accounts, simply speak with the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie. Once a Christmas account bound item has been obtained, this item will be added to a list of available items at the Vending Machine NPC, allowing you to obtain a "copy" of that item that will be account bound to that new account.
      • For example, say you had received a special Christmas costume from this year's event which is account bound. Simply log into one of your other game accounts if desired, speak with the NPC in Lutie, and you can get a copy of that item!
      • These items will always be account bound, but will allow you to have another version unique to your account as well - allowing you to enjoy your earnings on any of your characters & accounts!
      • Items which are eligible for this special vending machine option include costumes and pets from the Snowflake Coin machine in the Enchanted Village, as well as potential items coming from the Christmas Giftboxes this year.


    This year's Christmas prizes are truly special - and you'll be able to earn a variety of amazing and wonderful gifts through a number of minigames, features, and fun. This year's Christmas Giftboxes contain a new assortment of special selections, ranging from new items and costumes, as well as extra special MVP cards at a rare drop rate!

    Trading in Snowflake Coins will also earn you an assortment of special rental weapons, which you can use to give your character an extra boost of ho-ho-horribly good bonuses! Snowflake Coins may also allow for you to earn a variety of other prizes, new and older costumes, pet eggs and much more!

    Stocking Hanging can also yield some additionally wonderful items as well this year, including special items, useful consumables, and even a small chance to earn even more costumes and/or pet eggs!

    Santa's Marbles may feature some of this year's most special items - including a variety of rare, useful, and premium items - like useful cards, Bloody Branches, extra-special pets, or other amazing costumes. Although spelling out the word of the day with Santa's Marbles will be very challenging, the rewards may certainly pay off big time!

    Finally, you can earn prizes and other small gifts all along the way in this year's Christmas event - making it a fun and worthwhile event for all to enjoy!

    Earn Prizes from This Year's Offerings

    • Collect prizes through a variety of ways in this year's Christmas Event!
      • Christmas Giftboxes will provide you with a wonderful potential assortment of prizes, including costumes, pet eggs, or even MVP cards if you're lucky!
      • Snowflake Coins will provide you with a chance to purchase seasonal rental weapons, or costumes and other great items.
      • Stocking Hanging can grant you special consumable items and other useful treasures, along with costumes, pets, and other gifts.
      • Santa's Marbles will provide you an opportunity to win some of this year's best prizes - though this is one of the more challenging minigames provided this year!
    • This year's Instance Dungeon and related quests offer a chance for some unique prizes, consumables, helpful services, and much more. This part of the event also affords you the opportunity to obtain some truly special items as part of this year's event, including the following gears:
      • Gear Name Red Stocking Boots Antonio's Coat Antonio's Red Bag
        Slots 1 1 1
        Description While it's torn in some places, it helps with ventilation. Of course, it's not convenient in the rain. A replica of the coat Antonio is wearing. Once worn, you feel like you could become the NEW Antonio. A red bag that on first glace would be santa's bag. But there's something moving inside. Hmm, what could that be?
        Effect - MaxHP + 5%
        - LUK + 3
        - Add a 1% chance to autocast Level 1
        [Quagmire] on yourself when you're attacked physically.
        Every refine level adds,
        - MDEF + 1
        - Increase natural HP and SP regeneration by 2%.
        - MaxHP + 5%
        - All Stats + 1

        Every refine level adds,
        - ATK & MATK + 1
        - MDEF + 4
        - Increase resistance to the Freeze status by 20%.
        - Every time you kill a monster, there is a small chance to drop Candy.

        Every refine level adds,
        - Slightly increased Candy drop rate.
        Class Shoes Armor Garment
        Defense 3 5 3
        Weight 50 50 60
        Required Level 40 40 40
        Job Every Job Every Job

        Every Job

      • If Antonio's Coat and Red Stocking Boots are worn together, If Antonio's Coat and Antonio's Red Bag are worn together, If Red Stocking Boots, Antonio's Coat, and Antonio's Red Bag are worn together,
        - MaxSP + 10%.
        - Every refine level of
        Red Stocking Boots adds Flee + 1.
        - ASPD + 3%
        - Every refine level of
        Antonio's Red Bag adds HIT + 1.
        - 10% more Experience from Demi-Human and Angel Race.
        - Increase resistance to Freeze status by 10%.
        - Increase Candy heal rate by 100%.
        - Increase Lucky Candy heal rate by 200%.
        - Enables use of level 1
        - Casting can't be interrupted.


    We hope that you'll enjoy all that the season has to offer as we celebrate 2017 coming to an end with our holiday event! To make sure that you have the most fun you can have, please be mindful of several important rules and features with this year's Christmas celebration.

    Important Rules, Dates, and Notes

    • To begin this year's Christmas Event, speak with the NPC in Prontera, who will take you to the Enchanted Village.
      • All Christmas Event minigames and events will take place within the Enchanted Village and its related areas and NPCs.
    • Items such as Giftbox Pieces, Marbles, and Snowflake Coins are account bound in this year's event.
      • Some of this year's prizes are account-bound as well, The only way to obtain these exclusive events is to participate, allowing everyone the chance to earn wonderful prizes no matter your zeny status!
    • Finally, this year's Christmas celebration will conclude on January 6, 2019 - allowing for you to enjoy the holiday fun throughout the remainder of the season!

    We sincerely hope that you enjoy the magic, snow, and wonder of this year's Christmas celebration - which is our delight to offer to you as we close another wonderful year! We're looking forward to another year full of even more fun, enjoyment, and even more offerings that will make 2019 a year to really remember. Thank you as always for your support of TalonRO, and as always, happy gaming!

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