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  • December Patch | Xmas Event

    GM Seiren
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    We're pleased to present December's latest patch updates! As Winter firmly takes root in this holiday season, Midgard is getting the full treatment in the month of December. We've already unveiled this year's Advent Calendar Giveaway, where you can receive a free prize every day that you visit the calendar and log into TalonRO. We're also excited to unveil this year's seasonal Christmas Event and further updates as we embark into 2022 - TalonRO's fifteenth year! Read on below for this month's latest updates. Happy gaming!


    • Fixed Djinn having only 250 ATK instead of the intended 350 ATK.
    • Fixed Body Relocation, Back Sliding and High Jump escaping Ankle Snares, Spider Webs and Close Confine. This now no longer works, similar to how it was pre-Iduna.
    • Fixed monsters with multiple element changes not changing anymore after the first one. Now they can keep changing as much as they want.
    • Item/SQI bonuses that cause Stripping effects (not Stripping skills) no longer function when used in combination with Baphomet Card or splashing skills.
    • Fixed the Adoption menu when right clicking. You no longer have to rely on the !adopt command.
    • Poem of Bragi on WoE castle entrances now behaves the same as it would inside a PvP/WoE/BG map.
    • If you obtained more Cast Delay reduction through equipment, Poem of Bragi will no longer override it if the latter gives less delay reduction.
    • Novices who are in Trick Dead status no longer gain EXP from leeching.
    • Novices level 60 or higher no longer gain EXP from leeching in general.


    It's that time of the year again! This year, you can enjoy the various games and earn wonderful Christmas Giftboxes by collecting Red and Green Giftbox Pieces. The Christmas Giftboxes have been updated with some wonderful rewards to check out! You can also enjoy some of the annual highlights, such as letter writing, Antonia's Caroling, stocking hanging, special events and much more (with full details in the event thread!).

    We hope that you'll explore around the Enchanted Village this year and enjoy all that the season has to offer! Click here to learn more.

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