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    Easter Event | Cirque Du Fluff

    GM Seiren
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    Cirque du Fluff and the mistress of ceremonies have journeyed across worlds celebrating Easter across kingdoms far and wide. Their next caravan stop is
    at the heart of Rune Midgard, where players can immerse themselves in the wonderments of circus entertainment with your host; Easterlina and her band
    of flamboyant show bringers. Cirque du Fluff will be hosting a plethora of exciting minigames. Win tokens and exchange them for pets, as well as many
    costumes familiar and new!



    Cirque Du Fluff welcomes you to a world of wonders, immerse yourselves in a fun-filled extravaganza the talented crew has to offer. Earn your way to
    an abundance of valuable rewards! Lend an ear to the Cirque band's beautiful songs and stories from around the world or extend a helping hand. Once
    you've obtained enough Circus Tokens, speak to Easterlina in Izlude and exchange them for a delightful array of fluffy prizes!

    We hope that you are enjoying the Spring season and that you have an enjoyable Easter on TalonRO! Best of luck in this year's Easter event - and as
    always, Happy Gaming! The Easter Event will end on May 5th

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