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    February Patch | Plagiarism NPC etc

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    February is here! As we roll into the new month, we're thrilled to announce some new updates and releases, including the World Hunters quest! In addition this month's TamTam's Odyssey traverses into the floating city of Yuno and Kiel Robot Factory. A new Monthly Costume Box is also upon us, as well as general updates and bugfixes!

    • New TamTam's Odyssey Region:
      • Yuno Fields, excluding yuno_fild06 and yuno_fild11
      • Kiel Robot Factory
    • GMC Box rotations:
      • Heavenly Dark Flame Costume
      • Hanging Dog Ears Costume
    • Wave Box rotations:
      • Hunting Cap of Gust Costume
      • Sun Visor Costume


    With the event season settling down, it's time to get back on track with regular updates. To start off, we'll be fixing and returning some features from pre-Iduna that we're sure you'll like!

    Main Updates

    • Rewards for the Annual Charity Event can now be claimed in Prontera!
    • Top 20 Blacksmith and Alchemist Ranks has returned.
      • Updated UI
        • Top 10 and Top 11~20 now displays the bonus it provides in /alchemist and /blacksmith itself.
        • Large numbers are now formatted with commas.
      • For those unfamiliar with the Top 20 System:
        • Top 11~20 Alchemists have a 25% Potion Boost instead of 50%.
        • Top 11~20 Blacksmiths have +5 Passive Attack instead of +10.
    • The TalonRO Lottery has returned. Rather than twice a week, the jackpot is now given out once a week at Friday 8:15pm server time.
    • The Morocc Plagiarism NPC has returned. You can find her at the Morocc spawn.
      • Unlike before, the Bonus Bundle is now a requirement for all skill copies.
    • Fixed the Eggring Pet loyalty bonus.
      • The +50% Stat Food duration boost now properly works. 
    • Eden's Bounty Board now resets its cooldown at midnight server time instead of a flat 23 hours after the bounty.
    • Mercenary Loyalty Points through monster kills and the contract ending are now added to all three guilds instead of just the summoned mercenary's guild.
    • Equipped Ammo will now display its name like it did before in pre-iduna as opposed to it always being "Arrow has been equipped".


    • Fixed BG Consumables working in Guild Dungeons when they should not work there.

    February Monthly Costume Box

    Costume ID: 20776 // Rainbow_Star_Costume
    Costume ID: 21217 // Fluffy_Semi_Long_Hair_Costume
    Costume ID: 21289 // Durumagi_Costume
    Costume ID: 21325 // Runaway_Accelerator_Costume
    Costume ID: 21064 // Cat_Ear_Ribbon_Costume
    Costume ID: 21072 // Roast_Memory_Costume
    Costume ID: 20460 // Ten-gallon_Flame_Hat_Costume
    Costume ID: 20994 // Yellow_Cherry_Blossom_Hat_Costume
    Costume ID: 20510 // Pagdayaw_Costume

    Costume ID: 21350 // Aquarius_Crown_Costume
    Costume ID: 20796 // Rose_Casquette_Costume
    Costume ID: 20786 // Ashura_Fairy_Hat_Costume



    Edited by GM Seiren

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