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  • February Patch | SQI & LNY



    Lunar New Year 2021 Event

    Released later than we intended due to SQI Revamp work, we do still want to celebrate the Lunar New Year: Year of the Ox with you! @GM Radius has once again made his annual event.

    Please head over to the Event Topic for more information!


    General Server Updates

    • The ItemID when viewing an item's description is now clickable and opens a browser window to the item's page on our ItemDB.
    • The quest version of Satan Morroc now can be respawned (and as such, the field unlocked) after 1.5 hours rather than 6 hours. As a result, his EXP was reduced to 1/3 of its original values.
    • Fixed a bug where you could no longer use Warp Portal to go to maps such as Archer Villager, Yuno, Lighthalzen, et cetera.
    • Fixed Crimson Fire Formation knockback item script with Draco Egg Card and Hira Shurikat bonus. It will now replicate pre-iduna knockback behavior instead of the fixed left knockback.


    General SQI-related Updates

    • You can now choose to not display cut-in images during the SQI instances. Simply speak to Kvasir in the Dimensional Gap and choose Instance Settings. You can also do so by clicking the green portal towards the Birth of a God Instance. This is a permanent game account-bound setting.
    • Upon completing Kvasir's repeatable class essence quest you can now start collecting Runes again right away instead of waiting a week first. However you still have to wait for the cooldown to trade them in.
    • You can no longer use Dead/Bloody Branches in Juperos Cave.
    • You can no longer use Ice Wall in the Dimensional Gap.
    • Vanaheim Halls are now flagged as a "town" map, which enables Mail, Talon Shop, etc.
    • Fixed Artemis Bow and Hira Shurikat's Critical Attack bonuses so that they work with Sharp Shooting and Shadow Slash accordingly.
    • Evangelist Heal Double Cast bonus will now display a special effect on the user when it activates.
    • Fixed Suiken's Monk Spirit bonus so that it now restores SP during Fury Status correctly.
    • Fixed Mjolnir's Overthrust No Break bonus not working after relog/weapon swaps/etc.
    • Fixed a couple incorrect UIs in the SQI Bonus info.


    Battle for Vanaheim Instance

    • Fixed Einar and Darkrah having the wrong size. They are now Large rather than an undefined size.


    Birth of a God Instance

    • Most likely fixed a couple cases of players being left behind during transitions in the first map.
    • The 2nd part (mist autoscroller section) now returns players after getting caught by the mist sooner than before.


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