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  • February Patch | SQI Tweaks Pt. 2 & 3

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    [02-07-2021 Updates]


    • A Paladin's Gospel skill is now canceled when the Paladin is knocked back. This is done to prevent players from getting stuck in certain (mostly PvM) situations.
    • Changed Staff of Magi's Phylla Card ingredient to Siroma Card.
    • Changed Suiken's Mangkukulam Card ingredient to Gold Acidus Card.
      • Also changed the Talon Cash value of this card from 300 to 500 Talon Cash.
    • Reduced Electric Guitar's Singing Plant requirement from 300 back to their previous 100.

    Birth of a God

    • Removed Haldur's regular heal that triggered at < 20% HP. He now only heals when resting away from the battlefield.
    • Haldur's Shadow Clones now heal only ever 6.5 seconds instead of every 1.5 seconds and only trigger if their "friend's" HP is lower than 50%.


    [02-06-2021 Updates]

    This second post-Revamp patch revolves around the Battle for Vanaheim and Birth of a God SQI instances. We've listened to player feedback and have rebalanced the areas that we believe required most attention.

    As always, we hope you enjoy!

    General Updates

    • Fixed a Gudbrand quest for Crusader class where it asked for two of the same items.
    • Fixed Kvasir's quest dialogue still mentioning a 30 minute waiting time instead of the intended 10 minutes.

    Battle For Vanaheim

    • Monster waves
      • Lowered the amount of monsters spawned per wave in the higher levels.
      • Lowered the total amount of mob kills required per wave for all locations except the start.
      • Made Sniper Crosshairs more frequent to make up for the lower mob spawns.
      • Lowered Constant monster HP from 40,000 to 30,000.
    • Sorcerer Mob
      • Chance of casting Rift of Midgard has been reduced.
      • Rift of Midgard now spawns fewer mobs and has a lower chance of spawning higher-end mobs. Furthermore, Hydrolancer has been removed from the spawn list.
      • Lowered MDEF from 88 to 58.
    • Wrath of Tornados
      • Now deals less damage in a smaller AoE.
    • Darkrah fight
      • Lowered Darkrah's slave spawn by 1.

    Birth of a God

    • Monsters spawned in the mist part now have 50% less HP than their usual versions.
    • Waves of monsters spawning prior to the final battle with Haldur now appear more frequently but in lower amounts. This way players will get to the final battle more quickly.
    • When Haldur is in his healing phase, he now heals twice as slowly. Every 4 seconds instead of every 2 seconds.



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