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  • February Patch | SQI Tweaks

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    As we continue to monitor the gameplay of the SQI revamp, we find ways to improve several aspects of the update. This update mostly focuses on the Ancient Juperos instance, which fixes multiple bugs and tweaks various gameplay mechanics. Expect more of these updates in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy and please keep the feedback coming!

    General Quest

    • Lowered the time that Kvasir takes to form a battle plan for Vanaheim Instance from 30 to 10 minutes.
    • In Ancient Juperos Instance, Rosalind and Kvasir now have their proper text colors.
    • Most likely fixed the Ferryman NPC in Vanaheim not working all the time.
    • Most likely fixed a bug where Kvasir would show an error message in his dialogue.
    • You can no longer warp players to maps that are marked as nomemo, even when you saved there.

    Ancient Juperos Level 1

    • Scientists that are roaming around now can not detect players who are either Cloaking or in Chase Walk. Note that monsters will still attack you and when trying to obtain a Keycard from a Scientist, they will still recognize you.

    Ancient Juperos Level 2

    • Robots in the Stealth map now have a lower chance of detecting players who are either Cloaking or in Chase Walk. Note: they can still detect you; the chance is just smaller.
    • All players now have the same walking speed across this map, no matter what. The speed is faster than when you'd wear a Sleipnir or using Increase Agi, but not as fast as a Mount combined with Sleipnir or Increase Agi.
    • Slightly reduced the amount of time the Robots take before they start an investigation.

    DelightOS Boss

    • General
      • Increased the time that a DelightOS Projection stays up, allowing more time to damage it.
      • Time between Instance Attack announcement and Instance Attack increased by 2 seconds (this should give you more time to react to instance attacks).
      • Reduced the maximum amount of robots mobs that can be on the map at any time from 50 to 30.
      • Slightly reduced the maximum robot spawn from Conveyor Belts.
    • Static Floor / Chain Lightning
      • Reduced the damage done with Static Floor.
      • Static Floor can now be negated with Land Protector.
      • Reduced amount of Static Floor Cells that appear.
      • Slightly increased Static Floor delay before Chain Lightning kicks in.
    • 161-161 Colossal
      • Slightly reduced the HP of the Colossal spawn.
      • Probably fixed a bug with the Colossal spawn that made the instance stop functioning.
    • Eradicate Malware
      • Fixed a bug which caused players to get stuck out of bounds when being warped.
    • Final Battle
      • Rosalind Ashe is now Wind 1 property rather than Neutral 2.
      • Rosalind Ashe's HP has been lowered by approximately 300k.
      • Rosalind Ashe's MDEF has been reduced from 55 to 45.

    Battle For Vanaheim

    • Sorcerer Mob
      • Increased the timer before the Sorcerer attempts to spawn mobs.
      • Reduced the likeness of the Sorcerer spawning slightly.

    Birth of a God: Forest Part 2

    • Reduced amount of mobs that spawn during this segment.
    • Reduced the maximum amount of mobs that can be alive at any point.
      • Also fixed a bug where this amount was not counted properly.
    • Mobs should now favor the right side slightly more when spawning.

    Start.thumb.png.1e00b4f03ad4963588cbb31985f7cf4d.pngvan (3).png

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