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    TalonRO is now hiring - and we're looking for you! We're looking to expand the GM team to include a variety of positions on the staff, including those who are not only interested in holding events regularly, but also people who have decent RO knowledge or want to help other players. Specialties include the following open staff positions:

    • Event
      • The Event GM role is for those who are interested in regularly holding events in-game and on TalonRO's forums as well as interacting with the community in a social setting. Special attention is paid to hosting regular, consistent events of a high quality for players to enjoy in addition to TalonRO's regular gameplay. Staff in this area are encouraged to work collaboratively with other members of staff to deliver high-quality events which are well-planned, enjoyable, and hosted with broad availability for the community.
    • Developer
      • As a Developer, you will need to have at least entry-level experience in eAthena/rAthena scripting. While we as a team will assist you in getting more experienced in this area, some existing knowledge is expected. Your initial tasks will mostly consist of smaller scale quests, but that may quickly turn into larger scale projects, events and instances.

    We welcome all players who have played on TalonRO for three months or more to apply - even if you have applied for a position in the past. All applicants are expected to have mastery-level knowledge of Ragnarok Online and to provide a high level of quality support and assistance in a staff position. All potential staff members are also expected to moderate the forum by answering questions or bringing things to the attention of a High GM, with all positions reporting to a High GM. Candidates must also demonstrate solid English language skills regardless of the area in which they are applying.

    We invite all interested players to submit an application for an open position. All applications must be meet the following criteria to be considered as eligible:

    1. All forms and questions must be answered in full. One-liners, copy / pasted passages from Wikipedia, and other incomplete answers will not attract our attention.
    2. All fake applications will result in a ban from TalonRO. We kindly ask that you respect everyone's time!
    3. Players must have actively been playing on TalonRO for a period of three months or more time. Players who have applied for a GM position in the past are welcome to apply once more, as are players who are considering the GM position for the first time.

    Following these simple rules will help make your application stand out. Once a complete application has been submitted, a member of the High GM team will contact you if you are selected for an interview. If you've been wanting to be part of the dedicated staff which serve the amazing TalonRO community, now is your time!

    Click here to fill out an application to become a part of the TalonRO staff!

    Many thanks for your interest in helping TalonRO - and best of luck to all applicants!

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