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    GMC&Wave Return. Donations revamp

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    August 13 update. Few more bugfixes done:

    • Fixed not being able to change guild member position.
    • Fixed boss monsters (not MVPs) dropping equipment items at a 1x rate instead of 3x.
    • Fixed monsters in Wave Challenge sometimes spawning in walls.
    • Fixed Nidhoggur's Nest instance not warping players properly during certain parts of the instance.
      • This also fixes several other instances like Octopus Cave.

    Original topic:

    Now that most bugs (but not all of them yet!) have been solved, we are able to dedicate some time to actually returning some beloved features to our server. It has taken a little longer than we had initially hoped, but we're on the right track now. Thank you once again for your patience during this transitional phase! So, without further ado~

    GM Challenge and Wave Challenge

    As the instancing system on rAthena has changed quite a bit, these scripts required a significant amount of recoding. Our initial idea of implementation unfortunately did not work out, so we had to go back to the drawing board. That being said, both are now fully implemented and should have full functionality as you are used to.

    The process of signing up for the instances has slightly changed. After the party leader generates the instance, each member has to separately enter the room. You will end up in a second (instanced) lobby where the party leader will be able to warp everybody in and start the instance.

    We have also slightly altered the way Return Lobbies work. In both GM Challenge and Wave Challenge, players can no longer disconnect for more than 15 minutes and then return to the game. If this happens, they will simply be warped back to Prontera. Another change was done to GM Challenge alone. We no longer use the Return Ticket system. Players can now return to the GM Challenge as often as they want, however you can now only warp back inside if at least one of your party members is still alive. If your entire party is dead, you can no longer use the Return Lobby.

    Voting system replacement

    First off, we have now enabled the Voting Points Converter NPC in the Reward Guru building. You will be able to claim your voting points as Talon Cash there right away.

    Now, you are likely aware of the Voting System no longer being utilized by TalonRO. Most of the topsites are full of Ads and many times even serve malware. Topsites in general are a thing from the past and based on our statistics, they don't actually result in many new players at all. For that reason, we decided to get rid of them and replace them with something new.

    The idea behind implementing the new system is that it should take a very small amount of time to get a reward. After all, voting didn't take more than a minute and you could get 40 Talon Cash every day if you kept track of the timings.

    After some digging, we found that people's Kafra Storages are absolutely full of Misc items that serve almost no purpose. So with the new system, we will be making use of that.

    You will now find an NPC called Daily Cash Betty in the same room as the Reward Guru. Every day, you can talk to that NPC (once per person) and get a very quick Item Collection quest. The amounts will range from 10 to 20 items. Complete the quest and you will be given 40 Talon Cash. This is the same amount you would get if you would vote on all voting sites twice per day. The items required for this quest are extremely easy and can be farmed on low-end monsters.

    We hope this new idea is a fair compromise after losing the Vote for Points system. Please let us know what you think~

    New Donation System

    Another major change we've done this reboot is the Donation System. One complaint we've heard a lot in the past is the inability to donate with methods other than Credit Cards. With the method we used in the past, adding other options unfortunately was not viable. This has now changed.

    We are now utilizing the Commerce plugin on our forum software. As a result, the Donation page now links to our Store here on the forums, where the donation process will take place. This brings forth a few changes:

    • Instead of being able to donate any custom amount, we now offer fixed packages. The great advantage of this new system is that we can now offer Bonus Talon Cash for people who make a larger donation. This was something that players have suggested for years now and we are finally able to offer this. The packages are as follow:
      • $5.00 -> 500 Talon Cash (no bonus)
      • $10.00 -> 1080 Talon Cash (8% bonus)
      • $25.00 -> 2750 Talon Cash (10% bonus)
      • $50.00 -> 5625 Talon Cash (12.5% bonus)
      • $75.00 -> 8625 Talon Cash (15% bonus)
      • $100.00 -> 11750 Talon Cash (17.5% bonus)
      • $200.00 -> 24000 Talon Cash (20% bonus)
      • $500.00 -> 62500 Talon Cash (25% bonus)
    • Next to the usual payment through Cards, we now offer Google Pay as well. Google Pay is a new payment method that allows you to easily pay through either your browser or (preferably) through your mobile phone. A big advantage of this is that Google Pay offers support for PayPal. This should open up the donation system to people who were not able to do so before due to the lack of a Credit Card. While Google Pay is not available yet for all countries, it's quite wide-spread now and continues to become available to more countries.
    • Donations are now directly tied to the new Support system. If you have any questions about a donation you made, you can directly send a support ticket through the payment.

    Bugfixes and improvements

    And lastly, we have of course fixed various bugs and made several improvements again:

    • Lif's Mental Change skill now has a shorter cooldown to accommodate not being able to reset the cooldown by recalling the Homunculus:
      • Level 1: 10 minutes to 2 minutes
      • Level 2: 15 minutes to 4 minutes
      • Level 3: 20 minutes to 6 minutes
    • Fixed Rainbowrings never opening the portal to the Ginnunggap.
    • Bragi Cast Reduction portion no longer adds together with items/cards and now multiplies like it used to.
    • Cart Termination now properly goes through Cicada Skin Shedding and Auto Guard as officially intended and how it worked before.
    • Fixed an exploit where you could change the Guild Leader by right clicking in the Guild Window and thus bypassing the Reward Guru. Thank you to the people who have reported this and shame on those who have been exploiting this the past days.
    • In order to make it harder for scammers to trick players into believing they are talking to a GM, you can no longer join a player chatroom if your job level is lower than 50. This system was already in place for creating a chatroom, but not yet for joining. While we understand that it's a mild annoyance to the legit players, it's done in an effort to keep everyone safe.
      • Like before, transcendent classes do not have this level requirement.

    Edited by GM Seiren

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