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    It's mid-November and it's time for the Halloween Event to end! We're happy to announce the winners of all the competitions below. For the time being, you can enter Melodia to exchange any leftover Halloween Tickets and participate in the Halloween Instance!

    Also, our development team has taken a bit of a breather after the Halloween event launched, so now that that's over, we're also back to work on delivering bad-ass updates for you all, so be sure to look forward to that!


    Now for the winners of the House Competition as well as all the individual competitions. Unlike last year, Guile House unfortunately didn't make it far this year. And whereas Sorin House last year got second place, this year they got first place! Emure has been a close contender for most of the event and even took over first place for a couple of days, but could not keep up in the final days of the event. So without further ado, these are our winning houses this year:

    • Sorin House wins 1st place with 430,647 points
    • Emure House wins 2nd place with 388,591 points

    Please find Monny in Prontera to claim your prize SOON (not yet)! While they are account-bound and cannot be claimed from the Lutie Vending Machine, you can claim the prize on every account that you played the event with!

    The following houses did not win any prize this year, but we'd like to commend them for their efforts, nevertheless!

    • Windsor House with 182,395 points
    • Guile House with 111,165 points

    To illustrate the progression of House Points, we have made a nice graphs for you:



    Now for the individual competitions! The winners are as follows:

    • Fastest Labyrinth party
      • "Team Rocket" party.
      • Cleared in 4 minutes and 7 seconds.
      • Members:
        • -Keele-
        • TZTD
        • Dimension Shift
        • Aulani
    • The top-three Town-Wide minigame / Limited Capacity minigame winners:
      • Easterious Heroine C
      • losmithia
      • ChampAres
    • The top-three Racas Forest and Zombie Run winners:
      • Razel Joker
      • -Fruchtzwerg-
      • momzy
    • The top-three Goblin Infiltrators, Walk of Life, Amazing Ragna Race and Shadow Tag winners:
      • Namu1
      • Imore
      • WindCast

    Every one of you wins a non-bound Blue Moon Loli Ruri Egg OR Eddga Egg as well as an MVP Card of choice (only those available in the Talon Shop). Please PM @GM Seiren your choice as well as the character you wish to receive the items on.


    Grand Master Election

    Now, last but not least, the Grandmaster Election! After receiving many votes, it...never really became a tight race whatsoever!

    So without further ado, next year's Grandmaster will be none other than Zarevok! He won by far most votes and will hopefully bring great things to Melodia!

    The votes were as follows:

    1. 54 - Zarevok
    2. 32 - Professor RK-9
    3. 29 - Venise
    4. 23 - Dayle
    5. 13 - Professor Rolan


    And that concludes the 2021 Halloween Event. A fierce one for sure, and we hope you all enjoyed!

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