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  • Halloween | Part II

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    As we enter the second week of the Halloween Event, it's finally time for the Battle of the Academies! Those who have practiced against Chisu, Bata and Miruku can now face off against them in a serious instance that will surely challenge the contestants!

    Additionally, the Halloween Labyrinth has been opened for parties!

    We've also introduced a few minor updates and tweaks to the server as well as the event. Read more below~


    • Halloween Event updates:
      • Goblin Infiltrators is now open 24/7!
      • The Halloween Instance should no longer break your items if your item is marked as Unbreakable. The mechanic does still pierce FCP!
      • Walk of Life:
        • If you're still alive and finished a large portion of the race when time runs out or if there are three winners, you now gain 1 Halloween Ticket as a consolation prize.
        • Mounts and weapons are now removed at the start of the event to ensure the Board Walk skill works properly.
        • Spirit Boost walk speed is now dispelled at the start of the event.
        • Rounds now end if nobody not yet finished is alive anymore.
        • You can no longer grab an Extra Life during a Red Light.
      • Fixed an improper idle check for consolation prizes in The Amazing Ragna Race.
      • Shadow Tag:
        • Slightly increased the HP increase of next round's Doom Troop when winning.
        • Slightly lowered the base HP of Doom Troops.
    • Rotated the WoE Castles:
      • gefg_cas02 > gefg_cas04
      • aldeg_cas03 > aldeg_cas05
      • prtg_cas01 > prtg_cas02
      • payg_cas04 > payg_cas05
      • mocg_cas01 > schg_cas02
      • arug_cas01 > mocg_cas01
    • Layla's Emporium is open once again with new items. She will stay around until end of November!
    • Fsh 1
    • Love 1

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