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    Halloween | Return to Melodia

    GM Seiren
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    TalonRO proudly welcomes you once again to Melodia, home of the Melodia Academy! Founded by two prodigal wizards of their era centuries ago, Melodia town has flourished through the ages. The doors to Melodia and its academy was opened last year as part of the Halloween festival, with numerous new students flocking in and becoming a student of the Melodia Academy. Housed within one of the four houses of Melodia Academy, students competed against each other in a friendly competition.

    Upon returning to Melodia this year, students will discover that the musical town has been in discord and dissonance all year long. Against all odds, Melodia residents have worked hard to host yet another Halloween festival for everyone while keeping in check about the dangers that lurk around and within the town. Melodia Academy invites you to return to the musical town of Melodia and be part of this year's festivities; enjoy what Melodia has to offer you for Halloween as well as find out what has been plaguing the town for the past 12 months - all in this year's episode of Halloween: Return to Melodia!

    For more information on the event, please check out our Event Topic!



    Along with our Halloween Event, we have added some regular updates and fixes. With Halloween out of the way, expect a lot more bigger updates in the weeks to come!

    Regular updates

    • Removed the Pet Autofeed message, as this feature is not enabled.
    • Party Invitation and Equipment Sharing state messages now only show upon login, rather than on every map change.
    • Fixed Lord of Death quest for Eden Bounty Board giving the wrong questlog entry.
    • Fixed Jewelcrafting skill resetting when doing a skill reset. If you have a problem of this skill missing, please send a support ticket.
    • Fixed some impossible mobs appearing in Taekwon Mission.
    • Fixed Wakwak Card art not working.
    • Removed Instance Girl from Bingo room.
    • Fixed a display problem in Elemental Bullet creation NPC.
    • Fixed a questlog problem in Amatsu Dungeon quest.
    • Fixed HP drain of Refined Solar Sword not working.

    Unique Costume

    We'd like to introduce something brand new to TalonRO: Special Effect Costumes! This month, we'd like to introduce the Whisper's Blessing Costume. This is a special effect costume that's equipped as a Garment Costume, so you can add it with any of your normal styles without replacing anything! You can disable the effect by using /effect.

    This costume is available in the Talon Shop for 7500 Talon Cash. It's available in Limited Amount and for one week only, so grab 'em while you can!




    Valkyrie Prima & the Jitterbug Dolls make their impact on November with an earth shattering concert to mark the Valkyries arrival to Rune Midgard. The instance will be set for launch on the 3rd and is the fourth episodic release of Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine. For more info on how to join, you can visit this link to schedule a slot for you and your party!

    We hope you all enjoy the updates and the event. Stay tuned for more! Our Monthly Maintenance will be up in a couple of days!

    Edited by GM Seiren

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