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    Iduna Release Update

    GM Seiren
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    Greetings, Talonians! With the anticipation now beginning to build around Project Iduna’s release, we wanted to provide an update to the release date, as well as information on our progress - along with a special “pre-release” event for Iduna that we hope will get the TalonRO community in the spirit for our next big leap forward!

    Project Iduna’s scope and scale are nothing short of unprecedented as we make the switch to rAthena. For those unfamiliar, this switch represents an ability to greatly offer new features and updates that will significantly enhance the TalonRO gameplay experience, while preserving the best of what TalonRO has to offer in our unique ecosystem. Accordingly, it also is critical that we’re able to ensure that all of our features - including gameplay, player control panel elements, account recovery, and others - are completely working and running. This involves additional transitions to new systems and backend processes to completely connect all of the new rAthena-based elements into TalonRO’s unique environment.

    Our goal is to ensure this transition with Project Iduna is completely seamless for you, our community. Because we are aiming to thoroughly test and develop all whole suite of offerings, we will be taking only a few short weeks to extend development of Project Iduna’s many features, and to ensure they have the highest level of fidelity and effectiveness once implemented to the entire world of TalonRO.

    Accordingly, our projected launch date for Project Iduna will now be on July 20. We know that the features and additions are well worth the wait, and we can’t wait to unveil them in their full (and fully working) glory!

    However, this means that we will be celebrating to prepare for Project Iduna’s release! July 6th will still be an important date to mark on your calendars - because we’ll be featuring a full week of 12x rates, beginning on July 6 and ending on July 13. We hope that this upcoming rate boost will get your characters into their best shape to prepare for all of the new features and adventures that Project Iduna will bring with it. 

    We’re looking forward to this incredible and full release of Project Iduna’s many wonderful features - and we’re hoping that you’re looking forward to it as well! Thank you as always for your support and enjoyment of TalonRO - and as always, happy gaming!

    Edited by GM Seiren

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