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    Iduna Updates | GEC fix and more!

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    We originally planned this reboot a few days later and it would include a few more features, but due to the server crash earlier, we decided to make it happen earlier. So without further ado, here are the changes of this reboot:

    • @whosell and @whobuy work again, after they were temporarily removed earlier today due to a server crash.
    • GEC and other timer based scripts should now function properly like before.
      • This means using skills like Blessing no longer reset the timer.
    • Monsters should now only aggro targets within 3 cells between the target and monster like before.
    • Frenzy should now calculate HP correctly.
    • Lovers Card via Tarot Card can no longer teleport boss monsters.
    • Item Heal Scripts should now function properly like before.
      • Includes mechanics such as Hell Poodle Card and Ranked Potion Bonus.
    • Skid Traps no longer immobilize targets that are caught inside it.
    • Traps and Ice Walls can now be damaged by monsters again.
    • Unit skills will no longer immediately expire on death.
      • Includes skills such as Ice Wall, Storm Gust, and Magnus Exorcismus.
      • This prevents a skill like Ice Wall from disappearing when you die.
    • Unit damaging skills will no longer deal damage when the user is dead.
      • Includes skills such as such as Storm Gust and Magnus Exorcismus.
      • This is opposed to how we previously fixed it, where the skill would just disappear when you die.
    • Naturally spawned MvPs will now start dropping tickets again:
      • Drop has been updated to Talon Cash Tickets (4 points each).
    • Asura Cooldown has been altered:
      • PvP/BG/WoENow 8 seconds (down from 15).
    • @charinfo should now properly display EXP progression for Jewelcrafting and Cooking.
    • Removed Glittering Jacket from arrow crafting table.
    • Endless Tower re-entry from Alberta now costs the right amount of zeny instead of 50,000 at all times.
    • Changed TamTam's Odyssey drops to pre-Iduna values:
      • Pre-Iduna you got 1 Copper Coin (2 Talon Cash) at a certain rate.
      • Post-Iduna you got 1 Talon Cash (0.5 Copper Coin) at a double rate.
      • Now, you get 2 Talon Cash at the same rate as before Iduna.

    A majority of the major bugs have been fixed now. There's still a few more to go, but we will start diverting some resources to content creation. So be sure to look forward to that! :)

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