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  • January Patch | Monthly Updates

    GM Seiren
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    January has arrived! And it's once again time for our Monthly Maintenance!  With Christmas gone, we say hello to the New Year, as well as some exciting content lined up over the next few weeks. The long awaited SQI Revamp will be scheduled for release this month, along with the annual Yule Ball event gearing up for another spectacular gala!

    Notable mentions:

    • To start 2021 off right and make it better than 2020 (does not take much, but hey!), we are launching a 12x EXP event for one week! It's scheduled to end on January 8th.
    • Our Annual Charity Event ended up with a whopping $7366 for Doctors Without Borders, when our goal was set to $1000. Thank you so much everyone for your generosity! We'll be adding an NPC soon to claim your prizes! Once again, this is an amazing achievement!
    • Our Christmas Event is still ongoing through till January 7th!
    • The SQI Revamp will be scheduled to launch this month. More info below!


    Limited Item Sale

    To celebrate finally getting rid of 2020, we have released a temporary  Special Effect costume for a duration of one week.

    The [Visual] Fireworks Costume goes to the Garment Slot and can be purchased from the Talon Shop.


    Monthly Updates

    Our Monthly Maintenance comes with some common updates:

    • A brand new TamTam's Odyssey region:
      • Rachel Fields
      • Ice Dungeon
    • GMC Box rotations:
      • Enchanted Dog Costume [20983]
      • Greater Dracul Horn Costume [20933]
    • Wave Box rotations:
      • Little Garden Costume [21156]
      • Poring Beret Costume [21209]
    • A brand new Monthly Costume Box, available in the Talon Shop:
      • Imperial Glory Costume [21655]
      • Royal Mantle Costume [20935]
      • Calabash Costume [Garment] [21590]
      • Japanese Hair Costume [21587]
      • Neev Barrette Costume [20934]
      • Fluffy Heart Earmuffs Costume [20952]
      • Dog Officer Costume [20805]
      • Alchemist Mask Costume [20988]
      • Dark Randgris Helm Costume [21012]
      • Ignis Cap Costume [20868]
      • Capricorn Diadem Costume [21178]
      • Feather Beret Costume [20953]~



    With the likes of 'Baby' Mystic Tower scheduled for January, as well the imminent release of the SQI revamp, what better way than to indulge in some good old fashioned leveling with bonus experience? This week, we’re having a special 12x EXP event, along with an additional +25% EXP for completing Eden Group board quests!

    The added bonus experience is an opportunity to go on an adventure with a new party, explore a dungeon that you've never tried before, or conquer that difficult instance you've been meaning to take on! With 12x EXP this week, your effort will be maximized to its fullest. We hope that you have a great weekend exploring all that Midgard has to offer.

    The event with end on January 8th!


    We are on the brink of releasing the SQI Revamp with only a few things left to do! Most of this concerns balancing the instances and doing detailed test runs to make sure that everything works correctly. Rest assured that our target release date will be this month!




    • All rankings for GM Challenge, Wave Challenge and Ancient Tower have been reset. Due to some of the top scores having been achieved on older or buggy versions of these instances, it was due for a reset to give everyone an equal playing ground.
      • In the near future, we will be adding ranking seasons to these instances where top parties will win a special prize.
    • Christmas Event
      • Slightly boosted the droprates of giftbox pieces in the mob grinding map.
      • Fixed Elf Doctor not healing you properly when you are wearing a GTB carded shield.




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