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  • January Patch | Spica's GMC

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    Happy New Year everyone! As we enter the year where TalonRO turns 15 (!), we would like to thank you all for being with us throughout the years.

    For this maintenance, we are starting off with a 10x EXP Event! Read below for more details. On top of that we released a brand new GMC, namely GM Spica's! Expect many updates in the coming months including but not limited to new Episode updates, SQI updates, Client updates, BG and WoE updates and much more! Definitely stay tuned for all that we have in store for you!


    • Our new TamTam's Odyssey region is: Thanatos Tower:
      • Only applies to Floor 1 ~ 11.
    • GMC Box Rotation:
      • Under Lamp Costume [20712]
      • Cupid Circlet Blue Costume [21542]
    • Wave Challenge Box Rotation:
      • Volume Low Twin Costume [20918]
      • Gigant Helm Costume [20267]
    • The January Costume Box is once again filled with a variety of exciting new costumes and a selection of classic ones:
      • Rainbow Sigrun Costume [23001]
      • Filir Backpack Costume [21854] [Garment]
      • Einherjar Mantle Costume [21924]
      • White Airy Hair Costume [21872]
      • Guardian Helm Costume [21926]
      • Purple Sakura Bells Costume [21878]
      • Lock Heart Silver Costume [21729]
      • Shura King's Pledge Costume [20781]
      • Ribbon Wizard Hat Costume [20685]
      • Aqua Quartz Crown Costume [20508]
      • Deviruchi Headphones Costume [20681]
      • Grand Peco Hairband Costume [20515]

    Limited Edition Costume

    For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Snow Powder Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! Enjoy the feeling of these wintery months with this lovely costume! It goes in your Garment slot.

    Disclaimer: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. Additionally, keep in mind that these visual effects only show up when effects in-game are enabled.




    Spica's GMC

    Introducing the first of a new series of GM Challenges: GM Spica's Challenge!

    This challenge, like the previous few iterations, will introduce some new gameplay elements you've not seen in the other GMCs so far! Clear the first three floors as usual, and then fight GM Spica in two stages as she throws some cute but deadly attacks at you!

    On top of that, Spica will randomly choose an element each GMC that she will be completely immune to as well as deal 50% more damage with. So be sure to bring the right classes to this GMC because you never know what tricks she'll pull out of her bag of cats!

    For the time being, her unique GM token has no use, but hold onto it as we will introduce a new set of rewards in the very near future!

    10x EXP Event

    To celebrate the new year, we are starting off with a 10x EXP Event! The duration will be until next maintenance, which is around two weeks from now. We hope you are all able to enjoy this time to level up your characters!


    Enjoy everyone! Again, Happy New Year and see you all on the next update!

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