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  • July Patch | Amazing Summer Race

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    Summer this year is bigger than ever! First is the return of a highly anticipated event: the Amazing Summer Race. This special event is a popular offering, and we know that some of you wait the entire year for this one! Join Talonians everywhere in a race across Midgard to search for clues, solve puzzles, and earn fantastic prizes! In addition to the Summer Race and its many updates, also be sure to enjoy Cocktail Making, TamTam's Treasure Hunt, the Evil Octopus Instance and much more!

    For full details, you can visit the special Event Topic on the Official Events forum where you can read about all of the season's latest offerings and how you can participate. Keep in mind that TamTam's Tikibar will launch in August!

    In addition to the Summer Event, we have also introduced various other updates to the server which we hope you'll enjoy!


    This maintenance focuses mostly on the release of our Summer Event, but there are plenty of other changes worth noting:

    Old SQI Yuno Instance

    The final iteration of the Old SQI instances is now live: Yuno! Simply talk to Asmund to get started.

    Fight your way through a maze and face Nokrah in his prime. Like the other instances, this can be played once per day and rewards you with 50 Talon Cash and 100 Vanaheim Gold!

    Additionally, we have heard your feedback regarding the way the cooldowns work. Some changes here are in the works, which you can expect on the next reboot!

    Other Updates

    • Amplify Magic Power and Aura Blade now have Status Icons.
    • Increased Leak Claw droprate from 3% to 5%.
    • Lowered spawn time of Leak from 105~145 minutes to 75~105 minutes.
    • Super Novices that equip items through Super Novice Spirit should now be able to keep their items equipped when changing maps, except in the following cases:
      • Maps which restrict said item from being equipped (such as Vanilla Mode).
      • Upon death and returning to your save location.
      • Logging out.
    • Madness Canceller no longer consumes 4 Coins to disable the skill, but it will still consume those 4 coins when activating the skill.
    • Fling's Debuff can no longer be dispelled, making it consistent with other debuff effects such as the Strip Skill Debuffs.
    • Ninja Scale Armor [1], Tenebris Latitantes [1], and Special Ninja Suit [1] can now be enchanted at the Armor Enchanter.
    • All of the recently added new Gunslinger Guns can now be enchanted at the Malangdo Enchanter.
      • Altea & Ares [2], Heaven's Feather & Hell's Fire [2], and Color Scope [3] can only be enchanted once.
      • All other guns can be enchanted twice.
      • All new guns have a x4 multiplier cost
    • Sleeper Hat [0] should now have the same autospell rate for its endow as other related headgears such as Imp Hat [0], Fish Head Hat [0], and Gryphon Hat [0].
    • Naght Sieger no longer has [Earthquake] in the Vanilla version of Endless Tower.
    • Gudbrand now properly prevents you from taking up any Purified Essence quests when your character's level is too low.


    We have recently been doing some official Aegis server tests to confirm some official gameplay behaviour, resulting in a few interesting bugfixes. Keep in mind that some of these skills have been rewritten entirely and, while thoroughly tested, might still behave weirdly. If they do, please let us know!

    • Devotion's buggy behavior has (mostly) been fixed.
      • Defender, Auto Guard, Reflect Shield, and Endure should now all initialize correctly when devoting someone for the first time and when devoting someone already under devotion.
        • This also means by extension that all applicable Devotion skills, most notably Defender and Auto Guard, should now refresh correctly when using Devotion on someone after the first time.
      • Defender, Auto Guard, Reflect Shield, and Endure should now all display status icons on devoted targets as long as the source Paladin has those statuses.
        • These status icons will also no longer display the previously unnecessary duration counter like before.
      • All the above fixes also extend to applicable mercenaries (Roux).
    • Fixed Acid Terror not ignoring Hard Defense on Mobs when it should be.
    • Fixed Baphomet Card not applying bow math to splash damage when used with a bow or gun, resulting in lower splash damage.
    • Fixed a bug in Ancient Juperos where statuses kept going while outside.
    • Fixed a bug in Ancient Tower where clicking Enter while the instance was not created yet would cause a screen freeze.


    The return of TalonRO's wildly popular Amazing Summer Race brings the action back to Port Malaya for a season of intense team fun! The Amazing Summer Race this year begins once again in Port Malaya at the World Race Center Headquarters.

    This year introduces many new additions to almost all of the Summer Event festivities, so be sure to read upon on the official thread for more details on how you can participate in this year's annual summer event extravaganza! For our annual TamTam's Tikibar you will have to wait a little while longer. This event will launch in August! Lastly, Layla's Emporium (Valkyrie's Bazaar) will be making her whimsical return throughout the summer month of August, offering a variety of rare costumes, consumables and pets.

    We hope you all enjoy the updates and event festivities! As always, there is much, much more to come!

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