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    July Patch | Client Patch, TTO, More!

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    Summer is here and TalonRO has a lot in stock for it! To start off, we have our usual monthly updates as well as an updated client that will improve your gameplay performance. On top of that, the city of Morocc has progressed into the next stage of reconstruction with a brand new event! Expect more updates in the coming weeks and months. From events such as the Amazing Summer Race to forum and social media events. We are still working hard on the SQI revamp as well, which is progressing nicely. We hope to be able to show you something of that soon!

    In addition, BotN: Elysian Garden will be officially launching mid-July. In the meantime, you can look for the entrance in preparation for its release. Please note that Elysian Garden can only be accessed when clearing the Mystic Tower instance. Visit this thread for more info on how you can obtain an Elysian Key. Lastly, our annual Summer forum event is now live! Participate in this year's fashion extravangza for your chance to win a variety of rewards, including Talon Coins and GM boxes.


    • The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Morocc Pyramids. This includes the Nightmare maps!
    • Font Items can now be purchased from the Talon Shop. Upon using these items, the font of your chats will change as you type and will be visible to other players as well. They sell for 100 Talon Cash and have a duration of one week.
      • Note: the font only appears on chat that appears over your head and is visible to everyone. It does not appear in the chatlog.
    • GMC Giftboxes have new temporary costumes added to their rotation:
      • Walking Desert Wolf Baby Costume [21216]
      • Greater Dracul Horn Costume [20933]
    • Wave Challenge Giftbox has new temporary costumes added to its rotation:
      • Large Sorcerer Crown Costume [21144]
      • Twin Cannon Costume [21226]


    A new temporary Special Effect costume has been added to the Talon Shop for a duration of one week. This [Visual] Soul of Meow Costume goes to the Garment Slot and can be purchased for 6500 Talon Cash. soul_of_meow.gif




    The July Monthly Box has been released with a variety of brand new and some classic costumes and contains something for everyone! We hope you all enjoy!

    • Black School Bag Costume [21491]
    • Red School Bag Costume [21492]
    • Straight Long Black Costume [20998]
    • Cat On Head Costume [21497]
    • Cyber Ear Costume [21121]
    • Pink Headphones Costume [21487]
    • Lady's Feather Hat Costume [20268]
    • Gryphon Hairband Costume [20266]
    • Rose Gothic Bonnet Costume [21498]
    • Carmen Miranda's Hat Costume [21429]
    • Cancer Diadem Costume [21019]
    • Bride Mask Costume [20674]
    • Nekoring Hat Costume [20660]


    We have implemented a new version of our client that improves general performance as well as loading times. As it is the same client we have used for the past month, no new features are added. This is purely an update that improves gameplay performance:

    • This should severely improve performance during WoE and other crowded maps/events where players would otherwise experience serious FPS drops.
    • A major improvement has been made to the game when /effect is disabled. Part of this change means that various skill sound effects will now also be disabled when /effect is off. While it's an unfortunate side-effect, this change is very important for the overall performance improvements.
    • This update also includes several security fixes.


    This maintenance we have also done several QoL updates as well as bug and exploit fixes:

    • Merged a variety of rAthena updates. As this overhauls various internal files, please let us know if anything is off! Overall you should not notice any changes here though.
    • Improved the is-party-alive check in Ancient Tower to reduce the chance of being forcibly warped back to Prontera in the Return Room. In general, a good thing to do is for the party members not to warp into the next stage of said instance when someone wants to warp back inside.
    • You can no longer use @commands while trading another player.
    • The Mora Tool Dealer now has more items added to it.
    • Fixed an exploit where Spell Breaker could cancel a monster's Metamorphosis skill.
    • Fixed a bug where a monster could Metamorph into a random monster.
    • Fixed White School Hat description incorrectly mentioning Level 1 Weapon Perfection. It now properly displays it as Level 3.
    • Added three new Angel Scarf Costumes (white, blue, pink) to Valkyrie's Bazaar.

              2.png.fc6d7bba9e89e7a8d6e683f90c8ea386.png  3.png.0da809a4028ef09e3f5112675533a0c4.png  1.png.10145ea77035dcfc9fec31a6221ad718.png


    After the unexpected alliance between Hiel, Rin and Chief Balrog, the Dark Energy emitting from the crater in Morocc has been sealed off! Workers have returned to the city of Morocc to rebuild their once wonderful city and they have made impressive progress! Houses have been restored and the ground has neutralized. This means that the event to help Hiel close the crater in Morocc has now ended.

    However, the work does not stop here! While a great deal of the city has been restored, there is an ongoing effort to restore the Morocc Castle to its former glory. The Desert City Restoration Committee is recruiting adventurers to help out with the work in the city and they reward everyone helping out with Morocc Merit Certificates to buy wonderful items. So be sure to check out the city of Morocc to see if there's something you can help out with. There is a daily limit of 5 missions you can take per person, so choose wisely as some missions reward you with more certificates than others!

    In the meantime, Hiel will continue his work on the Dimensional Device now that the dark energy has been sealed off. What could this bring for the future of Midgard..?


    Edited by GM Seiren

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