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  • July Patch | Old SQI Instances

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    Summer is here and TalonRO has a lot in stock for it! To start off, we have our usual monthly updates, the release of the old SQI instances as well as QoL features that will improve your gameplay experience. Expect more updates in the coming weeks. From events such as the Amazing Summer Race to forum and social media events. 

    In addition, our PvM content is jam-packed for the month of July, with BotN: Distortion Tower officially launching from this month onwards. Be sure to check out the thread here to secure a booking for the latest instalment to Battle of the Nine!


    First off, we'd like to make a short clarification on matters related to skill delays. For starters, to those players who were not aware, the skill delay time has always been set to 200ms for the past few years. During the previous maintenance, we initially changed this to 330ms due to complaints about players being able to use more than 3 skills per second, which was the assumed limit at the time. While this indeed was the case in the past, we quickly resolved this (within 2 days after last month's reboot) by lowering it again to 230ms, which is what the server is set to right now. The increase to 330ms was a mistake on our part, where we judged the situation too hastily. We apologize for this decision.

    So in this new situation, while it's still slightly higher than the initial 200ms, the 230ms delay is something that 95% of the population will not notice. If anything, it balances the playing field between low-ping players and high-ping players more, which we'd like to think is a good thing!

    We hope this clarifies some of the concerns everyone has been having!


    For the past few weeks, a lot of our reviews on RMS have expired and our rank is at risk of dropping from first place! Without sounding like a broken record, we can't stress enough the importance of our presence on RMS -- being our main source of advertisement.

    The staff team have been working extremely hard to release new content and reshape our older content. Although things are going great, we strongly believe things could get even better -- but we can’t do this alone. It is now time to reach out to you players to help the server grow. We get more than half of our players from Ratemyserver and your reviews are basically FREE advertisement for the server. The more players we get the more active the server will be -- PvM content, WoE, Battlegrounds and more people to socialize and enjoy TRO with. 

    All we ask from you is to take 5 minutes to write or renew your review at Ratemyserver.net. To the players that left a review more than three months ago, please renew it by deleting your old review and writing a new one. Things have changed drastically since half a year ago, so let us know how we are doing! And finally, if you've left a review in the last 3 months, please encourage your friends online to write a review. Thank you.




    While we may have revamped the SQI quest, we've always wanted to add the old SQI Seals back into the game. And not just the way they were, but fully instanced! So hereby we are glad to announce the release of Project S or in other words, the return of the seals!

    You can start these instances in Vanaheim by talking to Asmund at 251,162. Asmund is one of the High Vanir and he was prisoned during Haldur's assault on the realm. You see, Asmund's special ability is time warping, which was seen as a major threat to Haldur. Now that Vanaheim has been liberated, he is once again available to put his special skills to good use!  In this case he can help you revisit Nokrah's old shenanigans including the Manuk and Prontera Seals as well as the final battle in Yuno. For reasons beyond his understanding, the Niflheim Seal is not available, weird huh?

    For this maintenance, we have released the Manuk Seal and Prontera Seal. The final battle in Yuno will be implemented at a later time.

    Instance Details

    • You need to have unlocked the City of Vanaheim to access these instances. Talk to Asmund at Vanaheim 251,162 to start.
    • Parties for these instances are still to consists of 6 players.
    • Gameplay mechanics for the instances remain mostly the same as they were, including the time limits.
    • Each instance can be completed once per day so if you fail, you can just keep trying.
    • Each instance will reward you with Talon Cash as well as a new currency called Vanaheim Gold. The latter one can be used to purchase a variety of useful items near Asmund. And while the current selection of items is not bad, we will add more items to this selection in the near future!
    • Prontera Seal:
      • Gameplay should be identical to what it was before.
      • Players are dispelled the moment they enter the instance.
      • Ankle Snare and Spider Web are not allowed in this instance.
      • Reward: 50 Talon Cash and 100 Vanaheim Gold.
    • Manuk Seal:
      • Gameplay should mostly be identical to what it was before. We have added a variety of new map announcements when certain things happen during the instance. To start the instance while inside, the party leader should talk to the Valkyrie at spawn.
      • One major change is the so-called Berserk ModePreviously, when a player was put in Halion's Dream and failed to kill the monsters, both dragons would go in Berserk Mode, which boosted their ATK and INT. As this mode was kind of pointless due to tanks being required to be in Pneuma, we have changed the way this works. Instead of a boost to ATK and INT, the dragons now randomly become immune to either Ranged, Melee or Magic Attacks for 15 seconds.
      • Players are dispelled the moment they enter the instance.
      • Ankle Snare and Spider Web are not allowed in this instance.
      • Osiris Card no longer heals any SP when resurrected on this map.
      • Reward: 25 Talon Cash and 50 Vanaheim Gold.

    We hope you all enjoy these new instances. The Yuno Instance will be released soon as well as more additions to the city of Vanaheim! As these instances have been rewritten completely, there may be some unintended bugs. Please let us know if you find any, thank you!



    • New TamTam's Odyssey region: Amatsu, Gonryun, Louyang, Ayothaya Fields.
      • Does NOT include dungeon maps.
    • GMC Box Rotations:
      • Smiling Eyes Costume [21225]
      • Gift of Panagia Costume [21322]
    • Wave Challenge Box Rotations:
      • Flying Katashiro Costume [21588]
      • Hi-tech Headset Costume [21555]
    • Monthly Costume Box items:
      • Royal Cloak Costume [21773] [Lower]
      • Poring Basket Costume [21740] [Garment]
      • Walking Fluffy Cat Costume [21031] [Middle]
      • Heavenly Dark Flame Costume [20256] [Middle]
      • Roast Memory Costume [21072] [Upper, Middle, Lower]
      • Demon Crown Costume [21769] [Upper]
      • Celestial Helm Costume [21697] [Upper]
      • Glory Symbol Costume [21738] [Upper]
      • Souvenirs of Izlude Costume [20390] [Upper]
      • Cancer Crown Costume [21233] [Upper]
      • Rose Casquette Costume [20796] [Upper]
      • Bride's Flower Crown Costume [20958] [Upper]

    Limited Edition Costumes

    For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Musical Decoration Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! The nice weather in Rune Midgard makes you feel like singing when wearing this brand new Garment costume~

    Note: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones.







    • Merged various rAthena updates.
    • Updated some code in the back-end of the WoE scripts. This does not affect anything for players, but do please let us know if anything regarding WoE no longer function properly.
    • It's time to say goodbye to the Morocc Restoration Event. After many months of help, the citizens of Morocc should finally have enough materials to fully reconstruct their beloved city. Expect a fully reconstructed Morocc soon! The vending machines to exchange any leftover tokens will stay around for a little while longer.
    • Triple Inferno now uses its old warping mechanics when respawning, which is back to the front of your team's respawning room. However, a few seconds prior to the warp, a portal will appear that allows you to warp to a random spot instead, giving you two options to respawn.
    • GM Challenge and Ancient Tower now have a waiting time of 1.5 minutes before a player can return to the instance when disconnected. This is done to prevent players from using the return mechanic as an easy way to get resurrected. These rooms are purely designed for players who legitimately disconnected from the game.
      • The waiting time does not apply if the party is on the final floor.
    • Rogue Class can now equip Luna Bow [2] and Lunatic Brooch [1].
    • Autospells should no longer force a delay on the user.
    • WoE and Siege Potions (and their boxes) can now be stored in carts.
    • Removed Leak and Hardrock Mammoth from the Eden Bounty Board list as their spawn time make it hard to hunt for these.
    • Introduced a new item, similar to Special Bonbon, which boosts the intimacy of your Homunculus instead: Tasty Tree Branch. This currently can only be obtained from the above-mentioned Vanaheim instances.
    • Autospells which proc Sage Endow skills now use the level 4 skill as an absolute minimum in order to prevent the failure chance / weapon removal. By extension, this also gives them the level 4 duration as an added bonus! This affects the following currently available items:
    • The following weapons can now be enchanted at Malangdo:
    • Antique Book now casts Ganbantein on the target prior to using Pulse Strike.
    • Special Bonbon now prevents you from using it when you do not have a pet active.
    • Removed some account-bound pets from the Valkyrie Bazaar as they caused too much confusion.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug with Vending where sometimes the window would get stuck when a player tries to set up a vending shop.
    • Fixed a bug with Basilica where it would not cast when a Guild Aura skill was active on a guild leader character. In addition, it no longer checks for items on the ground, skills on the ground or pets/homunculi/mercenaries nearby.
    • Fixed Gertie Card not allowing you to use certain item-obtained skills such as Sight.
    • Fixed Spread Attack not working on certain maps.
    • Fixed a bug where Rifles did not have their damage calculated correctly. This should boost the damage of all Rifle weapons.
      • In addition, Rifles are now also affected by the Ring of Nibelungen and Drum on the Battlefield penalties as all the other ranged weapons are.
    • Fixed an exploit in Ancient Juperos where players could relog when they were in jail and warp back to the start of the map. Players are now automatically warped into jail when they relog to level 2.
    • Fixed several SQIs where instead of Non-Boss/Boss Resistance being applied, Damage was being applied. This affects Twin Fang, Scouter, and Hira Shurikat.
    • Fixed Heaven's Feather and Hell's Fire [2] and Altea & Ares [2] Bullet Reduction scripts from denying skill usages below the normal ammo requirement despite the script's reduction.
      • Example: Bullet Shower normal bullet count -> 5, Inventory Bullets -> 3, +8 Reduced amount -> 2, skill usage would be denied. Whereas now, it should be allowed as long as you have at least 2 bullets, etc.
    • Fixed Perfect Cloak/Hide bonus on Twin Fang and Sherwood allowing certain mobs to still use ground skills on you despite being unseen to the mob.
    • Fixed a bug in Ancient Tower where a player could join an instanced party after the instance was created, resulting in them not properly being processed within the instance.
    • Fixed Thunderstorm Cloud not adding a further autospell chance when using higher Lightning Bolt and Thunderstorm skill level. The hat has been updated to fix this issue with the following:
      • When learning either skill greater than level 5, it will now add 20 + skill level * 2. As opposed to before, where it simply added 10 + skill level, resulting in the same rate as before with level 10.
    • Description fixes:
      • Fixed Death Fire mentioning it gives 10% more damage when it doesn't.
      • Fixed Malangdo Snow Crab mentioning 20% long range attack boost rather than 10%.
      • Fixed description of Running skill mentioning a "+(10*SkillLV)% damage to the Kick skills" skill boost which is not the case. It does still have the regular ATK boost for each level you have invested in the skill.
      • Fixed Ice Falchion wrongly mentioning that Freeze happens when hit, rather than when attacking. Also fixed the mention of a 1% chance to freeze yourself. This is 0.1%.
      • Fixed Edge wrongly mentioning that the Curse chance is 3%. This is 0.3%.
      • Fixed all versions of Doom Slayer wrongly mentioning that Stun happens when hit, rather than when attacking.
      • Added rates of Bleeding status to Ygnus Stale description.
      • Added rates of Curse status to End Sektura description.
      • Added rates of Bleeding status and Joint Beat skill to Ivory Lance description.
      • Fixed Earthen Bow not mentioning that the Stone Curse chance is part of the combo with Stone Arrow.
      • Fixed Ivory Knife mentioning that the Bleeding status is cast on yourself. This should be on the enemy.
      • Fixed Bloody Shell wrongly mentioning that the External Bleeding chance is 5%. This is 1%.
      • Added missing External Bleeding chances to descriptions of all Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken.
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