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    June Patch | TTO, Monthly Box, Etc

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    Happy June everybody! We hope you are all ready for a great summer here on TalonRO! Our Monthly Maintenance includes a new TamTam's Odyssey region, a new Monthly Box and various bugfixes! We've also decided to impose a vending limit to see if this will free up the vending spots you're all craving for. On top of that, the Valkyrie Bazaar has been updated with a couple of unique new costumes which we're sure you'll enjoy! :)

    Lots of great things are on the way the coming months (only the most anticipated update in a long time, anyone? Starts with an S) which we hope you're looking forward to. We know we are, that's for sure!


    • The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Einbroch, including Einbech and Einbroch Dungeon.
    • GMC Box rotation:
      • Nidhogg Wig Costume [20730]
      • Lolita Two Side Up Costume [20971]
    • Wave Challenge Box rotation:
      • Clock Casket Costume [20709]
      • Kamima Baphomet_Horn Costume [20652]
    • There is now a forum-bound vending limit:
      • Players can now open a maximum of 3 vending stores.
      • Players can now open a maximum of 2 buying stores.
      • As always, using multiple forum accounts to circumvent this limit will lead to a permanent ban.
    • Added the latest Kahos and PCBs as customization options to the Reward Guru as well as the Talon Shop.
    • Fixed an exploit where BG stat foods would not dispel when logging out.
    • Fixed an exploit related to the Weapon Refine skill and pet eggs.
    • Fixed a potential bug in Ancient Tower where Valkyrie Herja would not transform into her second form. Please let us know whether this still happens.


    Limited Time Costume

    For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Fluttering Butterfly Costume at the Talon Shop! With spring coming to an end and summer starting soon, this will surely make you stand out! :) butterfly.gif



    This month's Costume Box contains a variety of new and classic costumes!

    • Wind Shard Costume [21448] A gust of wind flying around you. Note: while it may look like a Garment costume, this is in fact a Lower Headgear costume. Check out the Dressing Coach to see what it looks like!
    • Long Fairy Hair Blonde Costume [21153]
    • Clock Casket Costume [20709]
    • Open Air Headset Costume [20809]
    • Zombie Mask Costume [21327]
    • Suit Collar Costume [21423]
    • Khalitzburg Helm Black Costume [20890]
    • Taboo Curse Scroll Costume[20259]
    • Red Glasses Costume [21427]
    • Gemini Diadem Costume [21018]
    • Imp Hat Costume [21430]
    • Maiden Hat Costume [21424]


    Various updates have been added to the Battle of the Nine Instances and their related content:

    • The Knight of Lux NPC has been removed to make way for the revamped Elysian Garden.
    • New GM Box (Haru's) implemented in Valkyrie's Bazaar.
    • Nightmare Insignias have been removed.
    • New Elysian Shard item, which grants players an Elysian Key.
      • Note: the key is a rental item which expires after 14 days. Do not open the Shard until the new Elysian Garden has been opened!
    • Added Tier IV TamTam's Crate.
    • Added new Bazaar costumes:
      • Angel Scarf Costume (Orange, Red, Black) [21447, 21455, 21456]
      • Sword Relic Costume [21444]
      • Seraph Pinion Costume [21446]
      • Greater Dracul Horn Costume [20933]
      • Chung E Shinyon Cap Costume [20887]
      • Majestic Helmet Costume [20260]
      • Kamima Baphomet Horn Costume [20652]
      • Aria Headdress Costume [20656]


    As always, we have lots of amazing content on the way! Thank you all :) Stay safe, stay healthy!


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