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  • March Patch | SQI - Chiqita - BoTN

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    It's once again time for our Monthly Maintenance! With a new monthly costume box, TamTam's Odyssey region (Yuno), SQI instance updates and the much anticipated War of Valkyrja debut (PvM instance). We'll also be preparing some exciting Spring activities over the course of the next two months. As always, we’re delighted to add in a few new great additions for March as we endeavor to keep your experience fresh and fun!

    We’re looking forward to continuing our great stream of events, QoL updates, PvM/PvP innovations, and much more - but for now we hope that you’ll enjoy this month's jam-packed features, updates and PvM content.


    New Quest

    • Added a new quest to recolor the small ribbons item. Find Sonoko in Amatsu and give her any color Small Ribbons plus some other items to create fashionable new colors! You can also take these new versions to Chiqita to have them slotted! Big thanks to @GM Spicafor this wonderful addition.

    Chiqita NPC Update

    The most famous fashion designer, Chiqita, has been updated! She is now fully featured with item links and can now also add VIT and LUK enchants to your slotted mid-headgears!

    • The VIT version requires Contact Lenses[1]
    • The LUK version requires Sunglasses[1]

    New TamTam's Odyssey Region

    • Explore the sights of Yuno as you venture into its whimsical fields (minus Sleepers) and Kiel Robot Factory as part of this month's TTO region!

    New GMC Costume Rotation

    • Mic Stand Costume [21422]
    • Sinister Horn Costume [21548]

    New Wave Costume Rotation

    • Protection Crown Costume [20276]
    • Golden Violet Crown Costume [21255]

    Monthly Costume Box

    This month's costume box contains the following items:

    • Gallant Cape Costume [21694]
    • Walking Tiger Costume [21664]
    • Black Cat Backpack Costume [21551]
    • Scavenge Hat Costume [21700]
    • Wolf Masquerade Costume [20780]
    • Heart Wing Hairband Costume [21704]
    • Unicorn Helm Costume [20396]
    • Frill Collar Costume [21369]
    • Pisces Diadem Costume [21180]
    • Ship Captain Hat Costume [21715]
    • Fish Head Hat Costume [21709]
    • Jasper Crest Costume [21713]



    • The new MVP misc item drops now have custom artwork, thanks to @GM Haziel!
    • The Dimensional Gap now has a Kafra employee, to be used for storage, platinum skills and rental.
    • Birth of a God's Random Essence reward has been boosted from a 25% chance to a 35% chance.
    • Fixed the Wind Walk bonus on Artemis Bow.
    • Fixed a bug where cut-ins would not always disappear in the instances.
    • Ancient Juperos, Battle for Vanaheim, and Birth of a God now all have a return mechanic.
      • Unlike previous return mechanics, you will simply return to your save point. You must interact with Kvasir for Ancient Juperos & Battle of Vanaheim or the Forest Portal in Vanaheim for Birth of a God to enter them again.
      • You can re-enter these instances up to 2 times when leaving an instance.
      • You have up to 10 minutes to re-enter after leaving through logout, disconnection, or by leaving the map manually.
      • You can't re-enter the instance once the final boss has been defeated or if none of your party members are alive.
    • There is now a Random Essence Decay System when repeating the same instance(s) too many times.
      • The penalty rate is -7.5% each time that instance is repeated which is capped at 0% when it drops low enough.
        • For example: the first instance will give a 25% chance, the second time you complete it will give a 17.5% chance, the third time a 10% chance, etc.
      • There are two methods to removing the above penalty:
        • A reset on the penalty that occurs every week on Sunday night.
        • Every time you clear all 3 instances, the rates are reset back to defaults.


    • Layla's Emporium of Valkyrie's Bazaar has fallen back into a deep slumber. Expect her to return with some new goodies/valuables in the near future!
    • War of Valkyrja content is now live. To organize a date for the penultimate Battle of the Nine three-part episodic instance click here
    • Elysian Garden will reflect the latest BotN content and introduce new mobs spread across various maps
    • Added a new alias for @whodrops. You can now also use the shortcut @wd.
    • Fixed Platinum Shield and Staff of Geffen using the wrong level of Magic Mirror.
    • Various item description fixes on SQIs.

    As always, more to come!

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