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    May Patch | QoL and EXP Event!

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    May has arrrived on TalonRO - and we hope that you are enjoying a lovely spring in Midgard! As always, we’re delighted to add in a few new great features this month as we endeavor to keep your experience fresh and fun. We’re looking forward to continuing our great stream of events, updates, PvP innovations, and much more - but for now, we hope that you’ll enjoy this month's updates!


    We've decided to run another EXP event as a gesture of goodwill in these challenging times. Please note that the event does not apply to Eden Group. For a duration of two weeks, the Base and Job EXP rates will be 10x instead of the regular 8x!


    The May Monthly Costume Box is filled with a variety of brand new as well as older costumes. Please check the image above to get an impression and the list below for the ItemIDs to be used on the Dressing Coach (we know you all want to try them on beforehand!):

    • Brown Giant Cat Bag Costume [Garment] [21420]
    • Blue Wavy Long Hair Costume [21375]
    • Mic Stand Costume [21422]
    • Witch Manteau Costume [21326]
    • DJ Kitty Costume [21249]
    • Royal Guard Necklace Costume [21073]
    • Sigrun's Wings Costume [21426]
    • Blue Tinted Blinking Eyes Costume [21367]
    • Taurus Diadem Costume [21017]
    • Bell Ribbon Costume [21425]
    • Pirate's Pride Costume [21431]
    • Blue Mage Hat Costume [21428]



    Monthly Updates

    • The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Brasilis and Louyang, both fields and dungeon maps.
    • New GMC Box costume rotations:
      • Floating Ball Costume [21040]
      • Runaway Accelerator Costume [21325]
    • New Wave Box costume rotations:
      • Fluffy Angel Cape Costume [20951]
      • Golden Violet Crown Costume [21255]

    New Limited Edition Costume

    For a limited time, you can now obtain the [Visual] Magical Feather Costume from the Talon Shop. It's available for a week and in limited amounts for 6000 Talon Cash! This Upper Headgear Costume comes with an adorable hearts effect! magicalfeather.gif


    General Updates

    • Battlegrounds Updates:
      • Battlegrounds rounds now have a 15 second starting delay after reaching the minimum amount of players. This is done so that the game does not start immediately when the minimum amount of players have joined. More players are able to join in that 15 second delay, which will result in teams being more balanced than before.
      • Assassins now get a Poison Bottle guaranteed when restocking.
      • Added a way to check whether Happy Hour is enabled or disabled within the Battle Recruiter NPC.
      • Fixed not being able to use skills in Team Deathmatch restocking room.
    • Yggdrasil Berries and Yggdrasil Seeds now share a cooldown group, meaning that when either of them is on cooldown, you cannot use the other one either during that cooldown time.
    • Expanded vending spots in Lighthalzen by 50.
    • Comodo Carnival no longer shows up in the Last Warp menu.
    • Reverted Kaahi to pre-Iduna behavior:
      • Kaahi heals after being hit as opposed to before.
      • Kaahi has a 0.5 second timer after healing before it can heal again instead of every single hit.

    WoE Castle Rotation

    We have rotated the WoE castles to new interesting ones. As usual, economies have been transferred accordingly. Additionally, for the first time in years, the Schwarzwald and Arunafeltz castles have swapped. The Schwarzwald castle is now the Vanilla map while Arunafeltz is Unrestricted.

    • Nuernberg [aldeg_cas03] -> Neuschwanstein [aldeg_cas01]
    • Repherion [gefg_cas01] -> Mersetzdeitz [gefg_cas05]
    • Skoegul [prtg_cas04] -> Fadhgridh [prtg_cas03]
    • Scarlet Palace [payg_cas02] -> Bamboo Grove Hill [payg_cas05]
    • Skidbladnir [schg_cas05] -> Mardol [arug_cas01]
    • Cyr [arug_cas02] -> Andlangr [schg_cas02]

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a potential castle flag exploit in WoE:FE.
    • Fixed Bug Report where only Whirlwind Kick was procing with multiple Taekwon Kicks enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where copying levels of Water Ball above 5 would not have correct casting range.
    • Fixed Geiravor Partisan pet casting Dark Soul Strike on its owner instead of the enemy.
    • Fixed Enforcer Shoes adding SP cost instead of reducing it.
    • Fixed Enforcer Set adding Aftercast Delay instead of reducing it.
    • Fixed Novice False Eggshell not adding MaxSP + 80 like it's supposed to.
    • Eden Group Hat II now correctly displays that it has 0 weight in-game.
    • Pitch Dark Evil Druid Hat now properly displays that it has a slot in-game.
    • Fixed a variety of smaller issues behind the scenes. Please let us know if anything starts working incorrectly!


    Edited by GM Seiren

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