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    Melodia Haunted Festival

    GM Howl
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    Welcome to Melodia, home of Melodia Academy and the Haunted Festival ! Home to some of Midgard's most talented musicians, artists and and magicians, four houses serve to educate the students of Melodia Academy: Midgard's premier school for the magical arts. Created by two powerful wizards, Algo and Muse, and now led by their seventh generation descendants - the four house leaders, the students of Melodia Academy are hard at work using their talents to convert the charming town of Melodia for the annual Haunted Festival for Halloween!

    Melodia houses a dark secret underneath its charming town, however. Though the leaders of each house within Melodia Academy know of the town's dark secret, the students are blissfully unaware...until this very year, where a dark secret stirs deep within. Melodia Academy invites you to be part of this year's festivities: both to enjoy all that the town has to offer, but also to potentially defend the town and its students from what lurks below - and it will be up to you to fight for Melodia in this year's Halloween celebration: the Melodia Haunted Festival!


    Like Halloween celebrations of the past, this year's festival is action packed! However, the Melodia Haunted Festival presents an opportunity to experience an entirely new series of events, festivities, games, and goals! With an entirely new twist on a classic seasonal adventure, this year's festivities presents a unique opportunity to play together, challenge your fellow adventurers, and - as always - win some absolutely fantastic prizes!

    • Begin this year's Haunted Festival in the Academy Grounds of Melodia!
      • Speak with the Ferryman NPC in Prontera to enter.


    The Melodia Haunted Festival is, at its heart, a competition: four houses of noble origin serve the students of Melodia Academy. As such, the invitation to the haunted festival requires you to first be assigned to a house. There are four houses to choose from:

    • Windsor House - led by Remy
    • Guile House - led by Faa
    • Sorin House - led by Sola
    • Emure House - led by Sydo

    Each of the four houses of Melodia Academy are accepting applicants as well! In the grand tradition of Melodia Academy, all new adventurers are sorted into a house, and your goal is to first align yourself to one of the four houses to assist them in this year's festival by becoming an honorary student!special-house.png

    • Speak with Monny the NPC in Melodia Academy upon entry. Monny will enroll you into the Academy, and will ask you if you would like him to sort you into a house, or if you have a preference.
      • While your preferences will be weighed in, Melodia Academy is ultimately responsible for sorting you into a house, and will pick for you based on what he believes your capabilities can offer.
    • Note that your house assignment will apply to all characters within your master account. For the purposes of the Melodia Haunted Festival, we recommend consolidating your individual participation to one character - so you can maximize your earned points and prizes most effectively!
    • Note as well that the Festival does not take place within a normal city, but within the town of Melodia, which is normally hidden from the world during the school year! To access the event area, you will need to speak with the Ferryman NPC in Prontera.
      • Once here, you will need to choose a house.
      • Once this is done, you will have the option to warp to either Melodia or Melodia Academy.
      • You'll be able to walk to either Melodia or Melodia Academy from either place, but the warper will be able to drop you off at your desired location for convenience.


    In order to determine which of the houses reign supreme among the students of Melodia Academy, a series of competitions are hosted at specific time-based intervals. This is to allow each house to compete as individuals and as a team across a variety of challenges. In between competitions, you and your housemates will have the opportunity to pass the time away in microevents, such as the return of Blackjack, or embark on a longer house-specific progression quest!

    Activities rotate every hour during the Haunted Festival - and can include everything from festival-wide events involving all houses, or very specific monster or MVP challenges which will require collaborative effort between houses working together! The leaders of each house are eager to put the students through a variety of challenges and paces - requiring you to be ready for anything which comes at you! So suit up, gear up, and gather your friends together as you embark on competitions, quests, and challenges for points, tickets, and prizes! 

    However - lurking below this year's festivities is something far more sinister than just challenges and minigames. Dark energy seems to be returning to Melodia, and the grandmaster of the Melodia Academy - Saberoth - has cloistered himself away at the same time. This year's main quest will involve your work to learn more about the recent disturbances which seem to be cropping up in Melodia during this year's Haunted Festival, starting with a desire to locate a strange artifact...

    The Melodia Haunted Festival revolves around a series of three distinct activities:

    • Hourly Festival minigames
    • Individual microevents
    • House Quests & Specialty Adventures

    The Hourly Festival minigames rotate every hour, and may come from one of the following general types of minigames:

    • Town-wide minigames. These games involve the participation of players across all of the Festival map. Great timed events include the return of favorites such as Simon Says, Simon Sequence, and Poring Seek.
      • You'll encounter these games one at a time - and once the time is up, game progress will finish and team + individual points will be tallied! You'll also have a chance here to earn individual prize tickets as well.
    • Limited capacity minigames. The Halloween Challenge, Zombie Run, and Devil's Claw Machine represent offerings of minigames where participation in the hour is limited to those who are able to sign up first! Rounds have been expanded in terms of capacity and speed to accommodate a significant number of players, but participation will be limited!
      • For those players who aren't able to make the hourly deadline and capacity for a given event, there are other great options available through the House Quest or other activities.
    • Hunting minigames. No time in Melodia would be complete without having an opportunity to put your skills to the test!
      • When games of the hunting variety are open for the hour, suit up and get ready to go monster hunting - you may select to enter Vanilla or Unrestricted mode at your own choosing!
      • To enter the hunting grounds, head to the Staircase next to Zarevok in Melodia Academy.
      • Be careful to watch out for those MVPs, too! A few will spawn during the minigame, but killing them will be well worth the points as well as drops!
      • Gather up as many goodies and points as you can in this special area. All monsters will die when the hour time is up, and the team which accrued the most kills within the hour will win additional points!
    • MVP defense minigames. The houses of Melodia Academy won't always face against one another! The housemasters have called upon their most fiendish friends to assist in another special type of hourly minigame, the MVP defense!
      • When this event begins, one team will be responsible for keeping their Dark Sorcerer MVP alive as long as possible, while the opposite team will be on the offensive - trying to find and kill the other team's Dark Sorcerer!
      • Houses will be paired together in a 2 v 2 house competition! Houses will be divided into two teams, and given a unique costume to temporarily distinguish themselves so you know who is on which team!
      • If you are on the defensive team, every minute your team's MVP is alive will earn points along with spawned Treasure Chests! If you can find and break those chests open for your team, you'll earn individual points for your team plus an opportunity to earn yourself some wonderful Red Festival Tickets!
      • Meanwhile, the team on the offensive should focus on finding and killing the other team's MVP (and steer clear of cracking open treasure chests - as that will cause your team to lose points!).
      • If the offensive team successfully kills the MVP that hour, the roles will switch and the Dark Sorcerer will appear for the winning team, switching them from offense and now into defense!
      • Each defensive team earns points through two methods: keeping your MVP alive, and finding/opening Treasure Chests. The offensive team will want to kill the other team's MVP as fast as possible so they can be in defensive mode and thus start earning points!
    • Individual Microevents. A great way to pass the time in between hourly games! Play Blackjack or Guess The Number, or speak with any of the festival goers to learn more about the Melodia Haunted Festival - and what other surprises and scares might lurk in store!
    • Main House Quests & Specialty Adventures. Once you've been assigned to a house team, you'll have the option to embark upon a new quest.
      • Each respective house leader will be able to help you get started, and each quest contains multiple parts and sections to earn both a special headgear and also access to further activities!
      • Complete various sections of the evolving quest to advance your house's team to further glory!
      • Plus, other exciting events may unfold as the Festival progresses, including events related to the action stirring forth within Melodia - including the installment of a special new instance dungeon which will offer exciting challenges, thrills, and prizes!


    Points and Tickets are how the Haunted Festival keeps track of performance. In order to see which of the houses will win in this year's competition, the work of each alliance will contribute into a total point system during the Haunted Festival to see which house reigns at the top! Each minigame, microevent, and House Quest will earn you points and/or tickets.

    • Points go toward settling the competition between each of the rival houses for team awards, while Red Festival Tickets reward you for individual contribution and can be applied toward prizes.
      • For example, monsters during the Hunting Minigames may drop Festival Tickets as items, but the team member who kills the monster will be credited with the house points.
      • Alternatively, specialty adventures may reward you with tickets, but possibly not team points depending on the nature of the mission - especially if there is any danger around the corner!

    House Points contribute toward determining which of the four houses will win this year. Every point may be awarded to either an individual player on a team while in the midst of an event, or distributed to the entire team when an event is won at the end of the allotted hour. In order to keep the fires of competition stoked magically hot, the Melodia Academy registrar will be keeping a record of the scores hidden until the end of the Haunted Festival, when the winning house and runner-up house will be announced!

    The four houseleaders have also agreed to award special honorary degrees to the thirteen (13) most intrepid adventurers who have helped to settle this year's tie. Individual prizes will be handed out to winners of various minigames who have demonstrated that their skills are on par with the best-in-class students of each house! Those individuals with the most points at the end of the entire Haunted Festival will be announced and receive a special, exclusive prize!

    Red Festival Tickets, as mentioned earlier, can be accumulated and traded in for a wide array of wonderful prizes this year! Only one type of ticket - the Red Festival Ticket - exists in the Festival, and this will be the ticket you'll want to collect! Earn these tickets throughout multiple events in the Festival, and trade them at the Festival to earn a variety of wonderful and magical prizes from the house leaders as thanks for participating in this year's Festival. What secret items will you collect from earning tickets in this year's Festival? There's only one way to find out!

    • The Haunted Festival features two distinct methods of performance tracking: Points and Tickets.
      • Points are used to determine which house will win in this year's Melodia Haunted Festival. At the end of the Festival, the house with the most amount of points will win the Festival, and all players who are aligned with that house will receive a special team prize!
        • Players can earn points on behalf of their team by participating in any of the hourly rotating minigames.
        • Points can be earned either based on individual performance during a minigame (e.g.: killing a monster during the Hunting Minigame), or when a team wins an entire game at the end of an hour by earning the most points (e.g.: the team with the best defense time in MVP Defense).
          • Performing well in each of the minigames will earn you points - so the more you participate, the more likely it is that you'll earn more points!
          • Every point awarded will be mentioned to either the player receiving the points, or to the entire team / map when points are not player-specific, such as winning a town-wide minigame.
        • Overall point scores for each house will be tallied, but kept hidden throughout the event. The winning house will be announced at the end Haunted Festival to keep the suspense running high!
      • Red Festival Tickets can be earned throughout the minigames and microevents this year, allowing you to save them up and trade in for fantastic Haunted Festival prizes.
        • You can earn these tickets through a variety of methods in each of the minigames or microevents, or in the Labyrinth event. These tickets are character-bound, and there is only one type of ticket available this year: the Red Festival Ticket.
        • You may exchange these tickets with a special prize NPC in the center tent of Melodia, who can help you exchange these tickets for fantastic prizes and mentioned down below!
    • Special Academy Degree award prizes for top individual performers will be handed out at the end of the Haunted Festival as well, in addition to a winning house.
      • Note that top-performance is character driven - so to compete in this area, we recommend participating in the Haunted Festival using a single character of your choice, as points are not tallied across all characters in your master account.
      • Overall, thirteen (13) players will win for top performance in each of the following categories:
        • The top-three (3) Town-Wide minigame / Limited Capacity minigame winners by accumulated points.
          • Performance will be based on the number of points accumulated on your character for: Simon Says, Simon Sequence, Poring Seek, Halloween Challenge, Zombie Run, and Devil's Claw Machine. Points accumulated through Blackjack will NOT count toward this individual performance total.
        • The top-three (3) Hunting minigame killers by accumulated points:
          • Performance is based on the number of monsters killed during this minigame, with MVPs counting for substantially more points.
          • This score is cumulative across both Vanilla and Unrestricted modes, so both Headmasters highly recommend playing in both versions to earn the maximum amount of points in this category!
        • The top-three (3) MVP Defense Treasure Chest breakers by the number of chests opened during the minigame.
          • Performance is based on the number of Treasure Chests opened while you are playing on defense (remember that opening Treasure Chests while on offense will cause you to *lose* points!).
          • Keeping the MVP alive while on defense will contribute points toward your house score, while opening Treasure Chests will contribute points toward your individual performance scores in the Degree awards.
        • The single fastest party of four (4) in the Labyrinth when this minigame is made available.
          • Be on the lookout for the Labyrinth minigame during the Haunted Festival. You'll be able to form parties of four (4) players for this minigame.
          • The party of four (4) with the fastest completion time in the Labyrinth will win a Degree Award this year as well!
    • Overall, the winning house will win from a best-of-three score card across three distinct categories:
      • The house with the highest cumulative point scores across all events, and with all players.
      • The house who won the most hourly games overall in various minigames.
      • The house whose members have the most individual Degree Award recipients (there are 13, so that way there are no ties!)
    • Additionally, there will be a runner-up house which will also receive a prize!


    Competition games are the essence of the Haunted Festival! The four houses this year are eager to see who among them will win in this year's festival, so the competition is heating up. This year's series of games are certain to involve creative problem solving, strategic force, and intrepid bravery - with each game designed to test a variety of skills and proficiency. This year's offerings are summarized below - but be certain to try them all to not only experience the full range of the Haunted Festival, but to also earn points for your house and to earn tickets for yourself!

    We hope that you enjoy this year's offerings and games - and we hope that you'll emerge as one of this year's Degree Award winners!

    • Blackjack & Guess the Number
      • The Melodia Haunted Casino is open for business! Play special party-based rounds of Blackjack rotating alongside a haunted Guess the Number minigame. Strike it rich for your opportunity to win tickets!
      • This microevent will be available during the Festival, and recommended for when you're waiting in between hourly rounds of other events!
    • Simon Says
      • Copy the movements exactly as ordered - or else, you're out! Be sure to follow the instructions carefully in this minigame which is harder than it looks. If you win, points and tickets await - plus the house with the most wins will win additional team-wide points!
    • Simon Sequence
      • You've obeyed Simon, but can you find all the Simons in this meta-Simon experience?! If so, follow the sequence closely and run around the Festival for a chance to earn for you and your house.
    • Poring Seek
      • Mischievous Porionettes roam around the Festival when this minigame begins - can you be the one to kill the most within five minutes? You'll race against the clock and one another to see who will win the round, plus the house with the most wins will win additional team-wide points!
    • Halloween Challenge
      • Even the students of Melodia Academy recall this classic Halloween game involving candy - a favorite! Fight through traps and snares and pitfalls as you work your way to collect points and tickets in this particularly challenging minigame.
    • Zombie Run
      • Survive against a horde of zombies, where your death is your house's biggest threat! Evade zombies in a successive round and win points and tickets along the way. Be certain to stay alive - since healing is off the table on this event! When you hear the cackle of Nightriff, you had best run as fast as you can!
        • Note: Entering Zombie Run with either a mercenary or homunculus will result in your automatic ejection from the event. Mercenaries nor homunculi can be summoned during gameplay in Zombie Run.
    • Devil's Claw Machine
      • The devil's claw descends from below, grabbing up participants as it goes! Can you outlast the explosive grip of the Devil's Claw as it targets players across a limited area? If so, then you'll be rewarded for your efforts!
        • Note: Entering the Devil's Claw Machine with either a mercenary or homunculus will result in your automatic ejection from the event. Mercenaries nor homunculi can be summoned during gameplay in Devil's Claw Machine.
    • Monster Hunting
      • Embark on a courageous monster hunt on behalf of your house and earn tickets and points! This year, each monster hunting map will be purely PvM as you fight against various Halloween-themed monsters.
      • When the Monster Hunting minigame opens, it will open in both Vanilla and Unrestricted mode, and you can choose which to take on. Points and tickets for these modes will be the same, so we encourage you to try out both sometime!
    • MVP Defense
      • Guard your MVP and find treasure chests when in defensive mode, or go on the hunt to fight the opposing team's MVP in offensive mode. The longer your MVP stays alive, the more points your house will earn. Team functions switch when an MVP is killed, meaning that the old defensive team will become the new offense in the next round, and so on!
    • House Quest
      • Embark on a quest for your house to grant you a special headgear and access to the instance dungeon. A great experience awaits you, which is perfect for passing the time in between hourly minigame rounds!
      • Begin your house's respective quest by speaking with your respective housemaster.
    • The Labyrinth
      • Once open, the Labyrinth is the home of some truly foul magic and energy, and it will be up to you and your friends to follow Kirkena's suggestions as you navigate through the challenge.
      • The goal of the Labyrinth is to guide your party of four through the maze as fast as possible successfully!
    • MVP Instance dungeon
      • This year, an all-new instance dungeon awaits you as the hardest part of this year's festival. Embark on a journey to learn more about the dark forces stirring within Melodia as part of this season's most difficult quest!
      • The instance will feature some of the Haunted Festival's most unique rewards - so it is not to be missed, even though it will be challenging!


    It wouldn't be a proper Haunted Festival without some wonderful prizes! In addition to settling the score between the various houses, the degree ceremony will come at the end of the Festival - and until then, every point earned for your house will count toward your total score.

    Halloween wouldn't also be complete unless there were prized Trick or Treat Boxes as well! This year's ToT Boxes have been revamped with a new look - and new items with reduced junk items rates that make this year's bags some of the best yet! Earn these bags in a number of ways, including through tickets, speaking with NPCs, and much more! What will you get inside of your bags this year?

    Finally, earning Red Festival Tickets this year will allow you access to a wide range of fantastic prizes, including new costumes and fantastic assorted prizes! With only a single ticket type to keep track of, your tickets will add up into some wonderful prizes during the Haunted Festival. What you'll earn is up to the effort you put in, and a little bit of Halloween magical luck!

    • Trade in your Red Festival Tickets at the Halloween Prizes NPC in the for any of the following amazing prizes:
      • Trade six (6) Red Tickets in for a Trick or Treat Box!
        • Note: Trick or Treat Boxes are account-bound, as they were last year, however its contents can mostly be traded.
      • Trade fifty (50) Red Tickets for your chance at winning one of six new, exclusive costumes! On top of that you can choose to go for last year's costumes, too!
        • Note: these costumes are account-bound items.
      • Trade a hundred (100) Red Tickets in for a Bloody Branch!
        • Trade in a single (1) Red Ticket for a Dead Branch as well
    • Completing this year's House Quest will also yield the possibility for an exciting prize!
      • Quest completion will give a special new Pitch Dark Evil Druid Hat [0] upon successful completion!
        • Note: this hat is account-bound.
        • Note: this hat can not be worn in Vanilla WoE/PvP but can be worn on Vanilla event maps.
        • Item details:
          • Spoiler


            • Crafted by Demons specifically for the Dark Lord. Has several powers stored from Dark Lords of past generations. Hidden abilities are unlocked with certain Mid Headgears.
            • Increase EXP gained from non-boss monsters by 4%.
            • STR + 3, INT + 3, AGI + 3, DEX + 3
            • [+ Evil Wing Ears [0] or [1]]
            • STR + 1, ATK + 5%
            • [+ Angel Wing Ears [0] or [1]]
            • STR + 1, ASPD + 3%
            • [+ Peco Ears [0] or [1]]
            • AGI + 1, Flee + 5
            • [+ Black Frame Glasses [0] or [1]]
            • INT + 1, MATK + 2%
            • [+ Dark Blinder [0] or [1]]
            • DEX + 1, Flee + 5
            • [For every refine]
            • MDEF + 1



      • Plus, every completion gives a slight chance to also receive a special Bandit Pet!
        • Note: this egg item is account-bound.
    • A special prize will also go to all adventurers who are affiliated with the winning houses this year! This year, the Top 2 houses will win a prize! Naturally, the greatest prize goes to the top house:
      • The house that places first will win a Blessing of Angels Costume (account-bound)
      • The house that comes in second will win a Black Wing Costume (account-bound)
    • In recognition of outstanding efforts, each of this year's thirteen Degree recipients will receive an incredible two special prizes:
      • Deviling Pet (not account-bound!)- considerably rare, this pet is sure to let everyone know that you're a powerful student of Melodia!
      • Your choice of MVP Card!
        • Cards eligible for this prize are those currently available from the Reward Guru
        • Maya Purple is furthermore excluded from this list


    This year's Melodia Haunted Festival has many new and exciting features and challenging minigames - which is why we want to make sure you're aware of all of this year's important rules, guidelines, and dates so you can make the most of your adventure! Be sure to review the list below so that you're well prepared for all of this year's rules and processes - and we hope that you have an incredible and memorable time in Melodia!

    • To begin in the Melodia Haunted Festival, speak with the Ferryman NPC in Prontera.
      • From there, he will warp you into either Melodia or Melodia Academy. This is where the Festival is taking place.
    • You will be able to have some say in choosing your house, but the Academy will make the ultimate decision. Once sorted into a house, this will be your affiliation for the duration of the Festival.
      • To be sorted into a house, speak with Monny the NPC in Melodia Academy. Upon enrollment into the Academy, Monny will ask you if you would like him to sort you into a house, or if you have a preference.
        • Furthermore, this affiliation will be applied to your entire Master Account, and all characters within your Master Account who participate in the Haunted Festival will share in this affiliation.
        • The use of multiple Master Accounts during this event, or possession of such multiple accounts at anytime on TalonRO, is forbidden and is a ban-worthy offense per TalonRO's server rules.
    • The hourly minigames will rotate and be available every hour, including during other standard offerings, such as GMC hours, War of Emperium, and other regularly scheduled events.
      • The Labyrinth minigame, MVP instance dungeon, and main house quest series are exempt of the hourly rotation.
    • Accessing the MVP instance access requires a King's Soul Stone item once this is available to you after completing the main house quest.
      • This item drops from Halloween MvPs, or via other miscellaneous methods.
    • Entering either the Devil's Claw Machine or Zombie Run with either a mercenary or homunculus will result in your automatic ejection from the event.
      • Mercenaries and Homunculi cannot be summoned during gameplay in either Devil's Claw or Zombie Run.
    • A status bulletin board is available in both Melodia and Melodia Academy to remind you of your house affiliation, as well as a readout of what the current hourly minigame will be (or the next one, if one is currently not in progress).
      • The colors of the game type correspond to color-themed map markers, available on your minimap.
      • The board also features some fun news and weather across Melodia (just pack accordingly if you see any dangerous activity!)
    • Melodia Academy recommends participating this year on a single character, selected from your available characters in your Master Account. This is so that you have the best chance of consolidating points to be one of the 13 Degree Recipients!
      • Moreover, Red Festival Tickets are character-bound - and so it is recommended that you earn Tickets using a single character throughout the duration of the event.
      • Many of this year's prizes are account-bound as well, including Trick or Treat Box, costumes, and many prizes obtained through the event. The only way to obtain these exclusive events is to participate, allowing everyone the chance to earn wonderful prizes no matter your zeny status!
    • Finally, the Melodia Haunted Academy will end on Sunday, November 18th, and within a few days after that, the winning house will be announced, along with this year's house prizes and Degree Award recipients!

    We sincerely hope that you enjoy the magic, frights, and wonder of the Melodia Haunted Festival - which is our delight to offer to you in this Autumn season! We're looking forward to the month ahead as we come into December, but we hope this will make for a very memorable and fun November! Thank you as always for your support of TalonRO, and as always, happy gaming!

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