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    Mid-February Patch | V-day & More!

    GM Lance
    • Patch Notes


    Our Mid-February maintenance update has arrived! We're excited to release this year's CNY Event with rewards to boot. Our annual Valentine's Day Quest makes a hearty return featuring a new costume designed by our talented GM Haziel! The thrilling debut of Ancient Tower will also be arriving to TalonRO beginning of March, where players can party up to face the challenges that await them in this 30 stage gauntlet.

    We hope that you enjoy the latest updates and content releases. Be sure to read below for more details on all of this month's features, as always, happy gaming!


    A new lunar zodiac cycle begins as the old one ends, with the Rat being the first lunar zodiac in the twelve-year cycle. With that, TalonRO is proud to present the Lunar New Year 2020 festival by celebrating the Year of the Rat with a unique event like no other!

    As a gesture of celebration, the age-old Jade Emperor has opened up the heavenly Jade Palace for adventurers to visit for a limited time. The Jade Palace houses the lunar spirits as well as other deities. Simply talk to the Heavenly Guard at Prontera to request an entrance to the Jade Palace.

    Lunar New Year event this year features the Rat Deity as the main character of the lunar quest. Embark on the seasonal quest by greeting the Jade Emperor first and opportune yourself to travel to many other places around the world to fulfill what is tasked of you.

    Find out more by visiting the Lunar New Year Event thread.


    Follow Poringa as she searches for her perfect blobby bachelor! The quest will set you on an expedition in finding the hearts of many rings scattered throughout cities across Rune Midgard. Are you up for the challenge in finding Poringa's one true blob? 


    This quest comes with many Bachelor Porings, scattered around all cities! Find them all to hunt for ingredients for your quest. If you play the game well, you might just end up with an non-bound unique costume and pet!



    Return of Fortune Teller Estellise

    Additionally, we'd like to announce the return of Fortune Teller Estellise! She has a problem this Valentine's Day: her adoring husband, Senel, has gone missing once more! Senel is an adventurer in a well-known research guild, but his most recent expedition has taken him to the far reaches of Midgard's most dangerous places. With your help - you can help reunite this couple through love...and you might just discover the power of love for yourself!

    This Valentine's Day quest begins in Hugel at Estellise's House. The quest that you'll embark upon requires many steps and a lot of searching to find Senel and discover more about his research. To truly unlock this year's secrets, you may need someone else's help to complete the quest to get the perfect ending version. There's more than one way to end this quest! There's no fooling these two though - they will know true partnership when they see it.

    Completing this year's quest will gift you one of four wonderful costume prizes! What the costumes will be is known to those who played previous years - but we're sure there are many of you who have yet to collect them or even get more of them! You'll also receive some EXP as well for completing the quest, and possibly another small, fun surprise!

    Please note: due to the design of this event, the costumes are account-bound.


    As is tradition, letter sender Lizzie will be available in Estellise's house as well, allowing you to send love letters to your loved one or crush! Not to worry, the letters are anonymous, so if you want to keep your identity a secret, you can do so!

    Q: What do you mean by having to work with another person?

    A: There may be a point in the quest where you'll have to get the help of someone also doing this quest - you'll be sure to figure out when and where if you get there. This means that you'll have to get the help of another real, live, different person! After all, it's Valentine's Day, right?

    Q: Can the other person be someone who shares my IP connection (in the same house, at the same internet cafe, etc.)?

    A: Of course! You can get the help of someone who lives with you, if you share the same IP connection, etc. However, they will have to be someone other than yourself - and Estellise and Senel will know if it's just you in disguise! Then again...you could always try and fool them and see what happens...!

    The Valentine's Day event and celebration concludes on February 23, 2020 midnight server time.



    General Updates

    • Cheese Cracker in Mouth can now be equipped by Novice.
    • Slightly moved coordinates for Geffen Lottery NPC.
    • The Sign Quest now has overweight checks on some of the NPCs.

    Bug Fixes

    • Corrected Plagiarism NPC setting incorrect skills.
    • Reno's Catalog is now more clear that Improved Phantom Opera Mask requires a Phantom Opera Mask.
    • Unidentified Slotted Ring, Earring, Brooch, Necklace, Glove, and Rosary now correctly display that they are 10 weight instead of 20.
    • Erde Mace's description has been fixed to match its intended heal script: "Increases healing effectiveness of Heal, Sanctuary, and Potion Pitcher by 10%".
    • Salvage Cape no longer reduces your HP on equip.
    • Wizardry Staff should now be enchantable at Malangdo.
    • Fixed Free Cast Increasing ASPD instead of decreasing ASPD like it's supposed to.


    Edited by GM Lance

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