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    New Client | LGP, PartyBuff and More!

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    After a considerable amount of testing and fine tuning, the latest client update is now available to all players! We are thrilled to showcase some of the latest changes/additions to the UI along with several features that will further enhance your experience when playing on TalonRO! 

    We hope you enjoy these new features, along with some exciting future planned content and development updates as we progress into 2020. As always, happy gaming!


    First off, as always, run your TalonPatch in order to use the new client. If you do not do that, you will be unable to login. If you are unable to patch, please download our latest installer to make your TalonRO installation up-to-date.

    Here is a list of new features and changes that the new client brings:

    • For starters, the new client requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the new Character Select window.
    • The Character Select window has been completely revamped. You can now see all the characters of your account in one easy window.
    • With the revamp of the Character Select window, the Character Creation window has also been revamped. You can now more easily select your desired hairstyle and hair color.
    • The Quest Log has received a major overhaul:
      • The window is now much more simplified with only three tabs: Active Quests, Disabled Quests and Highlights. Highlights function as a way for us to showcase important content while the other two are more important for your gameplay.
      • The new window now allows us to display a lot more important information such as: Item Rewards, EXP Rewards, NPC locations and Navigation coordinates, sprite display, et cetera.
      • You can disable the on-screen quest display per quest, so that you will only see the quests you are actively working on.
    • Kafra Storage now has a special tab for Costumes.
    • You can now sort your Kafra Storage by Default, Ascending and Descending.
    • More skill buffs now have Status Icons on your screen, such as Bard and Dancer songs!
    • A Tip Box. While this feature is not finished yet, this will offer a variety of new features to help newer players learn the game. Expect updates to this in the near future.
    • This client features various bug fixes which will improve your quality of life in-game. Most notable will be the party window issues such as the icon display as well as on-screen member boxes not being locked in position properly.
    • With this client, a brand new command has been added: @lgp, which stands for Lite Graphics Plugin.
      • This command allows you to display things such as your cast radius, viewing distance as well as simplified effects for certain AoE skills. The major benefit of this is that you can now play without effects on and still be able to see skill casts. We believe this not only benefits PvP gameplay but also regular PvM.
      • It comes with a new file in your tRO folder called plugin.ini. You can use this file to edit a variety of settings for the @lgp command, such as colors and transparency.
      • Start the command by typing @lgp. Keep in mind that currently this command only works from the main chat bar, not in a PM window or with something entered in the whisper box. It will also not work through !lgp, only through @lgp.
      • Use @square on/off/1-14 to enable/disable/change the size of the Square around your character.
      • Use @circle to toggle the circle around your character.
      • Use @aoes to toggle the display of AoE skills such as Storm Gust, Magnus Exorcismus, et cetera.
      • For a full guide on how to use this command, please check out the LGP Guide!
    • An unfortunate downside of the new client is that for unknown reasons, the Player Amount was removed from the server select upon login. We will compensate for this by fixing up the player count in the patcher in the near future.

    New command: @partybuff

    Along with the new client, we would also like to introduce a brand new Bonus Bundle command: @partybuff. This command allows you to see the Buff Status of your party members within either the Party Window or the small on-screen display. It works by putting a buff display in front of the player names. The command currently can display the following buffs:

    • Blessing (B)
    • Increase Agility (A)
    • FCP (F)
    • Soul Link (S)
    • Devotion (+)

    In particular for support classes, this will make it much easier to see which of your party members needs to be rebuffed! We are currently looking into ways to expand this command to support more buffs, but for the time being we hope you enjoy this initial release. :)

    New limited edition costume

    For a limited time, you can purchase the One-winged Feather Costume from the Talon Shop at a cost of 7,500 Talon Cash. This limited edition costume will surely steal the show!


    All in all, we hope you enjoy all the new features of this client. Please let us know about any issues you might get!

    Happy Gaming~


    Edited by GM Seiren

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