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    November Patch | General Updates

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    November is here, so it's once again time for our Monthly Maintenance! As we've been doing quite a few reboots lately, it's only a small reboot this time.

    With Halloween being out of the way, we can start spending more time on new content! Expect Battlegrounds to be released soon, as well as a brand new client, which will surely improve your QoL!

    For now, enjoy our updates~


    • Our new TamTam's Odyssey region is: Glast Heim.
      • Exceptions: GH Prison, GH Churchyard and the Stings map.
    • Due to instability issues, the @sginfo command has been disabled for the time being.
    • Rebirth Spirit has been reverted to legacy behavior where stats are now fixed at 50 until over base level 69 or the base stat exceeds 50.
    • GMC Box rotation:
      • Dragon Turtle Hat Costume (20258)
      • Lady's Feather Hat Costume (20268)
    • Wave Box rotation:
      • Majestic Helmet Costume (20260)
      • Shelter Wing Ears Costume (20261)




    • General
      • Halloween 2019 Secret Red Orb exchange expanded with even more possible rewards.
    • Racas Forest
      • Zarevok now correctly mentions that Borg The Destroyer rewards 1,000 House Points on kill, not 5,000.
      • Guitrawr Solo now has a 0.5 second cast time when casting Dispell, making it possible to interrupt and predict.
    • Shadow Tag
      • There is now a doctor NPC in the locker room in the Melodia Manor above where Sir Barrett is located.
    • The Amazing Ragna Race
      • Boosters and random Ankle Snares should no longer spawn in the starting holding area.
      • More random Ankle Snares now spawn on the track.
      • Lightning Bolt Item Chest power
        • Now properly dispels any existing speed boosts before lowering overall speed.
        • 1st place racer now gets a slightly higher speed reduction by it.
      • Horong Boosters
        • Now individual cooldown based instead of global cooldown. This should fix extremely easy advantages with the booster.
        • 1st place now gets less of a speed boost from the booster.



    • Morroc Kid Servant Costume (21022)
    • Halloween Cat Long Hair Costume (21280)
    • Halloween Cat Short Hair Costume (21281)
    • Loli Ruri Moon Costume - Garment Slot (21282)
    • Disguise Mantle Costume (21279)
    • Sleeping Sheep Costume (21211)
    • Savage Babe on Shoulder Costume (21285)
    • Der Meisterpinsel Costume (21151)
    • Scorpio Crown Costume (21298)
    • Wanderer's Sakkat Costume (21310)
    • Deviruchi Headphones Costume (20681)
    • Boys Cap Costume (20499)


    Edited by GM Seiren

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