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  • November Patch | Halloween

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes



    Halloween festival is here, albeit a little late.  The entrance to Melodia, home of the magical Melodia Academy has once again been opened! This year, we have visitors in town! A rival school, Cuisinia Academy, is visiting for a few weeks of friendly competition. Lots of games, competitions and quests alike can be enjoyed at Melodia throughout the Haunted Festival.

    Along with the Halloween event, we've completed our November monthly maintenance, which includes our usual Monthly Box, TamTam's Odyssey and more!




    Monthly Updates

    First things first, we have our usual Monthly Updates for you to enjoy:

    • Our new TamTam's Odyssey region is: Glast Heim.
      • Exceptions: GH Prison, GH Churchyard and the Stings map.
    • GMC Box Rotations:
      • Floating Ball Costume [21040]
      • Wonder Egg Basket Costume [21656]
    • Wave Challenge Box Rotations:
      • Rainbow Sigrun Costume [23001]
      • Stall of Angel Costume [20847]
    • New Monthly Box:
      • Ghostring Tall Hat Costume [20657] [Upper]
      • Loli Ruri Moon Costume [21282] [Garment]
      • Flying Katashiro Costume [21588] [Lower]
      • Duo Color Hair Costume [21875] [Lower]
      • White Cat On Shoulder Costume [21858] [Middle]
      • Bloody Bandage Costume [21873] [Middle]
      • Astrologer Hood Costume [21778] [Upper]
      • Forest Guide Costume [21122] [Upper]
      • Night Spell Hat Costume [21597] [Upper]
      • Gorilla Mask Costume [20706] [Upper, Middle, Lower]
      • Popping Popcorn [21132] [Upper]
      • Scorpio Crown Costume [21298] [Upper]
      • Assassin Skull Mask Costume [21129] [Middle, Lower]



    Limited Edition Costume

    For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Magic Circle Blue Costume at the Talon Shop for 6000 Talon Cash! This glowing visual effects costume will make you stand out as a strong magic user among the Melodia citizens! It goes in your Garment slot. The item will go on sale around 6am server time!

    During the Halloween Event you will also find several former Halloween-y visual effects costumes show up in the shop for a short duration!

    Disclaimer: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. Additionally, keep in mind that these visual effects only show up when effects in-game are enabled.





    Our Halloween Event will start from today until November 16th. For all the event information, please go to the dedicated event topic!



    • Lowered healing of Juicy Mango from 100~400 to 100~200.


    • Fsh 2
    • No1 1
    • Sob 1

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