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  • November Patch | Monthly updates

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    Our Halloween Event, Melodia: Parade of Melody is in full swing! The four Houses are in a fierce battle to find out which House comes out on top this year. Check the event topic for more information!

    This maintenance does a couple of updates to the Halloween Event and introduces the usual Monthly Maintenance updates such as Monthly Box, TamTam's Odyssey and more!



    As the event progresses, we are doing some tweaks here and there to improve the events. In the days after the event launch, we already pushed in some fixes here and there, but with this reboot there are a couple of extra updates.

    Updates with this reboot:

    • As some of you know, we already have House Channels on our Discord server, but with this reboot we now also have House Global Channels in-game! If you are enrolled in a house, the game should automatically put you in your House's global channel. You are not able to join any of the other House channels! The channels are as follows:
      • #windsor
      • #guile
      • #sorin
      • #emure
    • When killing one of the Racas Forest MVPs, the person who got MVP will now get the points.
    • Added reminders every 20 minutes as to what Halloween events are going on at that moment.
    • Increased amount of Doom Points gained over time in Shadow Tag.
    • Started spawning Magic Balls in Shadow Tag more quickly when the round starts.
    • Added a Status Board inside Blackjack/Guess the Number room.
    • Fixed a bug where players could keep playing Blackjack/Guess the Number even after the round ended.

    Updates from the past days:

    • Added a Kafra to Shadow Tag waiting room.
    • Lowered the HP of Doom Troops in Shadow Tag from 20m to 10m.
    • Fixed being able to get the Magic Ball stuck in a corner in Shadow Tag.
    • Lowered healing of Doom Troops in Shadow Tag.
    • Added ability to leave Shadow Tag room, allowing another character to join.
    • Disabled item consumption in Amazing Ragna Race.



    After the cliffhanger on the previous chapter of An Unexpected Alliance, we are taking a short break with this event as the Halloween Event takes over for two weeks. Stay tuned for the next episode later this month!



    As usual, we have our common Monthly Maintenance updates!

    • The November Costume Box is Halloween-themed and contains the following costumes:
      • Whisper Tall Hat Costume [20253]
      • Lolu Ruri Moon Costume [21282]
      • Flying Katashiro Costume [21588]
      • Halloween Cat Long Hair Costume [21280]
      • Halloween Cat Short Hair Costume [21281]
      • Disguise Mantle Costume [21279]
      • Zombie Mask Costume [21327]
      • Gates of Netherworld Costume [21556]
      • Diabolic Lapel Costume [20915]
      • Night Spell Hat Costume [21597]
      • Drooping Cat Crew Costume [21576]
      • Scorpio Diadem Costume [21176]
      • Deviruchi Headphones Costume [20681]
      • Coronet Costume [21584]
    • Our new TamTam's Odyssey region is: Glast Heim.
      • Exceptions: GH Prison, GH Churchyard and the Stings map.
    • GMC Box Rotation:
      • Large Sorcerer Crown Costume [21144]
      • Gorilla Mask Costume [20706]
    • Wave Challenge Box Rotation:
      • Forest Guide Costume [21122]
      • Assassin Skull Mask Costume [21129]



    Limited Sale item:

    Two temporary Special Effect costumes will be returning to the Talon Shop for a duration of one week.

    The [Visual] Whisper's Blessing Costume goes to the Garment Slot and can be purchased for 7500 Talon Cash.

    Next is the [Visual] Falling Leaves Costume making its return. This is also a Garment Slot costume and can be purchased for 5500 Talon Cash.




    The sleeping beauty has finally awoken! Layla's Emporium in Valkyrie's Bazaar will be open for business throughout the Halloween period, as well as subsequent holiday themed events thereafter (between very long naps). However, do hurry, as her stocks will only last until the end of November!

    For more info on how you can gain access to Valkyrie's Bazaar, click here or visit the official Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine website.


    Along with the monthly and Halloween updates, we have done a couple of small patches this month.

    • The Build Saver NPC zeny cost was reduced from 25,000 zeny to 10,000 zeny. The Bonus Bundle requirement is still there.
    • Fixed a typo in Port Malaya where the text to add a slot to Port Malaya equipment would still mention a +8 requirement rather than +7.
    • Fixed a bug in Ancient Tower where using the Return Room when your team was already finished would put you in a black void.
    • Valkyrie's Bazaar Updates:
      • Bragi Wing Ears now 800 VC (as opposed to 900 VC)
      • Layla's Emporium is now open for a limited time only. The following store items will be purchable until the end of November:
        • Cookie Bag [12130] - 2 VC
        • Dead Branch Box (25) [14234] - 3 VC
        • Black Witch Hat Costume [20163] - 100 VC
        • Dark Randgris Helm Costume [21012] - 100 VC
        • Ear Witch Hat Costume [21120] - 200 VC *account bound*
        • Duneyrr Helm Costume [20863] - 200 VC
        • Hell Poodle Egg [9243] - 250 VC
        • Gothic Skull Ribbon Costume [21256] - 300 VC
        • Black Magenta Ribbon Costume [20843] - 300 VC
        • Lude Egg [9233] - 350 VC
        • Princess Ribbon Crown Costume [21126] - 400 VC *account bound*
        • Celine's Ribbon Costume [20478] - 400 VC
        • Black Cat Hood Costume [20714] - 600 VC
        • Cat Ears Hat Costume [20715] - 600 VC
        • Lovely Fox Ears Costume [20655] - 800 VC
        • Pink Alice Wig Costume [20992] - 1000 VC
        • Ghostring Tall Hat Costume [20697] - 2000 VC *account bound*
        • Loli Ruri Moon Costume [21282] - 2500 VC

    And that's it for the time being! We sincerely hope you are all enjoying the Halloween festivities and are looking forward to upcoming updates! If you've been enioying all the latest content, please also don't forget to leave us a review on ratemyserver.net -- we appreciate your support!

    Edited by GM Seiren

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