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    October Patch | Cards, Putty & More!

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    September has already ended and it's time for us to move into the last three months of the year, with many updates and events coming your way! Halloween coming up at the end of the month and Battlegrounds being mere weeks away. For now, we hope you enjoy our intermittent updates as we continue working on some major releases! A new TamTam's Odyssey region, Monthly Box, the return of Putty and some brand new cards!


    We now have our good old Autumn Prontera available to download! Simply download this file and drop it into your TalonRO folder. Restart your client and you should be good to go! Anyone who downloads the latest installers will already have this Prontera style available.



    • Fixed flags at WoE castle entrances warping people who don't belong to the guild owning the castle to the castle entrance again.
    • Card Exchanger Putty is back for all your Ancient Card Album needs. You can find her at her usual spot in Prontera.
    • Valkyrie Key is now a usable which enables access to the Valkyrie Bazaar on people's entire master account upon consumption.
    • Fixed a bug in Poring Catch and Rally where the game would spawn too many monsters.
    • Evolved Pets should now properly delete the previous egg after evolution, fixing the "broken egg" problem with pet incubators.
    • Changed the display of global chat from (for example) [Main] into [#main] to illustrate the new channel system more clearly.



    TamTam's Odyssey is moving onto a very popular region: Pyramids dungeon! As usual, this includes the Nightmare Pyramids levels for those higher-leveled players.



    We have a brand new selection of Monthly Costumes, including some player requests as well as the return of some player favorites. Let's also not forget the rotation of some GMC and Wave Box costumes!

    • GMC Box rotation:
      • Hunting Cap of Gust Costume
      • Kamima Baphomet Horn Costume
    • Wave Box rotation:
      • Under Lamp Costume
      • Lovely Fox Ears Costume


    The Fast Five winners for the Summer Race are here! Please PM @GM Seiren the character name you wish to receive your prize on. We'll make sure that you get the costume as soon as possible! As the #5 and #6 had the same amount of points, we have decided to roll with a Top 6 this time! Congratulations to the following players:



    As promised, here is the first batch of new cards, with many more batches to come! We are starting off with the Port Malaya cards!

    • All non-MVP cards are drop-only, so you will have to farm the monsters to find these cards!
    • MVP cards can be found in the Talon Shop for 2000 Talon Cash.

    So, without further ado, these are the new cards. We think they will be a nice addition to the game and will open up some exciting new gameplay possibilities!

    • Bangungot Card (MVP)
      • Shield
      • Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster.
      • Receive 15% less damage from Non-Boss monster.
      • Add a 30% resistance against Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse.
    • Bakonawa Card (MVP)
      • Shield
      • Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster.
      • Receive 35% more damage from Non-Boss monster.
      • For Non-Monk classes, increase physical damage against Boss monsters by 15%.
      • For Monk classes, increase physical damage against Boss monsters by 10%.
    • Buwaya Card (MVP)
      • Shield
      • Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster.
      • Receive 35% more damage from Non-Boss monster.
      • Increase magic damage against Boss monsters by 7%.
    • Bungisngis Card
      • Headgear
      • MaxHP + 5%, MaxSP + 5%.
      • For every refine after +5, MaxHP + 1%, MaxSP + 1%.
    • Engkanto Card
      • Headgear
      • Increase damage inflicted upon Poison Property enemies by 25%.
      • Ignore 25% of Plant monster defense.
    • Manananggal Card
      • Weapon
      • 20% more damage against Undead monsters with Heal.
      • Receive 3% more healing when someone uses Heal or Sanctuary on you.
    • Mangkukulam Card
      • Armor
      • MaxSP + 10%.
    • Tikbalang Card
      • Headgear
      • MATK + 10.
      • Increases the damage of Wind property magical attacks on targets by 5%.
      • [Refine Rate +7 or higher]
      • Add another 5% damage with Wind Magic.
      • [Refine Rate +9 or higher]
      • Add another 5% damage with Wind Magic.
    • Tiyanak Card
      • Accessory
      • CRIT + 7 against DemiHuman, Brute and Fish Race monsters.
    • Wakwak Card
      • Garment
      • For every 10 Base STR, ATK + 5.
    • Jejeling Card
      • Garment
      • For every 10 Base VIT, HP + 200



    Edited by GM Seiren

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