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    Old Glast Heim and More

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    October is Halloween month - and as Autumn leaves roll through, people of all ages across Midgard are getting ready for trick or treating, Fall adventures, and much more. In honor of this most haunted month, we're celebrating the release of an entirely new instance dungeon: Old Glast Heim! Journey through the past to explore the origins and adventures of one of Midgard's most haunted original locations. Come to the aid of the Glast Heim Knights on their quest to defeat the witch, Himmelmez - and collect items for an opportunity to earn new cards, equipment, and much more - all exclusive to this new instance dungeon! Plus, we've added in new updates this month along with the latest TamTam's Gift Region and Monthly Costume Box!

    The haunted thrills in October are just beginning - and with Halloween around the corner, the chill in the air is only going to feel colder. Read on for this month's latest updates and additions!


    Journey deep into the past, into the origins of a time when the castle of Glast Heim was ruled and controlled by a terrible malevolent force and magic. In the new instance dungeon of Old Glast Heim, you'll be taken on a journey with the knight, Hugin, and the intrepid Glast Heim Royal Knights, plus Varmundt and Heinrech, in stopping the plans of the Valkyrie Himmelmez and her sinister ambitions.

    Throughout the instance of Old Glast Heim will be opportunities to collect rare and valuable items - including Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells. Each of these items, when collected in sufficient quantity, will allow you to access some special cards for use in your equipment. You can also collect some new and rare equipment items throughout the instance, and journey forward to engage in new and challenging battles with a whole host of new enemies.

    The Old Glast Heim instance will take you back into the past to alter the course of history - will you and your party be up to this new challenge?


    Features of Old Glast Heim include the following notable additions:

    • To begin, speak with Hugin just below the entrance of Glast Heim.
      • Simply use the Warp Girl to go to Glast Heim, or use the Instances Warp menu to go directly to the instance itself when ready.
      • Hugin will open the pathway to Old Glast Heim by generating a time gap - the result of forces and magic seeping into Midgard from an unknown source...
    • All monsters and stats have been balanced for TalonRO's unique pre-Renewal environment!
      • Never fear - this instance remains quite challenging, and we know that you'll be up to the perils of this dungeon.
      • The instance and storyline of Old Glast Heim is an important one - we hope that you'll enjoy exploring this special part of TalonRO!
    • Requirements and limits for Old Glast Heim are as follows:
      • Old Glast Heim has a daily character cooldown.
      • This instance can be played up to seven (7) times per week, per Master Account at this time.
      • Old Glast Heim parties can be up to seven (7) players per party.
    • Although this instance features a number of beneficial items to collect, pay special attention to the following:
      • Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells. These items will grant you access to Temporal Boots later on.
      • Other regular item drops on all Old Glast Heim mobs have also been strongly improved, as compared to official drop rates.
      • Special cards and equipment are available through Old Glast Heim, though the "Temporal Boots" are not available as of yet; we anticipate to release them in a future monthly update or maintenance patch.
      • All Treasure Room equipment drops from Old Glast Heim have been considerably improved as compared to their official versions, but will drop at a much lower rate.
    • The following cards are available through the Old Glast Heim instance:
      • Khalitzburg Knight Card. Compound on shield.
        • Reduces damage taken from long-range attacks by 5%.
        • Reduces damage taken from medium and large size monsters by 15%.
        • When paired with the White Knight Card:
          • ATK + 10; increases physical damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 5%; reduces damage taken from long-range attacks by 10%.
        • This card is available by trading in 8500 Coagulated Spell items by speaking with the Khalitzburg Knight NPC at the instance entrance.
      • White Knight Card. Compound on weapon.
        • ATK + 5.
        • Increases physical damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 15%.
        • When paired with the Khalitzburg Knight Card:
          • ATK + 10; increases physical damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 5%; reduces damage taken from long-range attacks by 10%.
        • This card is available by trading in 6500 Coagulated Spell items by speaking with the White Knight NPC at the instance entrance.
    • The following equipment is available through the Old Glast Heim instance in the Treasury Room:
      • Staff of Geffen [1]
        • MATK + 25%; DEX + 3; DEF + 5; MDEF + 5; Reduce Cast Time by 10%; Whenever you receive Magical Damage there is small chance to reflect all offensive magic against you at 40% chance for 2 seconds.
        • Class: Two-Handed Staff; required level: 70; applicable job: High Wizard.
        • ATK: 100
      • Silversmith Bracelet [1]
        • MDEF + 3; enables use of level 1 Spell Breaker.
        • Class: Accessory; required level: 60; applicable job: every job.
        • DEF: 1
      • Goldsmithing Dagger [2]
        • Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts); MATK + 10%; increases Mammonite damage by 20%; spend 10% less zeny when using Mammonite.
        • Class: Dagger; required level: 1; applicable job: Novice, Swordsman Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class, Ninja, Soul Linker.
        • ATK: 120
      • Ceremonial Sword [0]
        • MATK + 15%; ASPD + 10%; HIT + 10; increases Holy Cross damage by 25%.
        • Class: One-Handed Sword; required level: 40; applicable job: Novice, Swordsman Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class.
        • ATK: 150
      • Engraved Armor [1]
        • Reduces damage from Long Ranged attacks by 10%.
        • Class: Armor; required level: 80; applicable job: Lord Knight.
        • DEF: 6
      • Heavy Sword [1]
        • Increases damage of Head Crush by 30%; increases damage of Charge Attack by 20%; 5% chance to auto-cast level 1 Critical Wounds when using Head Crush; for every refinement level, the cast time of Charge Attack will be decreased by 3%; for refinement rates 9 through 10, 5% chance to auto-cast level 2 Critical Wounds.
        • Class: Two-Handed Sword; required level: 70; applicable job: Lord Knight.
        • ATK: 330


    As with each monthly update, we've made a few necessary changes and general updates to make your experience on TalonRO fun and fresh. We hope that you enjoy the following updates and bug fixes:

    • The Waltz of Flowers costume is no longer account-bound.

    • The Job Changer NPC in Prontera will now give new characters a warning if they have not finished the Newbie Tutorial.

    • Glorious Battlegrounds items can now be worn on castle entrance maps.

    • New Costumes have been added into the prize rotation for both Wave Challenge and GMC Boxes:

      • New Wave Challenge costumes include the White Bird Rose Costume and Sorcerer Hood Costume.
      • New GMC Box costumes include the Fairy Feathers Costume and Neev Barrette Costume.


    Tam Tam’s Gift Region this month takes us back through other nostalgic areas with the addition of both Geffen Fields and Geffen Dungeon! Enjoy exploring around both of these special areas with their magical and mysterious aspects - especially so with this month’s champion monsters for an opportunity to earn additional great rewards and experience!

    • This month’s TTG region includes:
      • Geffen Fields and Geffen Dungeon
    • This month’s Champion monsters include:
      • Kobold
      • Poring
      • Fabre
      • Orc Warrior
      • Poporing


    Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes. There's a new addition at the top of the order: the Morroc Kid Servant Costume! Further great costumes include the Rolled Piamette Hair Costume, Walking Orange Tabby Cat Costume, and the Short Cat Ears - all perfect for the Halloween season! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! October's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard.

    • Morroc Kid Servant Costume (Item ID: 21022) **
    • Rolled Piamette Hair Costume (Item ID: 21059)
    • Walking Orange Tabby Cat Costume (Item ID: 21035)
    • Short Cat Ears Costume (Item ID: 21025)
    • Chibi Beelzebub Hat Costume (Item ID: 21049)
    • Roast Memory Costume (Item ID: 21072)
    • Russian Roulette Costume (Item ID: 21074)
    • Pig Nose Costume (Item ID: 21062)
    • Helm of Dragon General Costume (Item ID: 20795)
    • Ashura Fairy Hat Costume (Item ID: 20786)
    • Libra Diadem Costume (Item ID: 21110)
    • Charlies Hat Costume (Item ID: 20801)

    ** Please note: Monks / Champions will be unable to wear this costume at this time.


    Edited by GM Seiren

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