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    Project Iduna | Beta Test instructions

    GM Seiren
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    Welcome to the Project Iduna/rAthena beta test! If you have applied for the beta test and were chosen as one of the participants to help out, this is a list of instructions on how to help out.

    First of all, you will only be admitted to the beta test if you answered the question "What item is required for creating a Homunculus?" correctly. The answer to this question was Embryo. Please check the Iduna Beta Application page to see if you answered correctly. If you did, congratulations, you have been selected to join the Iduna Beta test!

    If you did not fill out the application page or you did not answer the question correctly, you unfortunately won't be able to join the beta test for now.

    For everyone else, please continue with the following instructions.

    Downloading, installing and launching the Iduna Beta

    It is important that you do not contaminate your existing TalonRO folder with the Beta files. This may result in your main game not working anymore. For that reason we have created a new Iduna Beta Full Installer for you to download. Please pay attention to these instructions:

    • Download the file here and extract the files in a new folder.
    • Ensure you have three files in the new folder: one .exe and two .bin files.
    • Launch Iduna_Beta_Installer.exe and follow the instructions.
    • Install the beta in a new folder, so do NOT install it in your existing TalonRO folder.
    • Go to the folder you installed the beta into and launch RagnarokSetup.exe, ensuring all settings are as you wish.
    • Open up TalonRO_Iduna_Beta.exe and login with your normal game accounts.
    • That's it, welcome to the Iduna Beta!

    What to do during the Iduna Beta

    The Project Iduna Beta is not intended to just play around in. The goal is to ensure the data was all transferred correctly and that the basic TalonRO functionality works as intended. So, here you will find a list of initial instructions on what to look out for in the beta test:

    • Ensure all your data was converted correctly. This is the most vital part of the beta test. You can verify this by simply comparing the data on the Iduna Beta server with the data on the main TalonRO server. Here are some things to look out for:
      • All your characters
      • Your stats and skills
      • Guilds, guild skills, guild levels, guild storage
        • Please note, Guild Storage now works differently. The Guild Leader will have to assign access to the Guild Storage per guild position. If you don't have a guild leader joining the beta, you won't be able to confirm this.
      • Homunculus, if applicable. Check their stats, skills, loyalty, etc.
      • Pets, if applicable. Check their name, stats, loyalty, etc.
      • All your items in inventory, cart and storage.
        • Please also confirm named and forged items (keep in mind that if they were forged by someone not in the beta, they will be Unknown).
      • Quest progress.
      • Bank.
      • Mails.
      • Hotkeys.
      • Available @commands and their functionality.
        • You do NOT have to check for parties, as they were all wiped.
        • You do NOT have to check for friends, unless they also joined the beta.
      • Check for basic functionality. Keep in mind that not all features have been loaded just yet.
        • Kafra functionality.
        • Warper.
        • Client functionality.
        • General gameplay.
        • Any errors you may find.

      We have also created a new category in the Bug Reports section. Please report anything that seems off or incorrect in there. Additionally, we have set up a Discussion Topic to further talk about the beta.

      Important: We reserve the right to remove any player from the beta without prior warning.

      Thank you everyone for joining the Iduna Beta. Let's make this a successful test so that we can make the conversion as happen as smoothly as possible.

      Edited by GM Seiren

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