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  • September Patch | Monthly updates

    GM Seiren
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    It's hard to believe that it's already September - and as Fall begins to roll through Midgard, we're ready to mark the end of Summer and look forward to upcoming seasonal events including the annual Starlight Soiree scheduled for 5th September, as well as additional new content to keep things as crisp as autumn air!

    Although our Amazing Summer Race will soon be coming to a close, we're already looking forward to autumn on TalonRO. We are thrilled to announce this month's latest features and changes. Given that the latest maintenance introduced a lot of suggestion implementations and bug fixes, this monthly maintenance will keep things simple for now as we are working on larger matters.



    An Unexpected Alliance - Continuation

    During the first episode of An Unexpected Alliance you met Hiel as he worked together with Rin, Chief Balrog and you the player to close the crater in the city of Morocc. As that event came to a close, the Reconstruction of Morocc has been underway and the citizens of Morocc are working hard on restoring the city.

    While this major effort is still ongoing, our new friend Hiel has been working hard on the Dimensional Device he promised to construct. During the construction he has noticed a strange energy coming from the device and is eager to finish it. Help him out and get a nice reward for your assistance. You can find Hiel at the Morocc city spawn point.

    What does all of this mean?! Find out more as we continue this dimensional journey!


    • New TamTam's Odyssey region:
      • Aldebaran Clock Tower
      • Note: excludes alde_dun04 (Bathory map)
    • Wave Box Rotation:
      • Feather Fedora Costume [20984]
      • White Bird Rose Costume [20937]
    • GMC Box Rotation:
      • Floating Ball Costume [21040]
      • Siroma Fur Hat Costume [21057]


    • Our latest Monthly Costume Box is available at the Talon Shop right now, with the following costumes:
      • Angel Ribbon Wing Costume [garment] [21541]
      • Fancy Blue Hair Costume [21489]
      • Seraph's Circlet Blue Costume [21542]
      • Jioia Costume [21068]
      • Sinister Horn Costume [21548]
      • Frantic Look Costume [21547]
      • Sun Visor Costume [20717]
      • Wonderful Beast Ear Costume [20812]
      • Aqua Quartz Crown Costume [20508]
      • Virgo Diadem Costume [21109]
      • Wind Milestone Costume [20519]
      • Note Headphones Costume [20662]




    • The Goblin Leader Card now includes the following Goblin types in its bonus damage:
      • Rotar Zairo
      • Steam Goblin
      • Panzer Goblin
      • Christmas Goblin
    • Updated the Bounty Board Cooldown again:
      • If you fail to defeat the assigned MvP within 23 Hours, you are no longer given a cooldown and you can start another bounty right away.
      • If you drop a bounty mission you will only be given the cooldown if you drop the quest on the same day it was picked up on. Otherwise, you can start a new mission right away after dropping it every day after that.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed some atcommands not properly ending when the Bonus Bundle ends.
    • Fixed the "/lv" /lv emote displaying the wrong emote in-game.
    • Fixed an item weight check in Valkyrie Coin exchanger.
    • Fixed Deporte Doll Hat [1] not mentioning the STR+2 bonus in its item description.
    • Fixed Book of Charms Vol. 1 [1] job requirement. It can now be worn by non-trans classes as well as Soul Linkers.


    Edited by GM Seiren

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