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  • September QoL Patch

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes

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    It's already mid-September and the Summer Event is coming to an end very soon. Rest assured that we have many new events and updates on their way which will keep you occupied for quite a long time! For now we have some smaller updates, mostly fixes and quality of life updates. Enjoy!


    In the previous chapter of An Unexpected Alliance you continued your journey with Hiel and his Dimensional Device. In this next chapter he finally called for Chief Balrog to assist him in the construction of the device. Chief Balrog has an idea of his own though. As much as Hiel does not want anyone else to help him, the Chief has some interesting contacts that would be willing to help in this endeavor. Find out more by continuing this quest in the city of Morocc!

    For players who have not yet completed the previous chapter, that quest is still available for you to complete, so hurry up before it's gone! :)



    • Eden Group missions, such as Gramps, now no longer rotate when a reboot happens but only on their designated time.
    • Fixes to mailbox/RODex:
      • Fixed items weighing less than 1 not contributing towards maximum mail weight.
      • Fixed adding multiple items not all adding towards the maximum mail weight.
      • Note: visually, adding items weighing less than 1 will -not- increase the weight in the UI, but it is counted properly internally.
    • Fixed Poring Catch and Poring Rally sometimes not properly resetting their IP cooldown.
    • Fixed entrance NPC for Poring Catch, Poring Rally and Devil's Claw not properly checking for rental mounts.
    • Added a new shortcut: !tc which is the same as !taloncash.
    • When using Remove Trap or when traps expire in Battlegrounds, it now returns the proper BG Trap rather than a non-BG Trap.
    • Fixed Jewelcrafting sometimes failing even when you have a Jewel Cutter in your inventory.
    • Beer Hat can now also be worn by (Super) Novices.
    • Fixed Lost Child Quest not working in Quest Check Board.
    • Fixed Eden Merit Badge typos in Gramps NPC.
    • Fixed Odin Mask[0] increasing damage to Boss monsters rather than reducing it.
    • Removed the dummy Reward Guru at the Prontera fountain. The Rental Master and TamTam NPCs have moved locations accordingly.



    While not fully completed yet, we would already like to announce an upcoming new feature: the Build Saver. This has been requested a lot of times throughout the years and we've always put it off due to its complexity and the risk of unexpected bugs. We've finally decided to move forward with this feature and you can expect it to be implemented soon!


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