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    Spring | Loading Screen Contest

    GM Lance
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    Greetings Talonians! We're pleased to bring to you more enjoyable events, starting with our annual spring time loading screen contest. For more information, visit this thread to find out how you can participate. Best of luck to all our entrants!

    This year's Spring Loading Screen Contest will be include a variety of prizes, including a new pet (Mavka) and costume (flower blossom):

    preview.gif.c0587736d1c2ecefd09fcf54e0e8323c.gif    Capture.PNG.7534e6b7e43b91288f403bdb4854dfdb.PNG    preview.gif.c0587736d1c2ecefd09fcf54e0e8323c.gif

    1st place prizes:
    Flower Blossom Costume, 15 Talon Coins, Monthly Costume Box and a Mavka Pet Egg (2% earth res, 1% damage to fire prop)

    2nd and 3rd winner prizes:
    Flower Blossom Costume, 9 Talon Coins and a Monthly Costume Box

    4th - 8th place will receive:
    7 Talon Coins and Monthly Costume Box

    Following with the top 8 winners participants with valid entries will also receive 5 Talon Coins

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