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    We hope you've all been enjoying this year's Amazing Summer Race! Mid-August brings a wide array of QoL updates to the table, including implemented community suggestions, WoE castle rotations, various bug fixes and more. In the meantime we are diligently working on the major update that everyone is waiting for. For now, we hope you enjoy these updates. For more details, please view the patch notes below.

    In other news we have noticed a decrease in RMS reviews. We kindly ask that you help us by either renewing your review (if you've already reviewed), or leaving one at your earliest convenience. We get more than half of our players from Ratemyserver and your reviews are basically FREE advertisement for the server. The more players we get the more active the server will be -- PvE content, WoE, Battlegrounds and more people to socialize and enjoy TRO with. You can leave a review by clicking this link. Thank you in advance!


    WoE Castle Rotation

    It had been a few months since the last castle rotation, so it was long overdue. As usual, economies have all been transferred:

    • gefg_cas05 -> gefg_cas04
    • aldeg_cas01 -> aldeg_cas05
    • prtg_cas03 -> prtg_cas02
    • payg_cas05 -> payg_cas04
    • arug_cas01 -> arug_cas03
    • schg_cas02 -> schg_cas03



    • Fixed Filir's Moonlight skill having a 2 second global delay rather than properly having a 2 second after cast delay.
    • A Jewel Cutter is now required to be in the user's inventory in order to use jewel crafting.
    • Fixed Enchant Deadly Poison status icon mentioning that it does not work against Boss monsters. It does work against Boss monsters.
    • Fixed Gopinich Card not giving at least Level 2 Dragon Fire Formation if the player only learned Level 1.
    • Fixed the @return command working in PvP maps. It is now correctly disabled.
    • Fixed Report from the New World status on Quest Check Board NPC sometimes showing a progress value that was too high.
    • Yggdrasil Leaves and Blue Gemstones are no longer consumed if its target is under the Hell's Power debuff.


    Community Suggestions Implementation

    You asked, we listened! We have done a massive cleanup of the Suggestions forums and have started implementing a large amount of your suggestions:

    • We have added two new commands:
      • @addfriend which allows you to add a friend more easily, from any map.
        • Note: this command does not work when the target player is in a PvP/WoE/BG map.
      • @petalert which enables a sound to be played when a pet's hunger is hungry or lower.
        • Bonus Bundle command.
        • Note: Remembers its setting on logout.
    • The following commands now remember their setting on logout:
      • @noks
      • @dropannounce
      • @showexp
    • Greatly improved the Quest Check Board. It now has various categories and has many new quests added to it. More updates coming to this in the near future.
    • Improved the Pro Summertime Boxes somewhat by reducing the odds of getting certain older costumes.
    • Giant Shield now gives a refine bonus for every refine +6 and above, rather than a single bonus when it reaches +9.
    • Gold Queen Scaraba Card no longer has the Rod requirement to obtain the Magic Defense bypass.
    • Improved the Ancient Tree Card:
      • Esma damage increased from 5% to 7%.
      • HP/SP recovery increased from 15% to 25%.
    • Lowered Alchemy Glove level requirement from 93 to 80.
    • Increased Zealotus/Zherlthsh spawn from 1 to 5 and decreased its respawn time.
    • The Warp Girl now includes total BG players into the total PvP count as well as the Battlegrounds count, rather than only the BG waiting room.
    • Some Skill Level Scaling cards now scale for every Level Learned rather than only getting it at Skill Level 10:
      • Mutant Dragonoid Card
      • Enchanted Peach Tree Card
      • Anolian Card
      • Wind Ghost Card
      • Geographer Card
      • Clock Card
    • Improved the Seductive Bathory cocktail:
      • Added a note to the description that this item does NOT stack with other Cast Time reductions.
      • Increased Cast Time reduction from 10% to 25%.
    • Drake now drops 1% Reflect Pirate Dagger variant at a 1% chance.
    • All costumes and pets obtained from the Lutie Vending Machine can now be NPCed if you no longer wish to keep them.
    • Added a Bronze Coin Storage at Kafra Agents to store your coins when you don't need them.
      • Note: this does not make them account-bound. They are still bound to your character.
    • A couple Eden Group Cooldown changes:
      • Bounty Board will now reset at Midnight regardless of whether you ditch a current quest or clear it successfully.
      • Reno Crystal Synthesis now resets at Midnight.
      • Dally Quen's Freebie now resets at Midnight.


    Other Updates

    • When opening your RODex/Mailbox, it now displays a message if the mailbox is full.
    • Assassin Class can now equip arrows as to use Grimtooth in combination with Status Arrows.
    • Eden Group Quests now have unique quest icons to easily tell them apart (returning from old pre-iduna client).
    • Taekwon Mission now mentions in its skill description that mission progress resets after a stat reset (not skill reset).
    • Summer Treasure Map Pieces now no longer drop once that week's treasure has been found already.
    • Valkyrie's Bazaar new costume releases:
      • Geisha Makeup Costume (21143)
      • Odin Mask Costume (21530)
      • Hairband of Reginleif Costume (21531)
      • Saint Frill Ribbon Costume (21532)
      • Radiant Rainbow Wings Costume (21533)
      • Heavenly Order Costume (21534)

    And that's all for now! Rest assured that we are still working hard on the update you're all waiting for. It's coming along very, very nicely! :)

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