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    Summer Race and More!

    GM Seiren
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    While we are approaching the end of August, we could not let you all go without enjoying our annual Summer Event! Due to how busy we've been with the Project Iduna launch, we haven't had as much time to spend on the event development as we usually have. For that reason, the Treasure Hunting part of the event will not be making its return this year. That being said, the event is once again full of new rewards and challenges. Please check it out in our dedicated Summer Race Event Topic!

    Furthermore, we have made a bunch of other changes and bugfixes:

    • Added new atcommand @taloncash. This displays your current Talon Cash amount.
    • Removed some difficult items from Daily Cash Betty and added some easier ones.
    • Fixed incorrect Joint Beat damage scaling, which should also fix Lord Knight Card's auto-cast from missing every single time.
    • Fixed Ganbantein not consuming gemstones with Mistress Effect, since it should never do this officially.
    • Removed Impossible/Inaccessible/Unreasonable missions from Taekwon Mission.
    • Changed the location of some Eden Group Officers so that they don't block other NPCs.
    • Guild Castle treasures now spawn at 1am server time instead of midnight. This is done to ensure they don't despawn when we reboot around our usual midnight schedule.

    We hope you enjoy the updates.

    As always, there's more to come!

    Edited by GM Seiren

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