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  1. ^ rather accurate representation of me joining nenka. there is no escape
  2. Nenka pls. You peeps are just as ridiculous on forum as in-game :'D ilu
  3. Nad ✿

    A song for you ♬

    @M a s h i` Desu you can slap me for not noticing your comment mashimon ;v; @urDad JO BBY XD thaank yoouuuu~ I'll get around to more once I upgrade my lame-ass mic hue @Makusora Aaaayy maku xD This needs an update while I need a new mic hahaha /rekt
  4. Nad ✿

    is it just me or?

    It's definitely not a problem with my system, it's a custom mid tier build. It hasn't been a constant on-going problem for me; it's like a problem that slowly gets worse rofl. And as you've said, RO's an old game and doesn't require anything beyond the basics. @pinksquish maybe borrow someone's mouse and see if it fixes the problem before you buy a new one xD I hope it fixes your issue. Then that means I'll need to get a new mouse herp.
  5. Nad ✿

    is it just me or?

    @pinksquish Could the mouse/trackpad be the problem? My mouse is probably close to dying, and I notice recently I've got issues with confirming a skill-click. Like, activating skills via keyboard is fine and dandy, no delay. But once it's a skill that requires target confirmation like Double Strafe or Storm Gust, sometimes even when I know I've clicked my mouse, it takes a few more clicks before it works. Since you said that you don't seem to be lagging, and it's just the skill targeting stuff that's acting weird. Just tossing this out there, I really hope it's that simple and you can just swap out your mouse or something xD
  6. Nad ✿

    Want Meet some grill in this game

    Ohmygod @azurhialine you're alive *pokes with a stick* Don't forget to bring dem bbq sauce.
  7. Nad ✿

    A song for you ♬

    N-new video up >///> Video up on first post here, or go straight to the youtube vid. Special thanks to Yamada Potechi for checking my nab Japanese, and @N a y a for being first test-subject heuaheua. p/s: Kinda need a nice empty screenshot of prontera field that's not winter mode XD for next vid maybe, not sure yet. I'd google but I kinda want the cute tRO watermark in the corner :3
  8. Nad ✿

    What Are You Listening To?

    Vermillion part 2 comes after this, of course
  9. Nad ✿

    A song for you ♬

    @GM Gemini thank you!
  10. Nad ✿

    A song for you ♬

    @Arcanis looool after gazing through the universe eh. Fancy name for zoning out lololol. And that song is cute! The beat's so fun hahaha. But omg it sounds hard to achieve on a recording level rofl. I'll try it anyway xD Not sure if there's any instrumental versions around though. Atm I've got two projects in queue; one that's waiting for a video to be made, and the other with raw recording that I need to clean ambient noises out p/s: do you (or anyone else really) have a screenshot of prontera field? Kinda need one for the next video. I'd grab it off google or something, but they lack the tRO watermark
  11. Nad ✿

    A song for you ♬

    @Sinshine Thaaaank youu Siiiiiiiiiiiiiin, we need to coincidentally end up on the same GMC/ET/whatever parties more often @*aki hhahahhahahaha And yeah the embarrassment is always with me (gosh there's like a gazillion utaite out there who seem to be super talented so effortlessly), but it helps make the idea less alien since I sing-hum for random peeps on RC or discord. I used to get super frustrated with recording since my room's in a house that's usually more often noisy than quiet + I wasn't able to record without some sort of white noise. I decided to buckle down that day I did the Payon song and found out how to filter out the noises after recording something haha And thank you! My dream is to one day cover a rock song....with this soft voice...somehow u_u; /rekt I definitely had fun writing the lyrics and imagining the possible scenes for the video ( ु•⌄• )✧♡ general update: new song in the works, gonna be an RO song weeee
  12. Nad ✿

    Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    lela ilu
  13. Nad ✿

    A song for you ♬

    Thanks~! Maybe I could give some personal fav animu songs ago. And omggg animal cafes hfdkfrbkgf. I'd love to try out that bird cafe, since dogs/cats/bunnies are pretty common for me haha. I was on Namiseum yesterday, there were ostriches and this one wild squirrel that ran around with a corn cob hahah t'was hilarious Aaayy mashi! Thanks xD I mish eberyone ;; Aaaarc <3 sup sup :3 well I figured since I've done this new one, that'll be it for a xmas post bhahaha. I'll check out that vid once I'm back at my laptop (BB's screen is too small hue) Yea I meant that I'm actually soprano but tryna improve my lower notes hahaha. It's been a while since I've properly practiced sorpano range though, rip vocals In other news, my fingers are frozen from typing this out while walking to Seoul station. Itaewon and dongdaemun today yey~ Bunny ceramic (??) keychain I bought while on Nami Island. Supposedly handmade, so cute.