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  1. Whoa, never been to one of these, looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing what it's all about =D
  2. Aw yis, Rinn! It turned out beautiful. <3 And your digital colouring, so yummy. I seriously commend all you guys drawing these full scenes. I so couldn't do that 8D And I'm honestly... super excited for the loading screens to update because of this beautiful stuff you came up with. Honestly can't wait, well done everyone. o/
  3. So, just for future reference, since it's my first time with the Summer Race - Let's say I accept the quest on character A and I'm supposed to hunt down a specific item. Do the items have to be hunted down on that specific character? Can they be farmed on an alt, or purchased, or dug out of storage? And now let's say the quest I accept on character A is to hunt down a specific monster - once again, does that have to be completed on that character or can it be done with an alt or in a party (like HBQ - where the log updates as long as you remain on screen)? Thanks for the clarification =D
  4. Some amazing entires so far guys! Excited to see the loading screens updated. <3 But where is Rinn? :<
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