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  1. Erma

    Guild Directory

    @arivanandan - I do try to maintain it, however it'd be quite a challenge for me to keep track of every guild on the list - I mostly update the list when people provide me with links to guilds that have not been added yet, or inform me that a guild is no longer active. I can go through these and clean them up - but perhaps creating a spreadsheet that everyone can edit at will would be a good idea? @howrah - please provide me with some form of finding/contacting the guild~
  2. Erma

    Guild Directory

    Thanks! I'll do so now
  3. Erma

    Guild Directory

    Apologies for the delay, I've been MIA for a little while! Updating now.
  4. ~plsnotice~plsnotice~plsnotice~plsnotice~plsnotice~plsnotice~plsnotice~ Who says you need proper page dividers. Anyway - Hi guys! A small announcement for anyone interested in joining Aeon. Myself and my co-leaders have, after some input from guildies, made a decision to shift the guild's focus to social. This will mean some changes - mostly a lesser amount of PvM events organised by us due to, essentially, increasing time constraints, and wishing to step back a little after a year of doing this! We'll still be active, we'd just like to spend our time with the guildies more, and organising things while afking on RO less. Thankfully, some of our members already took up the mantle to organise more events and so we have more ETs, lowbie leveling parties, and karaoke nights to look forward to in the next few weeks. Special thanks to Adam, Ceph, Rob, Kirsch and Jennifer This also means our recruitment criteria will be a little different, so if you wanted to join us in the past but weren't sure about your experience, now's the time. Toodles~
  5. Erma

    Guild Directory

    Ah thanks for catching that link, I'll change it. I update the list whenever people request updates to be made, or in the rare event I hear guilds go inactive, but I don't regularly check on each one. Edit: just checked, the leeching thread is the only one the guild maintains as far as I can see and it's what they requested listed - otherwise you'll need to go to their website.
  6. You guys are seriously amazeballs. I love you peeps.
  7. Hi everyone! I have a few notices about our recruitment status and my absence. As for the latter: it may or may not be true that I put my laptop in the oven after spilling water on it. I won't even try to blame that on my cat. However I will neither confirm nor deny. Let's keep the last shred of mystery, shall we? That being said, we are opening our recruitment once again and so that you future new people aren't like "who dat Erma who's never around is she even real?", I will be checking your applications myself and chatting with you guys on Discord (if the application was somewhat vague and mysterious. And otherwise too, because I'm like this overinvolved, overprotective mama bear). So! Two simple steps: Apply on Aeon's website ( www.aeon-tro.shivtr.com - hit Apply on top right) Contact Erma on TalonRO's Discord (you can just shout "@Erma" in the lobby chat, that will get my attention. I'm around for the most part: Thursday - Monday. Early evenings Tuesday - Wednesday. Now let's talk about what we are looking for: Aeon has grown a whole lot since we started out - both in terms of the people who have been with us, as well as our actives and efficiency. Sadly, many have been stolen away by the RL monster (or other games entirely, those traitorous mutineers! Kidding, I love you guys plscomeback) and so needless to say, we are craving some fresh blood. It's always the people who made Aeon the wonderful place that it is, so we're looking to add some wonderful people to our numbers again. As always, it's important that you're not going to join and be like "hi guys afk for 5 months now bye" and we would like those joining us to have a basic understanding of RO and sufficient gear to be self sustainable (at least when it comes to farming for new awesome gear). This is simply because we would like to continue having 2 ETs a week, Seals and the like. Also, we're big on kind people and team players. If your ego is larger than the Statue of Liberty (the NY one anyway), it's just going to get awkward for everyone involved. All jokes aside though, Aeon has always been a family and we're looking to expand it. So don't be shy guys - those who bite are nicely muzzled. I look forward to hearing from you.~ P.S. And now, a special message from Officer Cherry:
  8. wHAT THE I NEVER WIN THESE THINGS HOLY DAMN. Thanks so much and congrats to all the other winners! I'll grab some refs asap ser~
  9. Good to see you in the Art Corner again. 33 for me if possible, thank you
  10. I don't personally remember Gusli ever being tradeable, but when I used to go to Moscovia it was possibly to xfer the Gusli via personal storage. Which of course, if one of your characters is in Moscovia with it, doesn't really help much. Other than that I think you'll have to do the quest.
  11. Erma

    Guild Directory

    Nephilim added~
  12. Erma

    Nephilim [ PvM / Social ]

    Ayyyy, bumps for Riz \o/
  13. Erma

    Help me about super novice

    Yes I think it is :<