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  1. A happy new Year 2020.

    Come to see this year's Olympics in Tokyo!!!


  2. Join our discord Shiori!

    1. Mister Clay
    2. shiori0925-1


      hi, clay-sama. I like you, thanks you.

      but, I can't be satisfied with hearing English, so there is no point in joining Discord.






    3. Mister Clay

      Mister Clay

      No no, discord is more of chatting via typing/reading in English. Talking/hearing is optional. Oh and thanks for the gift btw. I'd give you something in return but I don't see you anymore. Lamia said you quit? But anyway, if ever you change your mind and get discord, you can reach me there @ Clay#4282. 

      Take care, shiori you sweet girl.

  3. I was surprised!!!!

    what's monster?


    びっくりしたああああああー! すごい経験値もらったけど、特別なモンスターなのかな?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. shiori0925-1


      thx, Douche. Your comment is easy to understand.

      other types, Rainbowring!!!? I would like to see it. (^-^)

    3. DoucheEnrique
    4. DeliciousGreenApple


      It's the ghost of a poring who died choking on some gold. 


  4. I will eat Christmas cake. It is same cake, last year. 

    Merry christmas, everyone.





    1. Pathway


      Happy Christmas!

  5. Long ago, I made a big big mistakes in how to say in English.

    My friend "Shiori, where is your religion?"
    I "religion? I'm No religion. "

    ↑not, not, not. that's mistakes.


    correct) I'm Agnostic.

    error) No religion.



  6. After all, Belgium was strong. Japan 2-3 Belgium.
    I was regret, but Japan will do it again in 4 years.

    It's irrelevant to TalonRO. (^-^;)

    1. Pathway


      That's a pity!

    2. Xqst


      I root for Japan every World Cup and I was jumping and clapping when they were ahead 2 - 0. I was so heartbroken once they lost like that. Also, I was calling that 4 mins agregate was too much, but it's fine =[.

      In 4 years, I will be there rooting for them again. They will make it, I believe it too!

  7. みんなとあまり交流しているわけではないですが、それでもたまに、わたしを気にしてくれる方々に「ありがとう」



    Although, I am not exchanging much with everyone, even occasionally, "Thank you" to those who care about me.

    Next year, I will be happy if you call out to me when you seeing me.

    Thank you.


  8. クリスマスイヴなので、定番だけどケーキ食べるよ(*^-^*)


    It's Xmas party so standard, We will eat cake. look like so delicious.


    1. Frostheart


      Merry Christmas

    2. shiori0925-1


      Merry Xmas, lamia-kun

  9. TalonROとは無関係ですが、ロシアW杯の組み合わせが決まりましたね。



    It's irrelevant to TalonRO, but combination of Russian World Cup has been decided.
    Japan is the same group as Poland, Colombia, Senegal.

    It's natural that every country level is higher higher higher than Japan, but I am looking forward to it (^ - ^)



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Halwen


      Japan got a nice group. Hopefully both Brazil and Germany will finish first in their groups so they won't meet in the next stage.

    3. shiori0925-1






      In the first place, it is whether Japan can pass through the group stage. It would be a great accomplishment if we could win the game until Japan could play against Brazil or Germany.

    4. Frostheart


      I see, i'm not soccer fans /heh

  10. what is this? I’m startled!!


    グラストヘイム最下層にて。なんでこんなところに深淵の騎士が? それに”Champion”って?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Mister Clay

      Mister Clay

      hihihihi very cool she said.. Come join us in discord shiori, kochi kochi~


    3. shiori0925-1


      Discord, I am not sure it.

      in the first, i can't listenning and talking to English.

      barely enough I can reading and writing a little little little little.

      thx you clay-sama. As expected you are cooooooool guy.

    4. Mister Clay

      Mister Clay

      aww gee you're making me blush now. It's okay if you can't speak good english, most of us can't speak good japanese either, so it evens out XD. We have google translate to help! Come bask us with your presence, kochi kochi

      DM me there if you decide to join, Clay#4282

  11. I was glad to be able to return the gun-weapon that I had borrowed for a long time.

    thx, ko-no kun.




  12. Do not understand.

    Frequently not often, a strong person such as Lv 99's incarnation secondary job says "buffs plz".
    I think that it is not cool for that.

    I can understand if a low level player says that. But, a sufficiently strong person seeks buffs. I do not think the way of thinking is cool.

    I wonder if foreigners like that, do not you care?




    少なくない頻度で、Lv99の転生二次職などの強い人が「buffs plz」って言う。




    1. Her Heart

      Her Heart

      Heya shiori!

      Honestly its all about personal preference, but having buffs on any level or any class and in any game is no joke, so why wouldnt a strong 99 trans class strive to be even stronger in any way they see fit? In this case its buffing, just because you've reached a certain point doesn't me you should stop doing your best.

       Its kinda discriminating to say "that way of thinking" and "foreigner" but like I said its personal preference, to you this is ugly but would you not still buff yourself in battle if you are for example already a 99 trans priest? Btw, fun fact, back in the days obviously priests are the only supportive class/buffers and the original job quests includes an oath that teaches people not to be stingy/picky on whom to help with their powers...

      Also the server is based on gmt+1, so somewhere in Europe..? Open internationally for everyone and your profile says Japan, my love, you are also a foreigner...

      I hope this at least helps you understand what others could be thinking.


    2. shiori0925-1


      hi, Eimik. your reply, thanks you.

      I was very rude in "foreign countries".
      It was originally foreign here when I saw it from Japan.

      I was mistakes.

  13. It was 2 years ago.

    My important friends, don't have longer here nobody.



    1. Lunafreya~


      Just find new friends then. :D



  14. seraching old friends....

    alexa, huntress, reverend, wies,

    where doing, I'm came back.



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