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  1. clean, trade options for [devi]
  2. Yay, 1.5s animation removed apparently. Everything feels much more responsive now. As for my whitespace concerns it's more of an illusion of attention. The old panel's image background filling the margins made it look less bland. In the end the level of annoyance is at best a 4% issue that can be glossed over for optimization. In terms of vertical space, it's hard to compare since I can't side-by-side scroll identical values and natural biases against change screws everything up. I believe that the new panel's top banner might be the issue as the apparent space consumed by the menu bar gives the illusion of taking up more space. For the item database as an example, the "ITEM DATABASE" title is padded. As there is less visually distracting elements, small annoyances are more prominent. All in all, with the 1.5s fadein removed I am much happier with the new panel than the old. Load times are actually significantly and noticeably faster, especially with multiple items being loaded at once. Sprite animations and the pop-in animations are convenient. While I miss the mini-window that opened when clicking a monster to get a quick view of the drop source, the old method was horrendously optimized with half the data obscured and unscrollable making it good only for checking HP/element values since the location and actual elemental damages (as well as a few drop items) inaccessible. Opening in a new tab is less convenient but then again I prefer a fully functioning product over a barely working system that "looks" convenient. If anything, I'm pretty much running off of my university presentation guidelines: slide/page transition animations are only good for presenting non-critical information, distracting animations will detract from the point being made and make any attempt at fast comprehension invalid. The fade animations fit much better to the relaxed and "information light" front page where long reading times are expected compared to the panel where snappy, information dense tables are presented. No more complaints so long as the animation stays away I guess.
  3. Webpage takes approximately 800ms to load completely. At 712ms, <div id="wrapper" class="clearfix"> runs. The animation is 1.5s long. On my computer, disabling the animation by local implementation shows no actual latency as the webpage loads visibly by 500ms. Scrolling becomes available by 700ms as according to screen capture timed from refresh key is pressed. ping of 77ms chrome version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) Intel i7-3612QM Intel HD graphics 4000/Nvidia GT 650M My issue is that the clearfix animation runs after the loading is complete, not during the process. The item database and the timeline I'm ripping the timings from. The animation appears to run after the bulk of the HTML processing and rendering finishes, not during the loading sequence. Most of the data points after appear to be the frame checks for the opacity filter and no visual data.
  4. The site scaling is slightly too large with too much whitespace between content pieces, I need to scroll down to even get to the first entry of the item list. Dynamic elements slow load times as well and the searches feel less responsive as a result. The maximum width for the table for some reason means that the databases only fill up half my screen leaving two very wide borders on the sides of wasted space. (At least they aren't populated by ads.) Maybe it works better on a mobile device but my mobile browser is too old to even load the dynamic content.