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  1. Class: Pally IGN: Aymi Class: Sniper IGN: Ailena
  2. Hi, I would like to claim a Tier 3 Crate please! ;3 IGN: Amii Discord: amii.#9578
  3. May I get a slot on the waitlist please? ;3
  4. May I get a waiting list slot too? ;-; else I'll have to steal @Bobito's slot
  5. 27m for 2! Awesome! I'm not ingame that often cause of exams atm but you can add me on discord if you have it at amii.#9578 or PM me on forums your availability. Thanks!
  6. 15m for the Panda Hat Costume? I'd like to buy two if I get a discount.
  7. Eh, I wasn't trying to justify that using cheats should be allowed in this context, but ok.
  8. Probably out of convenience, which can be comparable to AHK and macros. Why manually do it if it can be done using a program? Obviously, it's prohibited on this server, but it definitely exists for those reasons. something to lighten up the mood ;D
  9. time to hibernate again, thanks for the woes o/
  10. amii.

    XILLIA - 12.03.2k17

    @Bobito's Vid (Devo Pally) @dezusa's Vid (Soul Linker) @Sodium chloride's Vid (DD Bio)
  11. Woww, she's gorgeous! I loveee it, thank you so much @HinnaOzawa!
  12. Omg, thank you so much! She's lovely <3 I feel honoured to be the first!
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