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  1. amii.

    █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Thank you so much again!~
  2. amii.

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    18 IGN: Amii
  3. May I get a slot on the waitlist please? ;3
  4. May I get a waiting list slot too? ;-; else I'll have to steal @Bobito's slot
  5. amii.

    ♥ Costumes and Misc. Gear! ♥

    27m for 2! Awesome! I'm not ingame that often cause of exams atm but you can add me on discord if you have it at amii.#9578 or PM me on forums your availability. Thanks!
  6. amii.

    ♥ Costumes and Misc. Gear! ♥

    15m for the Panda Hat Costume? I'd like to buy two if I get a discount.
  7. amii.

    XILLIA - 19.03.2k17 rip

    Eh, I wasn't trying to justify that using cheats should be allowed in this context, but ok.
  8. amii.

    XILLIA - 19.03.2k17 rip

    Probably out of convenience, which can be comparable to AHK and macros. Why manually do it if it can be done using a program? Obviously, it's prohibited on this server, but it definitely exists for those reasons. something to lighten up the mood ;D
  9. amii.

    XILLIA - 19.03.2k17 rip

    time to hibernate again, thanks for the woes o/
  10. amii.

    XILLIA - 12.03.2k17

    @Bobito's Vid (Devo Pally) @dezusa's Vid (Soul Linker) @Sodium chloride's Vid (DD Bio)
  11. amii.

    BnB Art shop (2 Slots Open!!! )

    Woww, she's gorgeous! I loveee it, thank you so much @HinnaOzawa!
  12. amii.

    Amissa's Lil' Art Shop [ Slots FILLED! ]

    Omg, thank you so much! She's lovely <3 I feel honoured to be the first!
  13. amii.

    Amissa's Lil' Art Shop [ Slots FILLED! ]

    Slot please! ;3
  14. amii.

    BnB Art shop (2 Slots Open!!! )

    Is there a slot open? o-o If so, may I get a slot? o/