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  1. skywalker

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    u still guys active? haven't seen u around...
  2. skywalker


    Ballista Breeze Card ...Pm me offer
  3. skywalker


  4. skywalker


    +4 Aegir Helm [Incubus] EWE [Incubus] Strawberry in Mouth +4 Aegir Armor [Marc] +7 Vet Hammer [Hydra, Skel Worker] +4 Guard [Thara Frog] +4 Aegir Cloak [Aliot] +4 Aegir Shoes [Sohee] Morpheus Bracelet Morpheus Ring
  5. skywalker

    B>Aegir Armor[1], Aegir shoes[1] CLOSE

    Right price, NO OP please. Pm me here or mail me ign: Angel from Nightmare
  6. skywalker

    WoE Dojo - Ceasing all WoE Activities

    Im online waiting in malangdo if anyone online
  7. skywalker

    WoE Dojo - Ceasing all WoE Activities

    This sounds fun.."To be trained by Mr. Miyagi," im really noob and first time to join woe so i need trainer I have Monk and Knight (naked and still level 80, but i really want to join and experience the fun.)
  8. skywalker

    talonro will not open after the patch

    Same issue. I even installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86). Still it doesn't show up.
  9. skywalker


    I've been researching in the web for this problem and found this, thank you GM Gemina, that helps. The downside is i need to download 1 by 1. Please, Please, Please improve the RagnarokPatch, it will help specially new players. Even i'm playing since 2013, it came to my mind that i'll stop playing because i cannot fix this (how much more for new players with the same problem). Then i came across that post. So please, again, improve the ragnarokpatch. Thank you!
  10. skywalker


    Okay i tried uninstall the game, install again in other folder, then patch. Talonpatch patches very fast. But still RagnarokPatch failed.
  11. skywalker


    Internet is good. I run ragnarok patch and talon patch in admin mode. I don't have problem with talonpatch.. Problem only is Ragnarokpatch. It always failed. I reinstall again the game.. Hope it will continue this time. If not, i post again here. Thanks guys for the help. Sorry my bad, its the ragnarokpatch that doesn't continue. Failed always.
  12. skywalker


    my Sakray patcher doesn't continue. This is my fifth day to try patching but still failed. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  13. skywalker

    Geffenia Farmer

    Wow Thesh that is very helpful..Thank you very much.. Now i just need to gather the equips.
  14. skywalker

    Geffenia Farmer

    Yes I have..This are the equips in my mind: LKH, Agi[SK], Pirate dagger, Dragon Vest[Bathory], Rental Excalibur, Ice pick[0], Dragon Mant[devi], Tidal[GEC], Bradium Brooch [Mantis] 2x. Is that okay? Any other suggestions on equips?
  15. skywalker

    Geffenia Farmer

    Thesh that was helpful. Psyche, thank you for sharing your ideas. For the record, i have Stalker, and tried geff before i lost my gears. I am asperio dps before. Now I am curious with Sinx, saying it is better and cheaper farmer at geff.. Any Sinx farmer who wants to share their ideas? Problem coming out on my head about sinx is SP. Succu and Incu drains SP, and Soul breaker and meteor assault sinx requires sp.