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  1. bonesjones

    S>Vamp Smith Items

    FA[RSX] HoB[Hellpoodle] CurseHand[HP] CelebRing +7Manteau[Deviling] +7Meteor Plate[Bathory] +4Rideword Hat[Vanberk] +4Thorn Shield [Clean] Please mail or pm ~Jangjang~ for offers thank you
  2. bonesjones

    LF>Active Social/PvM guild

    hi.. im getting bored of just farming. ive been here for 2 months and i need an active pvm and social guild pls pm or mail me. u wont regret adopting me LOL. Thanks IGN: Broken Strings
  3. bonesjones

    B>Orcish Axe[DBSnSn]

    up! i still need this +7 or +8
  4. bonesjones

    B>Orcish Axe[DBSnSn]

    B> Cheap +7 Orcish Axe[DBSnSn] IGN:Juno Alistair or heartspade
  5. Hi i would like to join. IGN: Juno Alistair
  6. bonesjones

    Looking for a Guild

    Hi guys here is my IGN: Juno Alistair please pm me.. thanks
  7. I need help on killing the spirit of Lord Kaho please pm me. Thanks in advance IGN: Juno Alistair
  8. bonesjones

    Looking for a Guild

    still waiting for a guild to adopt me hahaha. thanks
  9. bonesjones

    PC> Thor's Volcano level 3 leech 9m exp/hour

    Oh well. I just got leeched by this characer and i can say that i got to 99 in no time. Thanks for helping me out. Til next time. Thanks a lot
  10. bonesjones

    Coming Through - Unres SE WoE - [Recruitment Open]

    Please Pm me In Game IGN: heartspade
  11. bonesjones

    Looking for a Guild

    I don't have any character yet on this server... why? cause it depends on the guild that will take me. I just want a guild who can teach me about farming and other stuff. Im a/an: active player helpful loyal (specially to a very helpful guild)