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  1. Kr3mr0l3

    SG alternative weapon??

    Thank you for fast respond ( Děkuji Ti :-* )
  2. Kr3mr0l3

    SG alternative weapon??

    Hello Talonians, I just want to ask you. Is there someone who used K/Sn/Sn ele book during Union skill on? Thanks to Union skill player doesnt need any point in dex because of 100% hit rate. I wonder if its possible to overheal Union's HP sucking down. I am trying to find out this kind of question around whole forum, but i am still unlucky. I mean Heating SG in Odin/Morroc Thank you for your responds, Kr3mr0l3
  3. Kr3mr0l3

    Taekwon Ranker Guide by Never Ending Combo

    Epic demonstration. Ehm... How long is "soon" please?
  4. Kr3mr0l3

    S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    Best organized party i have ever seen. Full run took 1 hr and 10 minutes. 10 minutes was my epic fail during prontera seal. :-D I think that Satan Morroc is very affraid of this group of people. Thank you again.