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  1. It's fun to see that sometimes, from the pics you can guess the poster's nationality. This last one looked like Canadian, as it has the package in english and french. Plus the names of some brands look so british...
  2. Just realized something. This year you won't be able to give your senpai the chocos on the roof of the school...
  3. It reminds me of a calendar I was given when I was a kid that had a different chocolate for each day (they were tasty too). Though I think that no chocolate got to see the Xmas day...
  4. This South Hemisphere... it's just to argue with me, let me tell ya! Well, now, being honest, the problem wouldn't be that they are hot, but that they are heavy to eat (greasy, with tons of filling food) and that can be a bit too much for some people in (a hot) summer day. Still, they look great. Ever considered adding a few sliced mushrooms to that mix? In Spain I would try that with sliced mushrooms and cured ham.
  5. Allergic to pineapple and kiwi, so can't comment on the sandwiches. Pity. Still, that gave me the idea of putting some ice cream between 2 apple slices. Green tea ice cream looks good to do so, but any fruit flavoured ice cream would do the job. Oh, wait! Rainbow sandwich, lol. Put a bit of strawberry, orange/tangerine, lemon and green tea ice cream between 2 apple slices. With ice cream wouldn't work for the contest, sadly, but it's still good. Those peco egg nests look tasty but, aren't they a bit heavy on your estomach? I mean, sweet potato, cheddar, bacon, eggs... maybe it's a better autumn or winter food, rather than a summer one to eat in a hot day. Still, they look great.
  6. Nice ones, these last two. One looks nice (the peach one) and the other one, pretty Ragnarok-ish, lol. Both are good in the technical part too, IMO. PS: he should take the chance to grope that boob. Ungroped boobs won't grow.
  7. Kahli, nice recipe, looks refreshing too. Pity that we don't have those ingredients easily available here (japanese imported stuff is expensive here). Btw, how are the strawberries there? I mean, here the strawberries you buy in the market are usually greenish ones that have been given colour to make them look ripe. The flavour tends to be a bit sour and not sweet at all. Are those the same there? Really sweet strawberries are pretty expensive here. I'm asking to see if by any chance the recipe manages to give the strawberries some sweetness (some people dip them in wine with sugar to do so) or you eat them a bit sour. It's one of the reasons I don't like to eat anything with strawberries here (like strawberries with cream), because they aren't sweet at all. And regarding the wraps, what kind of cheese and how? The melted kind before you wrap them? Like gratin?
  8. My favourites are these 2 and Migasm's, that deserves a special mention for creativity (and realism), lol. In the sexyness part, marvi; in the freshness part, Craille and in the technical area, my points would go for Migasm.
  9. Julienne, that was the word, thanks. Ah, you could also try adding some garlic powder too. I mean, you grill the fish+prawns+squid, add a bit of garlic powder in the end (yeah, like a BBQ), then add the mix to the wraps. Another sauce that might interest you for these things is alioli (all-i-oli in catalonian). Check it out. Seafood gets me all excited, lol.
  10. I'd like to try that with either (or all): - Mayonaisse and Ketchup sauce with a bit (one or 2 drops) of tabasco. We call it "salsa rosa" here. - Grilled squid (add it, or instead the fish). - Carrot, thinly (and I mean, very thinly) sliced. We call it "juliana" style here, not sure the word in english. To be honest, those wraps with some lemonade or beer can make for a good summer meal. And the plus: they are easy to make, and feasible. I'm not sure what will others submit, but IMO, food like this, that anyone can make at home, gets a lot of pluses.
  11. *throws free reputation*

    *expecting reps for himself as well*


    1. ~Lozaki~


      no free reputation points for nazu, cuz nazu ish mean to khimmy D:

  12. If you submit using that font for everything, it's extra brownies!! Particularly if the font is in a yellow or pink colour. They love that! (no clue, but I bet it would be fun to read that)
  13. It's bank, not blank. Banks never lose.
  14. You might want to check the frontpage. It's still saying that the server is under maintenance. Or it's just my cache?
  15. I was just thinking about this. Not sure if the data is there, but you could do some sort of activity by adding the active hours (autotrade don't count as active) rather than just the class to reflect better what we see ingame. Still, good job guys, it's interesting to see these things.
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