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  1. Bragi reduces AC Delay itself (the 1 second one), something that ASPD doesn't.
  2. Shield Chain? I've used it in Juperos Core too (different card set, of course). It's slow, but you'll last long. I was able to stay like 2 hours with 1200 meats, iirc properly. Still, you won't get the best results (as I've said, it's slow, and that specific build's high DEF won't do much, as it will be reduced by the mob). As long as the enemy is killable (that is, non-ghost), it's a skill that has a lot of uses for non-mobby dungeons. Or even some mobby ones, considering your DEF, HP and recovery. As for the Doppel, it will help you with your animation delay (you still get the 1 second AC Delay), but you'll lose some damage, so I'm not sure if I recommend it. Btw, as a variant card to use with that build, get a Lady Tanee Card. You'll need to GJ more frequently, but you'll do more damage. It isn't very useful in Geffenia, but the extra damage is there.
  3. I'd recommend people holding on changing jobs until they reach level 40ish as a novice. The beginning items are pretty useful and can help you level (Poporings and Metalings - North of Lighthalzen the latter ones). As for bows, keep in mind the Hunting Bows and Hunting Arrows, that are useful if you also make a Sage to go with your Archer/Hunter. Yeah, not something that a newbie would do, but it's recommended to at least point out that possibility. It's good on the long run. Orc Archer Bows and, at higher levels, Elven Bows are pretty powerful too. As for stuff to kill, apart from Stings and Gargoyles, at lower levels you can try Archer Skeletons. if they drop the card, you can make a pretty powerful bow with a +7 Elven Bow [1]. Also, HBQ, do it ASAP. You want the Rental Balista.
  4. Just pointing out the cons because at least, I wouldn't join a party for srs business unless I knew them (and my guess is that I'm not the only one). For the lulz, of course. But that would mean that I wouldn't caring that much about loots. Casual parties are fun, but when you need to do some hard grinding, what I've said about farming speed applies (and yes, even with a mobber it's slower, because he has to move 2x the distance to gather the mobs and bring them back). Just as a pointer, after a few weeks you'll be able to solo Magma 2 by yourself (or a similar place suitable for your class), without the need of a party, and make more than with the party (even if globally maybe or maybe not). Btw, hogging the mobs of a map by a player (even if it's in a party), it's frowned upon here: https://talonro.com/general-rules/ Just to take in mind when the mobber is gathering the mobs. A suggestion: try organizing HBQ parties. Those are more likely to get people to join, and you get BCs, that get you nice stuff (particularly Rental Balista for your class). Another suggestion: check the SQI Ingredients, Quest Ingredients and SQI bonus ingredients. Go farm those, specially those in boring/not-so-good places for grinding (Immortal Hearts are an option too, tho a pain as they aren't mobable). You get to kill a lot (no one in that map), and you get loots that as they are a pain in the rear to farm, they are rare to find, so it's easier to set your price.
  5. Eh, no. I don't mean trust in just the party organizer, but trust in every member of the party, unless only one is allowed to loot without party share (though, "accidental looting" in the middle of combat may happen, particularly here with area loot) That is, how do you know that the guy that is passing you the loots after the party hasn't left some stuff into the Kafra? You know, he only passes part of the loot, but leaves the juicy parts (or some of it, so that it doesn't look suspicious) for himself. And yes, in the end it's all about trust. There are people that distrust others as a basis. Oh, and also, there is another part: parties are good to get exp and items if you lack the stuff. Once you can solo an area, a party ends up being a liability, because you're more mobile (parties are slow) solo and can kill more monsters. See that in the example provided, a mid-geared smith/LK can solo magma 2 without many issues. Still, at higher levels, parties got a place in Biolabs 3 and 4 dungeons. Also, consider parties for Scaraba Dungeon 1 and 2, Manuk (tho Hunter/Snipers can solo there, with some risk), Thor 3 and other places like that. From the looks you're a new player, so for now Magma 2 is a challenge. That will change in a few weeks. No, my point was more around agreeing on a price to sell stuff before starting the party, particularly for rare loots. There are people who don't like selling short the stuff they worked hard to farm for (real men are patient), and others prefer selling fast and cheap (they should explode, damn normies). That isn't solved using only !ws, but people have to agree on the price of the stuff set beforehand, and if it's going to change, it needs to be emailed to the rest of the members and they should agree on that (not sure if a majority vote, simple or absolute, or full consensus - if one disagrees, price won't change). Let's say, you grab a card that is 10 TCs and you see that lowest price is 5M, but there is a player that wants to sell it at 5.5 or 6M because he thinks it might sell, even if it will take more time. Btw, a question: how do you guys manage to understand each other via teamspeak? I mean, assuming that all of you speak English. What I mean is, I've used other software, and to be honest, some accents are hard to get. Get some strong Scottish accent and you may start thinking that he/she ain't speaking human language (a Scottish examiner was the cause of 15 out of 60 people failing an exam of the kind I'm applying for). That applies to non natives too. And that was 2-3 people, I don't want to think what happens with 10-12 involved...
  6. Hope you got enough aspirins for this one. This is one of the factors that makes people not to want to party. Not only the "rare loot", but the "sellable loot" (like SQI ingredients): First: who is going to sell it? Second: how do I know that I'm not getting cheated of my part? This includes: People giving all the loots they gathered (either there is a looter like a smith, or shared loots and people being honest). It's almost impossible to keep a track, even if you have the option to do so in the battlechat enabled. The one doing the sharing being honest and not cheating people about the price things are going to be sold. Third: the price. This and the second point above can be avoided by posting a table about the expected price of the items before the raid. People can agree or disagree with that, but once the party is underway, no one can complain about it. Some of the items/ingredients may be useful for someone in the party. In stable parties, there is the chance of taking a loan or in sporadic ones, at best you can buy the item yourself (getting a discount on your part). Fourth: the actual sharing. It's a PAIN in the rear. Still, the main issue is a way of ensuring other people's honesty when playing. You join a party at your own risk, and dishonest people are hard to get caught (particularly if instead of cheating on rare loots they cheat on more regular loots - the amounts). Also, remember that the whole procedure involves a lot of bookkeeping (excels with people involved, dates...), so be aware of that.
  7. Actually, it's even worse than the numbers I gave. You don't recover 2% of your HP per hit, but 2% of the damage you dealt. With sacrifice and proper cards (except weapon), you can expect that the damage to HP ratio to be 2:1. That is, you deal, roughly, 18% of your HP in damage per hit. Now take the 8% (4 Sniper Cards) of that...
  8. Do not bother with Sacrifice. There isn't a chance in hell that you will be able to compensate the loss of 9% of your HP per hit. See that it has a 20% chance of recovering 10% of your HP (or something like that), so you could amount, in rough numbers, to recovering 2% of your HP per hit. Even with 4 cards (making your skill low damage), you'd recover on average 8%, with a lot of variability (you can recover 0 in one hit, to proc 2 cards in the second hit...). As Sacrifice won't splash damage with Baphomet (it would be scary if it did), there is no good way of recovering all those HP except with meats, Hell Poodles and high VIT.
  9. I thought that it would be about this: Sigh. Anyway, I wouldn't advertise an illegal enterprise like this one around. You know, you don't want to attract unwanted attention.
  10. To be honest, you guys are doing a big SNAFU with restricting the release of guides. It's a bit useless and it's only generating bad feelings from one part of the server. Those who want to be spoiled, will probably wait for the guide to be released. Or at worse, they will use another site (like a FB account or whatever) to publish the guide. Those who want to do the quest, will do it by themselves, whether there is a guide or not. To be honest, many players only care about the last part of the events: that is, the rewards. And they only care to do it as fast and as efficiently as possible. Most quests are annoying and boring (sometimes, even if you bother to read the fluff, something that most people don't want to). One thing is making the quests hard or annoying (that's your prerogative), but it should be up to the players as how they want to tackle them and if they want to share the information or not. IMO, you guys should just let people do whatever they want and let them decide. People who go after guides when an event is released are those who will find the quest annoying anyway. And people are pretty much aware that the event will be spoiled for them if they use a guide: they just don't care. And yes, all the GM work involved preparing and that is good, but many people don't want to bother with that. If you put an NPC that gave the costume/reward as soon as they got the ingredients, they'd use it. Also, you guys forget that it will just mean more !main annoyance: people will still ask for guides and clues on !main, and there will be other people that will tell them to shut up and do it by themselves, a fight will come afterwards, then a GM will intervene and mute the involved players (depending on the tone used by either part). So Xmas event = !main mutes (or bans). I know that you guys want players to appreciate the work behind it, but the harsh reality is that just because you made an effort, it doesn't mean it will be appreciated or that even it will be wanted (again, only the rewards). And as a note: generally people don't like being sent on wild goose chases all around Rune Midgard or whatever place following some obscure hint. Particularly those players who have already been for years in RO and already know plenty of maps. PS: well, anyway, back to my studies. No Xmas for me this year... PSS: example of effort not being appreciated: my niece (2 yo and half) gets 3-4 presents this year in Xmas day (not Santa, but something similar): First present: a doll. Rest of presents: she doesn't give a fuck about them. D'oh!
  11. Yes, but apart from animation delay (that is, making you mobile sooner, true), ASPD doesn't play a role when spamming GCs. And regarding the 2nd build, see that most of the gears aren't class specific, except the weapon and the armour (and the armour isn't the most expensive thing in the world).
  12. As a HP... Are you using the Party window to support? You can keep the party window open and when you cast a Heal or recovery on their names, it will target them automatically, you don't need to check. Also, with all those Odin parties, someone should let you grab one Divine Cross (Skeggiolds drop it). They aren't that expensive and work great on HPs. HPs aren't good farmers, sadly, so yeah, focus on that archer for now. If you're farming with it, make a sage to endow the bow and get a Hunting Bow (NPC gear, check it out). Or try getting a Burning/Freezing Bow and proper arrows, depending on where you go. You need to grab some gears. That Deviling is a good example of what you need. And in parties: Parties to Abbey, Odins and other places with shadow property monsters: Bathory armour. Parties to Thor Dungeon: Fire Armour. If possible get the slotted one (you want a RSX later on). Get HP combo: Divine Cross, Rental Soul Ring, Rosary. It's cheap and gives you a good boost. Mistress Card is a good option for a support HP (but Deviling and Bathory are more important, IMO). You can spam Sanctuaries without needing to use Blue Gemstones. Keeping one or more sancs under the support/ranged line really helps. Also, don't forget Pneumas when needed. You're at a point where you need to start focusing on money, rather than on exp, to grow. Both for your farmer (Sniper) and for your main character (HP). Stings is a good place to grab some basic stuff for your Sniper (you want Elven Bows too, if possible).
  13. Thought about a Bow Stalker with this? The only problem would be to work with the damage, but something like this: https://calc.talonro.com/?caCbLbiababbvbpbvabEkaqwyecMcMcMaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawkg1wDnycknCgwfjfmvsaavsaaeeeeaiakaaaaaaacMkaaacuaabaaaaaaafafaaaaaHaaaabcdcecgch Needs some work, but the idea is to swap between Bathory (for mobbing) and Angeling (for GC). See that it can't use GTB, so you can just spam GJs and get it done. Also, remember that Paladins could really use the ATK. A variant build: https://calc.talonro.com/?caBbLbiaAabbpbjbzabEiaax3jcMcMaaaalkeebaaaaaahkaawkfkwDeKeJtogwfjfmvsaavsaaeeeeanaaakaaaakgaaaacMkaaab9bkaaaaaaaaabafaaaaafafaaaaaHblaaa High end: https://calc.talonro.com/?caBbLbiababbsbrbwabEiaax3jcMcMaaaawmecdaaaaaahkaawkg1wDeKeJtpgwfjfmfMaafMaaeeeeanaaakaaaakgaaaacMkaaahSaabafaaaaafafaaaaaHblaabalanaram They go for high MDEF to reduce damage. At least, the 2nd build does, so GC damage and magic shouldn't be an issue on you. The first build, is a variant. See that GC doesn't really hurt much with proper reductions and MDEF. You can raise that MDEF with Maya, or keep as is. Valk Shield helps to reduce damage from shadow spells, so combined with MDEF and Tirfing it should do the job. Still, it's good to switch to Bathory while mobbing and then swap to this (or even to Angeling, if you feel like it), to cast the GC. Not sure if the 3 Sniper Cards are needed or it can work with 2. If 3 are needed, I'd go for a weapon that has 3 slots but high ATK to maximize GC damage. Without GTB, you can just spam some GJs to do the job. Or you can consider swapping that DI for Pharaoh, and maybe get LT instead of DL. Less survivability, but more damage and less use of SP. Still, if you really want the SSSK mix, then go for Orcish Axe. Iirc, it has the highest ATK from 4 slotted single handed weapons.
  14. Shield Chain is good for farming stuff where you need to move a lot. It's also good for places where mobs are ranged, so kneading them with BB takes some time (plus you get to use Defender for tough spots). I've used Shield Chain build in Juperos Core (combined with Provoke to reduce target DEF) and I could stay longer than with a LK. I haven't compared farming speeds, but I could stay there for like 2 hours, vs. 20-30 minutes that lasted my 1500 meats on my LK. Still, Shield Chain and particularly Shield Boomerang are good to farm stuff like Creamies, where you can move fast with the peco and throw your shield far away.
  15. Yeah, well, one thing is for sure: that guy used different characters to be able to bypass the /ex. Also, he was specifically requested to stop messaging him. And that, iirc, counts as a harassment. Not sure what happened there, but the rule is pretty clear on that matter. She should report through the usual channels: https://forum.talonro.com/forum/30-general-reports/
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