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  1. sijeycw

    Full Adrenaline Rush

    Was playing for a while with VampSmith and wanted to try another strategy... I want to know if it possible to Farm on high def mob like " ice titan " with ice pick and FAR...?? Thanks you =) *FAR - Full Adrenaline rush And if not, do this skill have a potential?
  2. sijeycw

    B> +7 Orcish Axe [D.B.Sn.Sn] 70M

    Buy +7 Orcish Axe [D.B.Sn.Sn] 70M
  3. +8 Orcish Axe [DBSnSn] Price please? Or mail to Student24 Thanks!!
  4. sijeycw

    Sale Vamp smith

    Can you tell the price just for the axe?
  5. sijeycw

    Spiral LK some questions..

    I was searching some forums and still didn't get the answer for this questions... so maybe some Experienced Spiral LK can help me out here... 1. how much Agi affects SP Spamming? and if so, does Doppel card have a a major impact on Spamming SP or its just base Agi-? 2. Whats better for PvM ,- Vit Dex Str or Dex Agi Str or maybe neither? 3. The Str issue.. some say that 100 str will get some nice bonus to SP damage.. and some say its doesn't require investment (I know there is a Formula but wanted to hear from 'field' ppl) Spiral Pierce = SP Thanks!
  6. до 99 лвла доходит пробовал?
  7. sijeycw

    Hebrew (עברית)

    יש... מה השם שלך במשחק?