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  1. When you play those minigames, you have to play for 15 minutes before getting the message that tells you "there's not enough player to distribute rewards". The first few times I played alone, thinking other people would join along the way, and while I was disappointed by the result, I thought that it was reasonable. But today, after finding an administrator post on this forum explaining that you only need 3 players to get the game running and get some reward, I decided to try again. So I got some friends to join me, only to find out, at the very end after 15 minutes, that 3 players still wasn't high enough a number to get a reward. So here is my suggestion: why not add the minimum number of player to the description of the game, both at the minigame girl and at the start of the minigame? This also doubles as a question: in the end, how many people are required to play those games? On a semi-related note, couldn't the bingo be reworked to kick the afkers out without kicking out the other players? I am under the impression that if your bingo round is cancelled for whatever reason, you're excluded from the bingo pool, and I can't find any reason for that. (it might just be my impression though)
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