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  1. Our 3rd Starlight Soiree!


    1. Zeiniru


      i see my guild mate rambutan ahahaha (artista ka na rambutan!!)

  2. Keep the song requests coming! Here's a few from mine. Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness Zara Larsson - Lush Life Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)
  3. Much read. much log. Hello Meiadrir!

    1. ~Lozaki~


      gemininininininin heueheuheuehehue

  4. Loving every bit of it guys! The contest is ending soon! Don't forget to post your entry if you haven't done so!
  5. Someone wanted to know the correct portals in my recent Warp Maze event; it was like this:

    S, E, S, N, E, S, N, N, E, W, S, N, S, N, S, W, E, S, S, N, N, W, S

    Lots of South and North portals. :D

  6. Maybe I should drop by some cities...
  7. Valentine's is coming soon. I wonder if anyone's actually taking their SO to watch Deadpool for their date? :D

  8. Congratulations on winning My Wife for Hire! @Shin The other GMs will definitely post more interesting things. I am rather awful at this. *slaps Lozaki* NO! Lovely aura, NNV! Pirates are best when drunk.
  9. (If you caught the ASOIAF reference in the title, I love you!) Greetings to all our dear Talonians! Before anything else, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! A bit late but better late than never! I wish you all had a great start to this year. Getting on with your new year's resolutions or perhaps start losing those holiday weight gain? *pokes GM Howl for tips* With the new year, comes new things especially for TalonRO! Obviously one being our brand new GM Blog - aptly named Letters from Midgard! Horray!! You are probably wondering with what to e
  10. Yes, you can change angles lucy123 and you can hide your character as well.
  11. GREETINGS TALONRO! We are bringing back the Screenshot Event! Have you accomplished an achievement, encountered a funny scenario or found a hidden paradise? It can be anything under the sun (hanging out in a sweet spot, taking down a MVP, duking it out with other players in the Battlegrounds, etc.) - share it with us! Post it in this thread and if we like your screenshot, you can get a chance to win some Talon Coins! Not only that, we will be using these new screenshots on our RateMyServer.net listing, our website, and the various voting sites we use - non-winning entries can also be
  12. Missed the Yule Ball? Here's a video from my perspective! /no1



    1. GM Raine

      GM Raine

      Lovely! /lv (also: your location is super specific)

    2. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Hooray!! Thanks, ser. /no1

    3. GM Saen

      GM Saen

      Fantastic video, thank you Gemini~

  13. Great turnout for our Yule Ball event! It was a pleasure meeting old and new friends! Until next time! ;)


  14. *hugs Gemini* :D hueheuheuehuehue

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