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  1. Endow Sage NPC

    I’m personally not in favor of this as this may make Sage class even less popular than it already is. We can discuss about this privilege being given only to those who have activated their bonus bundle, though I think it’s unlikely to happen.
  2. Double Critical for Katar Sins

    Changed Status to Implemented
  3. Double Critical for Katar Sins

    Assassin class already have double critical rate when equipped with a katar. It’s just not shown in the status window.
  4. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    *looks at quest scripts* *scratches chin* *nods* Interesting.
  5. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Nothing requires waiting except for the periodical invasion.
  6. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    I do. It's an unexplored region of the event. I certainly do hope somebody finds it out.
  7. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    In order to clear up some confusion, here's a big hint from me: This is a semi-dynamic quest, which means the storyline will progress the same way regardless of the choices you make along the way. However, the choices you make will ultimately and collectively decide your final reward. Whenever in doubt, just talk to every NPC. You might just discover some undiscovered things that you can do. Also, don't just skip through the NPC dialogues. Every word counts.
  8. Many thanks to GM Zelda, GM Copal and GM Saen for the artwork. The Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day event will run from February 14 to 28. We hope you enjoy the event and may you be prosperous always.
  9. Event Pet Labels

    Feel free to update the wiki.
  10. Prototype for a Quest!

    Feel free to drop me a PM on this.
  11. Forum: Add option to show all followed topics

    You can save the search filter to only show the contents you followed.
  12. bullet maker

    Not really. There might be minor changes in the future but there’s no guarantee on that. So instead of giving this a hard no, priority is currently given on other more important stuffs. I personally would like to see some improvement as well, either in efficiency, economically or both. It simply takes time to consider the game balance as well as going through field tests.
  13. Halloween Event Schools

    We had that in consideration actually. However, due to the time constrain, it’s quite unlikely to happen this time. We will keep that in mind for next year’s though.

    I mustn’t yield to these temptations.