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  1. GM Radius

    Consumable Holy Water

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. GM Radius

    Consumable Holy Water

    Sorry, but no.
  3. GM Radius


    Well, this is a mass multiplayer online role playing game, not an AFK game. People have to be responsible when leaving their characters idle in a map full of monsters.
  4. GM Radius

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    We are not here for praises nor insults. If your feedbacks, regardless positive or negative, are non-constructive in a manner that it doesn't help us do a better job next time, we will pass on those, especially one-liners like "disappointing result" and "One word. Favoritism." But since this is a banter board, feel free to rant however you like. If you do have some suggestions to run the such events in a better way, drop us a note at our suggestion board. https://forum.talonro.com/suggestions/ We are not offended. It is just something unnecessary and for the lack of a better word, catastrophically repercussive. The thing is, when you throw out such a word without actual supporting evidence, it tells us that you're accusing the team for being friendly to the winners when we are not. It can also easily lead people to think that friends of GMs shouldn't be participating/winning any events.
  5. GM Radius

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    No one is opposing this actually. You’re free to choose whichever headgear that you like. We simply place votes on each submission, tally the votes and announce the submissions with highest amount of votes as winners. Nothing complicated with our marking schemes. Almost nobody from the GM team is actively playing the game anymore. We mostly spend our free time working on bringing you contents and events. We will appreciate more constructive feedbacks than complaints that aren’t helpful.
  6. GM Radius

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    Who are you trying to please anyway? Also, nothing was said about effort contributing to the chance of winning since the beginning of the contest. This is a GM-hosted forum event, not an election. The contest result only affects the participants, not the whole community. Same as all the Got Talent shows around the world, only the judges has the final say to the result. You don’t see a mob of people trying to beat up Simon Cowell, do you?
  7. GM Radius

    Increase Vendor Cap and add special characters

    Changed Status to Declined
  8. GM Radius

    Increase Vendor Cap and add special characters

    Thanks for the suggestion, but: 1. Unlikely to happen anytime soon, if ever. 2. I don't think that's possible with our current client.
  9. GM Radius

    Devil's claw

    Changed Status to Implemented
  10. The life steal is not a skill, therefore works with the splash. Meteor Storm and Frost Nova however, do not proc by splash damage.
  11. GM Radius

    BM Hotkey Name Replacement?

    Sadly, it's not possible with our current game client.
  12. Just to give a confirmation on this, the splash do not work with auto-casts. For example, a Rogue with Snatcher will not be able to Steal from the monsters that receive the splash damage.
  13. GM Radius


    As long as you have dealt damage to the monster within a small time window, the command will prevent other players from dealing damage to the monster. If you however, leave the monster as it be without inflicting damage to it, !noks will expire on the said monster.