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  1. GM Radius

    More build choices for Gunslinger

    Not really. It's just a plan for now. We haven't come to the part where decisions are made. So, feel free to continue discussing the potential improvement for Gunslinger while we observe in silence.
  2. GM Radius

    More build choices for Gunslinger

    I had casual talks with @GM Phoenix over the last few months about this. We have plans for the job class and we thank you for sharing your thoughts and attractive graphs with us. #gmphoenixisuptosomething #waitforit
  3. GM Radius

    Little small wish

    Changed Status to Declined
  4. GM Radius

    Little small wish

    That requires either a GRF edit (which is illegal), or replacing the current map with a new one. Both options do not seem quite feasible to me though.
  5. GM Radius

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    You’ll need to be strong and knowledgeable too. The Saiyan Hair Kaho only presents itself to the worthy.
  6. GM Radius

    Event / Contest Idea - Custom Card Art

    Changed Status to Pending
  7. GM Radius

    Event / Contest Idea - Custom Card Art

    We can definitely host an art contest event like that in the near future.
  8. GM Radius

    hot keys when changing clothes

    Changed Status to Declined
  9. GM Radius

    hot keys when changing clothes

    Sorry, our game client is a closed source.
  10. GM Radius

    New command to remove certain skill effects

    Changed Status to Declined
  11. GM Radius

    New command to remove certain skill effects

    Sorry, it is still hard coded.
  12. GM Radius

    Monster Race Zeny Mode

    We will not give out zeny as reward.
  13. Short talk: I wrote a short recap on LNY 2014 Year of the Horse event some time ago, and I'm skipping Year of the Ram, Monkey and Rooster for now. Perhaps next time, I'll have some time to write about them. It was a pleasure for me to create this seasonal event with the help of @GM Seiren, @GM Phoenix, @GM Zelda, @GM Venus, @GM Copal and @GM Saen. Here's a recap of the event in its entirety. The story begins with Han who wants to find Yen's lost puppy. There are two possible ways in finding the lost puppy: Talking to Yen and heading to the desert to pick up the lost puppy will earn you a romance point. Talking to Wei and follow a series of multiple NPC engagements will lead you to a young man in the desert who has found the lost puppy. Talk to the young man to retrieve the lost puppy and earn a friendship point. Upon returning the puppy to Yen, part two is unlocked. Han has decided to express his longing feelings for Yen. His family has different advices for him. Han's father, Po suggests writing a love letter works best. He instructs you to collect the ingredients to craft the quill and the parchment, and then inspire Han to write the love letter. Han's sister, Xue suggests brewing love potion for Yen to drink. She asks you to collect all sorts of materials and ingredients to the potion, and then asks you to hand it over to Han. Han will ask you to deliver the love letter and/or the love potion to Yen, depending whichever is ready. Giving the love letter to Yen will earn you a romance point, whereas giving her the love potion will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of this, part three and two other sub quests are unlocked. After giving something to Yen, Han wonders if anyone would give him anything during this season of love. Friends are family as well, talk to Yen or Wei to prepare a present for Han. Yen would like your help to collect some ingredients to bake a cake for Han. Wei would like to have a Male Hairstyle Note, which he will redesign into Wei's Hairstyle Note for Han. Giving the cake to Han will earn you a romance point, whereas giving Wei's Hairstyle Note to Han will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of this, part four is unlocked. Han prompts you to talk to his father, Po who on the other hand, instructs you to talk to his dog. The dog reveals itself as a spirit guardian and warns you about the perils of the divine beast's invasion. The spirit guardian tells you about Han's desire to protect Yen as well as the town defense project led by Wei. Venture into the investigation instructed by the spirit guardian to discover the origins of the divine beast to earn a romance point. Talk to Wei and he will send you to recruit some warriors from another town. Completing this will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of either tasks, part five is unlocked. Han reveals to you that he was bitten by a Flame Hound during an invasion. The wound is not healing and is giving him excruciating pain. He asks for your help to find a way to cure him. Talk to Yen and collect materials to make a Medicinal Bandage. Talk to Wei and collect ingredients to brew a Wolfsbane Potion. Giving the Medicinal Bandage to Han will earn you a romance point, whereas giving him the Wolfsbane Potion will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of this, the main quest is concluded. The Spirit of Love will tally your friendship and romance points before giving you a reward for your actions. If your romance point is higher than friendship point, the Spirit of Love will reward you with a Love Bird Costume. Vice-versa, you will be rewarded with a Baby Skoll Egg if your friendship point is higher than romance point. Yen collects some items for feeding hungry dogs: Bomber Steak Herb Marinade Beef Rotten Meat Shiny Marinade Beef Skel-Bone Well-Dried Bone Heart stickers will be awarded depending on the amount of items players bring to her. Community effort plays a huge part in the sub quest. Once certain amounts of heart stickers are awarded to the player and the community, players can receive three different upper head costumes as rewards: Puppy Headband Costume Puppy Ear Hat Costume Drooping Puppy Costume Po requests some flowers to be put on the grave of his late wife: Beautiful Flower Frozen Rose Witherless Rose When enough flowers have been put on the grave by player and the community as a whole, players can receive two different lower head costumes as reward: Rose of Crimson Costume Frozen Land Rose Costume
  14. GM Radius

    Endow Sage NPC

    I’m personally not in favor of this as this may make Sage class even less popular than it already is. We can discuss about this privilege being given only to those who have activated their bonus bundle, though I think it’s unlikely to happen.