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  1. You can check your game accounts here - https://panel.talonro.com/management/
  2. GM Venus is no longer part of the team.
  3. GM Radius

    fresh begin

    Pretty much what Hitchner said. Also, welcome aboard!
  4. Welcome back! It's been quite awhile indeed!
  5. Think of it as a race where the person that deals the most damage to the boss monster is the winner (hence the MVP title award). The unacceptable actions are: Preventing other players from picking up the loots that they deserve; Ice Wall to block the loots, for example. Causing deaths of other players by dropping normal monsters on them or preventing them from escaping monster aggression with Ice Wall, etc. Non-MVP monsters belong to whomever they are attacking. Hence, dropping your monsters on another player and causing them to die from it is against the rules. MVPs are free for all and therefore do not belong to anyone. Dropping MVPs do not count as breaking the rules.
  6. A new lunar zodiac cycle begins as the old one ends, with the Rat being the first lunar zodiac in the twelve-year cycle. With that, TalonRO is proud to present the Lunar New Year 2020 festival by celebrating the Year of the Rat with a unique event like no other! As a gesture of celebration, the age-old Jade Emperor has opened up the heavenly Jade Palace for adventurers to visit for a limited time. The Jade Palace houses the lunar spirits as well as other deities. Simply talk to the Heavenly Guard at Prontera to request an entrance to the Jade Palace. Lunar New Year event this year features the Rat Deity as the main character of the lunar quest. Embark on the seasonal quest by greeting the Jade Emperor first and opportune yourself to travel to many other places around the world to fulfill what is tasked of you. As you fulfill your deeds, some deities and quest NPCs may also open up to you for more interactions. Upon completion of the main Lunar quest, Lian the Lunar Reward NPC in the Jade Palace will be available for exchanging various items with Lunar Coins. Lunar Envelope An envelope that contains some Lunar Coins, open it to receive 1-5 coins. Lunar Dragon monsters will so drop them at a low chance. Lunar Coin A special coin that allows players to exchange for various items during the lunar new year event. Open a Lunar Envelope to receive 1-5 Lunar Coins. Jade Earring An event accessory obtained from the Lian by exchanging Lunar Coins. All stats +1. Only two can be obtained per game account. Lunar Treasure Chest A limited time treasure chest that contains one of the six random enchantments for Jade Earrings. Speak to Lian in the Jade Palace to perform enchantments on the Jade Earrings. Re-enchant a Jade Earring will replace its current enchantment. Jade Earring will not break during enchanting. Brown / White Mouse Hat Lunar New Year 2020 reward given by the Jade Emperor for completing the Year of the Rat lunar quest. It unlocks the power of the Rat Deity and keeps you warm at night. DEF + 5 MDEF + 10 FLEE + 5 Cheese heals 100% more SP. Increase EXP gained from non-Boss monsters by 5%. [Cheese Cracker In Mouth Equipped] Cheese heals 200% more SP instead of 100%. Cheese also heals HP (70 ~ 100). Jade Earrings can only possess one enchantment at a time. There are six different enchantment that are given at random during enchanting: STR + 1, ATK + 5 AGI + 1, ASPD + 2% VIT + 1, MAXHP + 100 INT + 1, MAXSP + 25 DEX + 1, HIT + 5 LUK + 1, CRIT + 2 The Lunar New Year event ends on February 23rd 2020, midnight server time, so be sure to complete the lunar quest to obtain the lunar rewards! All server rules apply throughout the event and punishment will be handed out accordingly to anyone breaking any server rules. We hope you enjoy this simple event and may this festive season brings you joy and happiness as you begin the lunar new year on an adventure. Thank you for playing and happy gaming! - TalonRO staff.
  7. GM Radius


    Glad to have you here. It is indeed a place to unwind as well as goof around with like-minded friends. Enjoy!
  8. GM Radius

    Hi hi :)

    Hello and welcome. For in-game guides, feel free to read up the topics in the Guide section - https://forum.talonro.com/forum/22-guides/. As for the discord, simply click on the Discord tab in the forum menu bar above, or go to https://talonro.com/discord. I hope that helps.
  9. Welcome aboard! RO is indeed a nostalgic game for many of us who played so many years ago. Glad to know you're happy and motivated. All the best in your cooking journey!
  10. Welcome to TalonRO! All the best in your explorations and do ask us anything if you need help.
  11. GM Radius


    Welcome to TalonRO!
  12. Nostalgia is pretty much why I'm around too. Have fun and don't get bullied by the Porings!
  13. Finally an intro from you~ Good to know that you're having wonderful times on TalonRO.
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