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  1. You can refer to this for in-depth explanation: https://irowiki.org/classic/Stats
  2. Okay, let me put the whole plagiarism discussion to end with this: This forum thread is for art submissions, and therefore the GM team will be the one to judge accordingly as per written rules. If anyone has any concern about fellow contestants not abiding the rules, feel free to send a PM to the event organizer.
  3. Welcome back! Time to dust off that Paladin of yours and catch up on a ton of things~
  4. GEC carded footgear provides fixed HP and SP recovery. It's not natural recovery. I'd say Greatest General card isn't worth buying since you can have Horn of Hillslion for the auto-cast (with higher rate) at later stage. However, if you don't see yourself reaching the requirement soon, GG card can serve as a temporary utility. As for Monk Spirit, that is definitely an underused buff. I do hope to see it becoming a meta soon though.
  5. I'd say, keep your STR to the highest multiple of 10's whenever possible, just to maximize the damage from the combos. The rest of the stats distribution seems fine; once you have enough to get a GEC carded footgear, you can opt to lower the INT and fill those status points into VIT instead. You can also choose a Priest class as your leveling/marriage partner. Kyrie Eleison and marriage SP Heal enables you to easily chain your combos into Asura Strike at a quicker and economical rate.
  6. In a way, yes. Think of it like a Bash with elemental property. Def reduces physical damage received, if that's what you mean.
  7. 1. Yes. 2. Depends on the element of attack. 3. As long as it's not magic - element attribute attack is physical, as much as I know. 4. As long as it's not melee. I hope that helps.
  8. GM Radius

    Consumable Holy Water

    Changed Status to Declined
  9. GM Radius


    Well, this is a mass multiplayer online role playing game, not an AFK game. People have to be responsible when leaving their characters idle in a map full of monsters.
  10. We are not here for praises nor insults. If your feedbacks, regardless positive or negative, are non-constructive in a manner that it doesn't help us do a better job next time, we will pass on those, especially one-liners like "disappointing result" and "One word. Favoritism." But since this is a banter board, feel free to rant however you like. If you do have some suggestions to run the such events in a better way, drop us a note at our suggestion board. https://forum.talonro.com/suggestions/ We are not offended. It is just something unnecessary and for the lack of a better word, catastrophically repercussive. The thing is, when you throw out such a word without actual supporting evidence, it tells us that you're accusing the team for being friendly to the winners when we are not. It can also easily lead people to think that friends of GMs shouldn't be participating/winning any events.
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