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  1. Forum: Add option to show all followed topics

    You can save the search filter to only show the contents you followed.
  2. bullet maker

    Not really. There might be minor changes in the future but there’s no guarantee on that. So instead of giving this a hard no, priority is currently given on other more important stuffs. I personally would like to see some improvement as well, either in efficiency, economically or both. It simply takes time to consider the game balance as well as going through field tests.
  3. Halloween Event Schools

    We had that in consideration actually. However, due to the time constrain, it’s quite unlikely to happen this time. We will keep that in mind for next year’s though.

    I mustn’t yield to these temptations.
  5. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Captain Jack Sparrow smelled the scent and came running towards the bottle.
  6. Community poll - Ways we can improve Forging?

    Not anywhere in the top priority list right now.
  7. Using ExpressVPN to play TalonRO?

    First of all, did you install the game client with the full installer?
  8. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    It was a space pod.
  9. How to fix server lagness for those who lag

    You're probably experiencing lags or slow connection due to the broken undersea cables in the SEA region at the moment. There is nothing we can help with that.
  10. Last Price Sold

    That can also be manipulated easily. People can just buy from their own vends.
  11. Doubts about card's effects

    Just simple probability actually. Pure mathematics.
  12. Doubts about card's effects

    You get 3 chances of item drop with that.
  13. Gift Box bugged!

    I only joined 3 years later and I'm not a walking Talon wikipedia. I don't read changelogs so far back before the commencement of my duty. I stood corrected as well as everyone else. The first thing you should do when you felt something was amiss with the Gift Box, is to bring it up to an admin in a bug report, not ranting about it in a discussion forum. Please bear in mind that not every GM knows all things, we come and go. Your best source of information should come from the administrators.
  14. Doubts about card's effects

    You can refer to this: https://github.com/eathena/eathena/blob/master/doc/item_bonus.txt I'm pretty sure the number refers to the amount of variables.