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  1. The mini games are now closed. The answers and winners are as follow: Where In TalonRO TamTam was sitting at que_ng, 25/71. Congratulations to Tequila Rose* for claiming the first place! The runner-ups are: Fhqwhgads, Ashura Cespoirs, Fancy Bear, Fey Eria, Beako-Kashira, Baby Eri, Arsenate, Morgentau and lost snail. Super Tough Quiz No quiz is ever just a simple math question, that's for sure. We have a sole winner this time - Hatfun. Let me share Hatfun's answer with all of you: "your total weight" is what GM Ylag received as an answer from Dogbro. We don't know GM Ylag's job, nor skills, so there's no way to calculate exactly the max weight limit of his char. The deal was to type out your total weight. That's what Dogbro did, and a deal is a deal. All your prizes will be mailed to you soon. On the side note, community corner is still open for those who have a message to publish in the next issue.
  2. In these months of challenging times, we hope to entertain you with Issue #3 of our monthly newsletter. Wherever you're reading the newsletter from, be it on your armchair, gaming chair or even the toilet, we hope you stay safe and keep yourselves socially distanced. (You can still sit next to each other in Prontera though!) Enjoy and have fun reading! The mini games will be closed on Friday, May 8th at 12pm server time. Remember to include your character's name as well as relevant answer(s) in order to stand a chance to win some goodies. You may also use image hosting sites like Imgur, ImgBB or Photobucket to host your images.
  3. Both mini games Where In TalonRO and Beary Tough Quiz are now closed. We have lots of entries this month but unfortunately, the majority of these submissions do not meet the mini games' guideline; especially missing character names and typing errors. Where In TalonRO? TamTam was at gef_fild14 77,115. Mariyagi grabs the Sleeping Sheep Costume as the first person to submit the correct location details. Following up, we have Ashura Cespoirs, Kuraido Edlyc, Delvra Primrose, Melian Doniel, Handmade by Lydia, Cueio, Pups, Razel Joker and Sister Apple joining the squad of the first ten winners. Beary Tough Quiz Kuma says: "This is an easy one." Question 1 - What are the chances that both Porings being the same color? Kuma says: "First one is 1 x 1/5. Because the color isn't specified, the first pick is a 100% get." Answer: 20% Question 2 - What are the chances that both Porings are green? Kuma says: "When a color is specified, it's 1/3 x 1/5." Answer: 6.67% Question 3 - What are the chances that both Porings are not pink? Kuma says: "When not including a color, it's 2/3 x 3/5." Answer: 40% Our three quiz winners are Alamo, Pewps and Dea*. Honorable mentions include NattWara, Pasta Professor, tnud, Koi-chan, Miunn, Corsicus and Cueio. Congratulations to the mini game winners. Do ensure you have space in your in-game mail as your prizes will be mailed to you soon. As for the rest of the participants, all your submissions have been well received. We wish you better luck next time.
  4. Also for those who are still having troubles sending your screenshots through the forum message, here's a quick guide for you:
  5. The bear works in mysterious ways. Took me awhile to realize the simplicity of the question as well.
  6. It delights us to see that many people enjoyed the first issue of our Talonian Edition 5. With that, we are more than happy to announce that Issue #2 of TalonRO's 5th edition monthly newsletter is here. Enjoy reading and participating in the mini games this issue below. We hope that this newsletter continues to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and memorable. As always, happy gaming! We would also like to take the opportunity to clarify up about submitting answers for the mini games: The GM team reserves the right to ignore any submissions that did not follow the submission criteria. Good luck and may the best participants win!
  7. Hi everyone! The mini game Beary Tough Quiz is now closed. With that, we would like to reveal the answers to the quiz: Question 1 - What is your chance of getting this Giga Jellopy? Kuma says: "This is the gamblers fallacy. Every kill carries the same chance." Answer: 0.08% Question 2 - What is the likelihood that you have obtained at least one Giga Jellopy? Kuma says: "This is just math. 1-(1-0.0008)^8000 is the formula." Answer: 99.83% Question 3 - After how many kills would you be guaranteed to get the Giga Jellopy? Kuma says: "This is a logic problem." Answer: Infinite, as the chance of not getting the Giga Jellopy is forever present. Unfortunately, there aren't a single winner this round though a number of players came really close in solving them. We hope you enjoyed the Talonian and stay tuned for the next issue!
  8. Hi everyone! The mini game Where in TalonRO is now closed. The criteria for winning are: Include a screenshot of your character sitting at the location with the same view angle. Include the name of the map. Include the X and Y coordinates. Include character name. Here's our list of winners who have submitted these details correctly for the mini game: Melian Doniel Valeno Angry Bear tnud Unit ONOE Ghaspar RocketBunny Pasta Professor -Jason Cueio Congratulations to Melian Doniel for being the first person to find the location! Prizes have been mailed to all the characters listed above. Do check your in-game mail to receive them. Additionally, Beary Tough Quiz is still ongoing. No one has submitted all three answers correctly so far!
  9. Our TalonRO's very own newsletter makes its return this month in its 5th edition. It has been awhile, we know right? The GM team is just as excited as you all are in unveiling our latest edition of our newsletter - The Talonian, beginning with Issue #1. Enjoy reading and participating in the mini games this issue below. We hope that this newsletter makes your gaming experience more enjoyable and memorable. As always, happy gaming!
  10. A new lunar zodiac cycle begins as the old one ends, with the Rat being the first lunar zodiac in the twelve-year cycle. With that, TalonRO is proud to present the Lunar New Year 2020 festival by celebrating the Year of the Rat with a unique event like no other! As a gesture of celebration, the age-old Jade Emperor has opened up the heavenly Jade Palace for adventurers to visit for a limited time. The Jade Palace houses the lunar spirits as well as other deities. Simply talk to the Heavenly Guard at Prontera to request an entrance to the Jade Palace. Lunar New Year event this year features the Rat Deity as the main character of the lunar quest. Embark on the seasonal quest by greeting the Jade Emperor first and opportune yourself to travel to many other places around the world to fulfill what is tasked of you. As you fulfill your deeds, some deities and quest NPCs may also open up to you for more interactions. Upon completion of the main Lunar quest, Lian the Lunar Reward NPC in the Jade Palace will be available for exchanging various items with Lunar Coins. Lunar Envelope An envelope that contains some Lunar Coins, open it to receive 1-5 coins. Lunar Dragon monsters will so drop them at a low chance. Lunar Coin A special coin that allows players to exchange for various items during the lunar new year event. Open a Lunar Envelope to receive 1-5 Lunar Coins. Jade Earring An event accessory obtained from the Lian by exchanging Lunar Coins. All stats +1. Only two can be obtained per game account. Lunar Treasure Chest A limited time treasure chest that contains one of the six random enchantments for Jade Earrings. Speak to Lian in the Jade Palace to perform enchantments on the Jade Earrings. Re-enchant a Jade Earring will replace its current enchantment. Jade Earring will not break during enchanting. Brown / White Mouse Hat Lunar New Year 2020 reward given by the Jade Emperor for completing the Year of the Rat lunar quest. It unlocks the power of the Rat Deity and keeps you warm at night. DEF + 5 MDEF + 10 FLEE + 5 Cheese heals 100% more SP. Increase EXP gained from non-Boss monsters by 5%. [Cheese Cracker In Mouth Equipped] Cheese heals 200% more SP instead of 100%. Cheese also heals HP (70 ~ 100). Jade Earrings can only possess one enchantment at a time. There are six different enchantment that are given at random during enchanting: STR + 1, ATK + 5 AGI + 1, ASPD + 2% VIT + 1, MAXHP + 100 INT + 1, MAXSP + 25 DEX + 1, HIT + 5 LUK + 1, CRIT + 2 The Lunar New Year event ends on February 23rd 2020, midnight server time, so be sure to complete the lunar quest to obtain the lunar rewards! All server rules apply throughout the event and punishment will be handed out accordingly to anyone breaking any server rules. We hope you enjoy this simple event and may this festive season brings you joy and happiness as you begin the lunar new year on an adventure. Thank you for playing and happy gaming! - TalonRO staff.
  11. Short talk: It is amazing how our Halloween has evolved and developed over the years. Many thanks to @GM Phoenix for co-developing this with me throughout the years. You can also read about the history of Melodia in the library of Melodia Academy. Melodia is the one of (if not the) greatest creation we have ever created in TalonRO. Let me start telling this journey from the mid 2010's. After the Krispen saga, which was before my time, we started the Bio-lab (we don't have an official name for this) saga with Flamel. Then we had Trentini and Celia, etc. that continued the storyline for a few years causing trouble in Verus. By 2017, we sort of ran out of ideas for Halloween so I went back to the drawing board (aka my random idea generator) to see if we can have something different for Halloween 2017. It just so happened that I came across two similar NPC sprites that led to the beginning of the Melodia saga: Azviar Bryjar I used a random name generator and came up with two names that almost rhyme with each other. Azz-veer and Brai-yar. At that point, I referred them as NPC A and NPC B; totally intended. The next thing I knew, my RQG (random quest generator) produced a long quest about the search for an ancient artifact. I figured that a monkey would be a witch doctor's pet so I decided to name the artifact as the Monkey's Paw. There wasn't much creativity at work during this point except turning whatever my RQG produced into reality. My mind was upon turning Halloween into a friendly competition. Closing in on Halloween 2017, we were honored to have @GM Howl renaming Team Azviar and Team Bryjar into two schools of magic - Azviar would lead the Spirit Channelers and Bryjar would lead the Necromancers. And thus began, a new Halloween saga. Then came 2018. I remembered having a long discussion session with Phoenix on how we could progress from 2017 into 2018. We had decided to end the Bio-lab saga and we had started a new saga - all that remained was to continue and expand on it. One of the things that worked for us in 2017 was the team-based competition throughout the entire Halloween event. We got ambitious. We decided to expand that into four teams because more teams meant more fun. Also because we love Harry Potter series. The question was - how do we turn two headmasters into four team leaders? Again, I went back to my RQG. Amazingly, it gave us a solution and an idea to what Melodia is today. The very first thing was, we needed a proper Halloween town map; Verus will not see the light in a long run, nor do we want to use Niflheim as an event map. Phoenix worked on the map while I worked on the names. It wasn't easy to come up with a name for a town and all of its people. I ultimately chose Melodia as the town name, inspired by one of the earliest anime that I watched during my younger otaku days. I also personally like the name. Probably would name my daughter that in the future too. Town name, Melodia - done deal. Next, team leaders' name. I shamelessly went back to the same inspiration and decided that their names would be Remy, Faa, Sola and Sydo - which sounds like the major notes in the octave scale. If you catch the punny idea here, you would probably understand why Algo (Azviar renamed) that leads Spirit Channelers uses life magic named Rhythm (Loga) while Muse (Bryjar renamed) that leads Necromancers uses death magic with a sickle. @GM Mikzie suggested that the houses be named after the family names of Lighthalzen monsters since they have some sort of lineage to it. And there we have Windsor, Guile, Sorin and Emure. They are ghostly beings and should play an influence in the post-Biolab saga as well. How did Monny the Grand Monemus come about? We thought about having a house-sorting option, which also takes your preference into consideration. Instead of putting a hat on your head, we thought it would be a good idea to let it be something to sit on - a rock or something. Please don't sit on Monny. So how did Azviar/Bryjar turn into Algo/Muse? A possible transition Phoenix and I thought about was how two powerful wizards of their time, established a school that teaches its students about magic. So Halloween 2018 revealed that Algo and Muse were nothing but lingering spirits in the living realm that took on the disguise of two wanderer twins, overseeing their descendants and also keeping their most powerful enemy - the Night King in watch. Why the Night King? Well, every story needs a villain and Night King was the villain for 2018. Remember that Monkey's Paw that Azviar and Bryjar wanted to search for? It was used to seal the Night King at the end of Halloween 2018. The end. Or not. 2019 is our most ambitious year so far. We took a step up - Phoenix and @GM Zelda designed the town of Melodia - truly our first staff-designed custom map. I helped with idea inputs as well, so you're welcome. I won't talk about how the story unfolds in 2019. That's a story for another time. The journey of designing and brainstorming for new content isn't always a smooth ride. There is always mental blocks and burnouts. I daresay we have always tried to find new things to add and improve the quality of the things we already have. You will notice a lot more improvement for 2020, I'm sure.
  12. We would like to hear about what you like/dislike, what's done well and what can be done better next Halloween, etc. Any feedback would be nice.
  13. Okay, let me put the whole plagiarism discussion to end with this: This forum thread is for art submissions, and therefore the GM team will be the one to judge accordingly as per written rules. If anyone has any concern about fellow contestants not abiding the rules, feel free to send a PM to the event organizer.
  14. You can tackle up to two challenges within a single art piece.
  15. Short talk: I wrote a short recap on LNY 2014 Year of the Horse event some time ago, and I'm skipping Year of the Ram, Monkey and Rooster for now. Perhaps next time, I'll have some time to write about them. It was a pleasure for me to create this seasonal event with the help of @GM Seiren, @GM Phoenix, @GM Zelda, @GM Venus, @GM Copal and @GM Saen. Here's a recap of the event in its entirety. The story begins with Han who wants to find Yen's lost puppy. There are two possible ways in finding the lost puppy: Talking to Yen and heading to the desert to pick up the lost puppy will earn you a romance point. Talking to Wei and follow a series of multiple NPC engagements will lead you to a young man in the desert who has found the lost puppy. Talk to the young man to retrieve the lost puppy and earn a friendship point. Upon returning the puppy to Yen, part two is unlocked. Han has decided to express his longing feelings for Yen. His family has different advices for him. Han's father, Po suggests writing a love letter works best. He instructs you to collect the ingredients to craft the quill and the parchment, and then inspire Han to write the love letter. Han's sister, Xue suggests brewing love potion for Yen to drink. She asks you to collect all sorts of materials and ingredients to the potion, and then asks you to hand it over to Han. Han will ask you to deliver the love letter and/or the love potion to Yen, depending whichever is ready. Giving the love letter to Yen will earn you a romance point, whereas giving her the love potion will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of this, part three and two other sub quests are unlocked. After giving something to Yen, Han wonders if anyone would give him anything during this season of love. Friends are family as well, talk to Yen or Wei to prepare a present for Han. Yen would like your help to collect some ingredients to bake a cake for Han. Wei would like to have a Male Hairstyle Note, which he will redesign into Wei's Hairstyle Note for Han. Giving the cake to Han will earn you a romance point, whereas giving Wei's Hairstyle Note to Han will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of this, part four is unlocked. Han prompts you to talk to his father, Po who on the other hand, instructs you to talk to his dog. The dog reveals itself as a spirit guardian and warns you about the perils of the divine beast's invasion. The spirit guardian tells you about Han's desire to protect Yen as well as the town defense project led by Wei. Venture into the investigation instructed by the spirit guardian to discover the origins of the divine beast to earn a romance point. Talk to Wei and he will send you to recruit some warriors from another town. Completing this will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of either tasks, part five is unlocked. Han reveals to you that he was bitten by a Flame Hound during an invasion. The wound is not healing and is giving him excruciating pain. He asks for your help to find a way to cure him. Talk to Yen and collect materials to make a Medicinal Bandage. Talk to Wei and collect ingredients to brew a Wolfsbane Potion. Giving the Medicinal Bandage to Han will earn you a romance point, whereas giving him the Wolfsbane Potion will earn you a friendship point. Upon completion of this, the main quest is concluded. The Spirit of Love will tally your friendship and romance points before giving you a reward for your actions. If your romance point is higher than friendship point, the Spirit of Love will reward you with a Love Bird Costume. Vice-versa, you will be rewarded with a Baby Skoll Egg if your friendship point is higher than romance point. Yen collects some items for feeding hungry dogs: Bomber Steak Herb Marinade Beef Rotten Meat Shiny Marinade Beef Skel-Bone Well-Dried Bone Heart stickers will be awarded depending on the amount of items players bring to her. Community effort plays a huge part in the sub quest. Once certain amounts of heart stickers are awarded to the player and the community, players can receive three different upper head costumes as rewards: Puppy Headband Costume Puppy Ear Hat Costume Drooping Puppy Costume Po requests some flowers to be put on the grave of his late wife: Beautiful Flower Frozen Rose Witherless Rose When enough flowers have been put on the grave by player and the community as a whole, players can receive two different lower head costumes as reward: Rose of Crimson Costume Frozen Land Rose Costume
  16. Many thanks to GM Zelda, GM Copal and GM Saen for the artwork. The Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day event will run from February 14 to 28. We hope you enjoy the event and may you be prosperous always.
  17. Brace yourself, nightmares are coming.

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